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Found 11 results

  1. One of the things we like the most is earning small fractions of Bitcoin and what better way to do it while learning about Bitcoin. Nowadays we want to know about cryptocurrencies and how this whole system works, we are increasingly immersed in this topic and we are searching the internet for ways to earn and have knowledge about this very popular cryptocurrency, BTC. Every day we want to know in depth about Bitcoin and we also look for different ways to teach our family, friends and acquaintances, this way of earning money and innovation in digital money. There is nothing better than using an application that allows you all this and this is the new BITCOIN LESSONS App, it is a new alternative. We can use it on our mobile devices and from March 9 it is available. This news was released through the social network Twitter, the managers of Bitcoin Lessons, it is available in all Apps Googles and Apple stores. This is one of the best App I have ever seen, as it contains series of educational modules on the world of Bitcoin. From its history, basic principles and all the most outstanding and simple Bitcoin data. One of the best strategies of this App is that the user must read and interact with the App, that is, answer questions, in this way we realize if the topic was understood. For those who do not know English, its use is a bit complex, since the App is in English. Upon reaching the end of the module, users must pass a test that is built by all modules, upon passing this test the user will receive amounts of coins and the best thing is that they can be exchanged for Satoshis. Managing to get a few pennies on the dollar. If we are fans of this world of Bitcoin, the App allows websites, videos and conversations with people in charge of the BTC ecosystem. What do you think of this type of App? Would they be useful to use on children?
  2. We know that the PRIVATE KEY is the ONLY way to access our funds if we talk about decentralized Cryptocurrency. This means that absolutely no one can have a copy of it, only that you share it with someone else. Let us emphasize that no postal service, no entity, no company, much less a call center can have access to it. It is essential to take care of it and keep it safe with a lot of protection. How to protect it? 1. BACKUP: We should never make a digital backup of our seed, on the contrary, a physical backup should be performed. 2. DISCRETION: If we can do several backups much better, let's keep our keys and several sites discreetly. 3. SAFETY: All the backups that we use must keep them safe, away from all those accidents that can occur in our lives. 4. YOU, ONLY YOU: You must always be the protagonist of your keys and safeguards, never entrust them to someone else. We should always have responsibility for these things. 5. LET'S USE RELIABLE APPS: Trust open source apps. Online wallet websites. 6. METAL WALLET: There are devices that allow us to record our passwords. But you must be careful not to lose these metal keys. It is a very big risk. What methods do you use to secure and protect your private keys? Do you find these warnings useful?
  3. With the passage of time, different platforms have been presented with different exchange models that try to give us a greater proportion of security and a rapid acceleration in these exchanges. Casas de cambo P2P, in which you sold, you bought directly from another person, this platform was an intermediary in the event of any problem. When making exchanges between cryptocurrencies and BTC, it depends a lot on the country and the place where you are, since there are countries that have their own adoption policies or restrictions. Below I will show you five platforms that can help you when making exchanges with cryptocurrencies regardless of where you are. All these platforms are found with tutorials that teach you how to use them step by step and have been approved. 1. ShapeShift: It is a platform that performs exchanges from portfolio to portfolio, that is, it does not need an intermediate deposit. It has good exchange speed. It has excellent security, since you do not interact with third parties. 2. Changelly: This works in the same way as the previous one, since it makes exchanges from wallet to wallet and has an implementation of Simplex, which allows you to make Bitcoin purchases with Visa or MasterCard cards. Its language is Spanish and its security is very high, it does not need interaction with third parties. 3. Uniswap: This platform is decentralized and lives in the ETH network and it is only allowed to change Ethereum or belonging to this network. 4. LocalCryptos: ETH or BTC exchanges can be made, for your local currency. More than 130 countries available. 5. Hodl Hodl: A P2P exchange option, no need to verify AML-KYC when starting to make exchanges. It can be bought or sold in our local currency. In order to know how to use our savings well, it is necessary to know and know how to handle all these tools in a strategic and intelligent way due to possible losses in the market and to have strategies to move fast and avoid losses and even win when the market is in the red. I share this information with you so that in the future they serve you and I would like to know what they think of these platforms?
