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  2. Thank you for responding in regard to your response about the Litecoin I said the coin is a potential token and is well traded for making good profit. Right the litecoin has a little volatile price which can be regard as a little stable currency among the top ten cryptocurrency good for investment. I give a little analysis after a research as I already explained to the topic. All the way I gonna rate you later because I am out of rate at this moment. @Jaafar Fahad Hassan thanks for considering this topic very important and recommendable for good know regarding the tokens/coins explained in the topic.
  3. Thank you all for showing appreciation to my work I hope many will achieve the aim of the topic because everything is explainned in easy words for easy Understanding to all users. @Jaafar Fahad Hassan @Sufyan Salihu @Flying11Horse
  4. Yes not given up for making mistakes is a good idea to work with it. Mistakes sometimes are our teachers and are meant to help one who is willing to learn from that mistake.
  5. Well is good to be helpful all the time therefore is my pleasure to help everyone with the little experience as we to make a rememberance for why we are meant to be here all the time to do what is right.
  6. Thank you sir @Desais reward received
  7. Liquidity Pools are some important components which developed a decentralized exchange decentralized exchange. It main functions is to locked in tokens in a smart contract. Liquidity functions a lot not only in decentralized exchanges but also functions more in holding different pairs of tokens and each of this pool creates a new market for that specific pair of tokens in a book known as the orderbook. Definition in general The liquidity pool is a pool where users are able to add tokens into the pool so that they will be able to earn from the fee been paid by the trader. Like in which uniswap gives out certain percentage to the people that add liquidity to the pool. In respect of the order books in brief definition as I already explained it in above explanation the order book this can be define as an engine that is responsible to match orders placed by traders either in buying or selling which signifies the liquidity pool. but they also function as market makers. Their role is to increase market liquidity between market participants Differences between order book and liquidity pool Therefore the difference between order book and liquidity is that in order pool you specify the price at which you want to sell your coins, that is you add your coin to the order book. While in liquidity pool you are not selling the coins rather than given them as liquidity to the pool to be traded in which you can withdraw them at any time you wish.
  8. Topic title ; ripple (XRP), chainlink , Ethereum, analysis Topic date created; 16/11/2020 Topic Iink ;.
  9. RIPPLE ANALYSIS DAILY/WEEKLY ANALYSIS Ripple (XRP) is among the top ten cryptocurrency that maintain a stability with Bitcoin rally this week as it keep rising by an increased of about 5.7% volume ahead of it movement from the past seven days respectively. Despite the fact the currency price fluctuates below expectations, but surprisingly XRP still maintains a stability within the 2-month trading range which is said to be between maximum high range of $0.258/0.260 and with minimum range of $0.228 respectively, therefore it to make a free movement it has to break one of these boundaries to be able to dictate the follow the next market direction. Image source from Tradingview live chart for xrp/usd Right here by looking forward base on analysis. If the buyers available on the market are able to break the resistance at the price $0.260 level therefore there is possibility to expect a bearish of 5 Fib Retracement, were the higher resistance can be located at $0.269 to 0.272. Right at this ranges we might also expect a bearish of about .617 Fib, $0.29, and $0.285 with another bearish treand of .786 Fib Retracement. Right by checking on the other side, from the first level of support it lies at price $0.25. Beside this, resistance support is expected to reach $0.245, and also $0.23 estimately to be 200-days EMA, and also $0.236 and $0.228 at .618 Fib Retracement respectively. Ripple payment services I will like us to take a look on the ripple payment service. It is a very good achievement for the ripple company Surprisingly to renovate their company exactly in the early October 2020. The company was able to developed their platforms core technology that give a seamless integration access of payment functions on many applications. Just Recently from November this month 2020. The ripple company payment system was developed and also opened an international financial center which reside in Dubai. This was plan very recently plan so that they Create a hype in the price. If we have observed a bull that took during the US election especially on the last date of the election this got my attention and was so impressive. CHAINLINK ANALYSIS There was About about 