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Found 9 results

  1. We are in an era when technology is dominant in all areas and we have to keep up with and benefit from all positive developments, and my advice to every beginner is to beware of cryptocurrency scams that take a general downward trend. Every slight rise followed by a big crash is a reason to burn your money. For me, real money is Bitcoin, and the future hides surprises for us with this powerful currency that will change the global financial system for the better, and do you think that there are alternative currencies that will have the same value as Bitcoin?
  2. Are you facing any difficulty on this platform? How do you feel using this platform? Can you tell me why you chose this platform? Share your feedback in comment section thanks...
  3. Which Do you prefer, ONLINE wallets or MOBILE wallets Wallets are like the first step towards accuring or owning a cryptocurrency Online wallet An online wallet allows you to access your crypto via the internet. Although they are fast in transactions and are able to manage multiple crypto currencies on the go, the risk are that you are opened to a potential vulnerability to hackers and scams Mobile wallet ON the contrary, mobile wallets are available on your phone through an application. They are secured and a bit safe as well as easily accessible but you risk losing your cryptos should incase you lost or misplace your phone Having gone through these post, which would you rather prefer? ONLINE or MOBILE wallets??
  4. I know that you may face some difficulties in the first 100 forum posts because you are a novice in the field of cryptocurrency and financial markets but do not be passive and make it fun while writing and you will notice that your love for spread interest among everyone increases strongly. Over time, it will become a daily routine that you cannot do without, and the important thing in everything is not spreading false information, but rather researching the topic well before publishing it so that no one falls victim to what you wrote. Thus, you will reap the love of everyone because you are an excellent member, my friend.
  5. Hello my dear members I am new here and want to learn more about crypto and it's digital currencies. But I hear about always Bitcoin or btc. I have no any other idea about this I make search on the Google and some pure answer get knowledge about this. Now I asked my senior to give me some features about this.
  6. Today i won my first achievement. I feel very proud today. This is just because of hardworking and believe in myself. I also advise you to all that never lose hope. Just believe in yourself and one day you will be successful. Thank you everyone who like my posts.
  7. Cryptoworld is filled up with different types of scamming techniques which scammers used to cheat less experienced people and some users who mistakingly fall into there trap, in order to avoid members falling into there traps that is why i decided to create this topic to remind us on some of the tricks they used to cheat people. Here are four(4) common Cryptocurrency scams we must take note of mate, they include:- 1. Imposter Website:- This is a scamming system in which a website is created to resemble an original existing website and anyone who visit the exchanger might likely lose there funds, so take note of this because there will be no one to compensate you if you lose to scammers. Example, we all know that yobit exchanger URL address is "" but imposters can create there's to be like "" and that is why yobit support team keep warning us that " Do check domain in your browser, our domain:,, If you enter your login/password at other site, your money can be stolen by hackers and we can't help you. To Avoid this type of scam carefully type the URL yourself. 2. Fake Mobile Apps:- This is a scamming trick used to cheat investors through fake Apps which they claimis available for you to download in Google playstore and it is a great risk for Android Cryptocurrency investors, to avoid this type of scamming trick kindly make use of the website to make your investment to avoid losing your funds to scammers because there will no one to compensate you if you lose. ( Begginers yobit exchanger doesn't have a mobile App in playstore yet so patiently wait for the official announcement). 3. Social Media Update:- Bots are mostly used for this type of this trick mate so take note. Scammers do create accounts with names of celebrities claiming the name and if your follow them later you will begin to see offers including positive replies, these are bots which are automatically assigned to perform such task and don't send any amount of coins they ask you to if not you won't see anything in return, so greedy members should be aware of this Cryptocurrency scams. 4. Scamming Emails:- In this system they send emails which look like legitimate crypto company that you may have invested in and they will provide you a link don't click, closely look at the logo well and compare with that of the site you invest to avoid falling a victim. The ability to check on these is why i strongly suggest we invest in top popular site. These are some tricks used by scammers dear friends, so be vigilant and be security concious scammers are real.
  8. Untaging someone or something if there's a mistake or mix-up Good day crypto talkers!!! Lately, I have observed that many members of these forum have now understood the uses and importance of taging either a fellow member or a subject matter. But at thesame time I have also observed that along the way if you mistaken tagged the wrong member or subject matter, Untaging them is not possible. My question is that #1 How do we untag incase of mistake? #2 These problem is also thesame with quotations, so how do we unqoute? also If you have a solution to the above questions, please Do well to share with us I don't really know if these problem is been faced by only me, Also if you face thesame problem stay tuned to view the solutions Thank you!!!
  9. I want to open this topic for beginners in the forum like me, let's take a little awareness and get things right, on us depends on the progress of this site, just as cryptotalk gives us the benefits of knowledge and rewards , we must help them make their forum well developed and meet their expectations. Let's follow the rules and we'll all win, let's not miss this unique opportunity that few sites, on the network, offer us.
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