  4. We must keep in mind that there are types of wallets for your Bitcoins and the primary key is the security we give to our insured funds. There are online wallets: These are the most popular among Bitcoin users, as they are easy to use. These wallets are private and controlled by private entities, that is, they manage your keys and the addresses of their users, however, only the fact that their keys are stored on their servers, they become vulnerable to cybercriminals, since they are more likely to have computer attacks. In many circumstances companies close and keep your passwords and thus you will lose your funds. One of the recommendations that are made is that you try not to use digital wallets, since if you do not own your keys, it is likely that your Bitcoins are no longer yours. -There are other types of purses that are for tablets, phones and mobile devices; These are generally used for small payments and it is very similar to the physical Bitcoins wallets. They are generally connected to the Blockchain network when we make the payment we want. It is essential to keep private keys within our devices and not on third-party servers, in this way we will further increase our security in cryptocurrencies. These are some of the wallets for our everyday devices: 1. Exodus. 2. BitPay. 3. Electrum. 4. Cainome. 5. Mycelium. 6. Jaxx. 7. GreenAddress. 8. Bread, among others ... -PC purses; These are among the largest in security, since they directly store our keys on our personal computers and access the Blockchain directly without the need for third parties. The idea in which we are Hacked is minimal, since the only way to be like that would have to break into our hard drive. -Hardware purses; This we can say with accuracy that it is one of the safest models in terms of the storage of our cryptocurrencies. What we use here are physical devices, there we can store our private keys, they have a similarity to the USB stick. If there is a case of loss of our cryptocurrencies, it would be losing our device, it is advisable to save the seed, so we can buy another device of these and regenerate our wallet. Some of them are; Trezor, Ledger, Keepkey, DigitalBitBox. Other options for wallets are the, Bitcoin paper wallets, although they are the least known in the world of cryptocurrencies, however they are the safest. A Bitcoin address is generated with our personal key, which we use when we make transactions and in this way we save them in a document that will be printed. This will not be saved on any network, web, device or App, that is, your money will be in your Paper Wallets. Did you know about these types of purses? Tell me, which ones do you use and why?
  5. We all know that you can see the number of reactions that you took through your profile, but beginners do not know that you can see the reactions that you gave to other members as well By clicking on COMMUNITY REPUTATION on the profile " If you like my topic please give me like " ! ❤️
  6. I have read that a member asks how long it takes to collect 1 bitcoin, and I want to share this information with you: We all know that every 1 bitcoin equals 100,000,000 Satoshi Also, each one can get 30,000 Satoshi from the forum Thus, we need more than 3,300 days to get 1 bitcoin, and this number equals almost 9 years. Of course, we can get the money more quickly through more than one method, in addition to working on the forum. " If you like my topic please give me like " ! ❤️
  7. One of the questions we ask ourselves the most is, Where can I buy virtual coins? We are scared to think that we can lose our money, since we do not have much knowledge and access the wrong places. One of the most widely used systems when making purchases of virtual currencies is to access the spot market, we do it through a platform that provides us with cryptocurrency exchange, (Cryptocurrency Exchange) and, it can serve as a digital wallet , (Wallet). These are websites that allow us to make purchases, change or sell these assets, sometimes they are for a traditional currency or some cryptocurrency. Some sites that allow you to make copies of virtual currencies are; -Bitso. -Satoshi Tango. -Localbitcoins. -Virwox. -Ripio. -Coinnimal. Generally BTC is bought, then they are changed to the cryptocurrency that we want or that we have chosen, we can do it through an Exchanger page, such as Coinpayments. There are other types such as Trading, Bittrex, Kraken or Poloniex. How do you do when buying virtual coins and what problems have you had?
  8. Hello all, I think that Yobit should start a section on Coin information. My thinking is that if they are supporting the coin and trading it, they should know all about it. I would like to know: When was it born. Who was behind it. Is it deflationary or inflationary. What´s the CAP and how many are in circulation. What was the main purpose of the coin. If the wallet is in maintenance when is it expected to be fixed. Are there any Airdrops or Investment Box options on the Coin. What other exchanges carry the coin. You guys can add things you´d like to see in this new Yobit Coins Info Section. I believe it would add a great deal of confidence to investors to trade on the Yobit Exchange and that in turn would make the exchange much more valuable and prestigious. What are your thoughts?
  9. As we begin to be explorers in the world of Bitcoin, there are certain things that we must know, Bitcoin is as important as our wallet is and in the same way that we take care of our wallet with Bitcoin. Some of the things that we must keep in mind; -We protect our wallet: What Bitcoin does is make transactions of our money to any part with ease, thus having control of our money, in this way we expose ourselves to certain risks, that is why we must have control in its security. Bitcoin offers us a high level of security, although it is our responsibility to adopt protective measures. -There is volatility in the price of Bitcoin: The value of Bitcoin is unpredictable, because of its new economy its price can increase or decrease, so it is not recommended to opt for all our Bitcoin savings. We must bear in mind that Bitcoin is a high risk asset, so we should never deposit that money that we do not want to lose. -There is reversibility in Bitcoin payments: We have to keep in mind that none of the payments we make with Bitcoin are reversible, they can only be refunded by the person who has received the payment. In this way, we should only do business with recognized entities or people and a high level of trust in order to avoid problems with their money. -Bitcoin is not handled anonymously: All those transactions that we make are stored in the network in a public way, that is, these transaction data can be visible in the BTC addresses. Therefore, it is recommended that we only use Bitcoin addresses for once. We must have responsibility for the protection of our identity. -There is little security in those instant transactions: When we make a transaction in Bitcoin, we can see that it is received in a few seconds and takes a maximum of 10 minutes to be confirmed. There are some scam users who do not lose the opportunity to scam and cheat, in some cases it is advisable to pay a small fee to receive confirmation of those transactions that are not reliable. -Bitcoin is still in experiment: It is in its first decade and continues in constant development. In other words, the future cannot be predicted, since the btc is a new creation and it continues to explore new ideas in its market. -Bitcoin does not pay taxes or regulations: That said, the Btc is an official currency, so we will not pay payrolls or rents. In some cases we are responsible for paying taxes that have been imposed by our government. Hopefully this information is to your liking and has served you well. I would like to know your opinion...
  10. Ripple is a good cryptocurrency and within months of being listed it actually positioned itself in the top 10. This coins is the first stable coin ever mode and is backed up by banks and other financial institution and that what makes it very promising.
  11. I have had few experiences in forums, but if you have never been to one, I can tell you that in cryptotalk there are cool people with a lot of knowledge, although of course there are also some hahaha crooks. So: -When you are part of a forum, find out what you can post. -Themes are always important so you can get good feedbacks. -If you have any questions, ask, maybe someone can help you a lot. -Now, cryptotalk is based on information from the blockchain world and its relatives: -Talk about Bitcoin, Ethereum about your experiences. What do you think about it? -Share some crazy idea that includes some positive investment, that of a positive impact. -Even if you broke up by investing let them know, your experience can save others, even your recommendation. Do not be afraid to talk about the blockchain world here, there are few creative and positive forums like Cryptotalk, it is good to value the work and prudent content of your neighbor. I can tell you that cryptocurrencies are a super wide topic to be able to discuss here, whoever you are, so you don't know a nut from this world, talk write and inform yourself, that those who already know are waiting to share their experiences, ideas, conclusions and characteristics lived in this aggressive and beautiful world called: "Blockchain, Bitcoin and its adventures".
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