16% price explosion that took place. This event took place recently from the last week of trade as the price hits the peak of $12.70 today. Therefore moreover the cryptocurrency trading last Friday was at 11$ respectively. The price started to push by increasing higher day by day. The coin does not persist instead it keep rising gradually to peak higher until it hit it resistance at the price of $13 exactly on Wednesday.The chainlink coin is recently traded within a rising price channel, and this gives it a chance to spike as higher as the upper boundaries of this price channel keeps rising at $13.80 bearish .618 Fib Retracement. Just recently during last week. It dropped lowerand still maintain a stability and push to managed and rebound from $11.50 last 3days. By looking forward depending on buyers choices because if the buyers continue higher, the first level of resistance will be expected to be at a peak of $13. Above this, the resistance level lies at $13.86 Retracement, were the upper boundary of the price could be at $15 with about 1.414 Fib Extension. In addition to the resistance that can be found at $15.66 and $16 bearish retracement. Technical analysis From the current picture illustrated an indicator of the current price chainlink/usd. Right from below screenshot of the technical indicator and chart analysis. The price of at decreasing order and this create a good chance to buy and hold but yet the buy relative tendency was at weak buy order. At this point there is hope for profit if buy in huge amount and hold till the price rises then we sell. Carefully read the below chat the price is reaching the targeted price of a bullish gradually/slowly. This is a very important moment to focused on because LINK is coming up with a sign of bullish. We assume and checkout clearly from the oscillator or indicator were the price behavior fluctuates by given a hype over its recent upwards trending price. Although we can see there is a very high variation in price recently, we can still see from average the price is at time of moving up steadily with time. We can expect a massive rally if the price could meet up a peak at 14$. Litecoin analysis by Lackluster Price Action to Expect Litecoin Massive Rally Litecoin has been a potential coin that many investors and trader's had widely being looked down into it existence and also as an inferior version of Bitcoin that comes with some few distinguishable advancement which leads to the differences, it has a little utility, and also many more developed activities.It is still at it position which makes it unique and also being special because it is the only currency of the early cryptocurrencies that comes with an ample liquidity & listings among all the major exchanges that exist. A large numbers of new investors, they all tend to throw most of their money into these types of tokens, so that it help them to give the price a hype and skyrocket. Right below is a link about the litecoin indicators analysis. Image source from tradingview There is probability If Litecoin gain a momentum, we will observe an inflows of a lot capital from many different investors which they help pushing the price significantly to higher ranges. You can view more explanation on tradingview via this link you can as well study the live chart👇 Technical indicator From the above image it is very clear for everyone to understand what it says. First the is a chart and secondly the indicator. The indicator there which is written as Will help you study the chart clearly. This tells you when to buy or sell your hold tokens. * Starting from the left hanside we have the "STRONG SELL" everyone can see that clearly. This tells you as a trader that is time to sell. If followed carefully you will get to be profited from the selling of you have some hold tokens. * Follow up buy the next "SELL" at this time you can sell but it necessary to earn a lot of profit and base on probability you can lose if care doesn't taking you can only sell when you are sure to be profited. * We have the "NEUTRAL" at this point it is at risk because you can rather profited or loose totally best suggestions/advice is for you to hold. * Right here we have the next indicator " BUY " this tell you to buy of you wish you can allowed it to give a strong signal before you buy. * Finally the last indicator was the "STRONG BUY" this give you a strong alarm/alert either to buy at this time you can buy a lot of coins to sell any time there is strong sell. Ethereum/Dollar analysis Right from the live chart on tradingview as illustrated the indicator shows a weak buying recently. This can also change base on crypto volatility. You can view chart on tradingview using this link by just a click. Technical analysis signals from the indicator display a weak buying momentum presently of 14 while the 4 stand on a sell.Right from the signs the moving averages of the signal is moving between a strong buying impetus of 12 but still fluctuates and reversing back to 10 and 11, with this analysis base on Exponential moving average valued at $452.84 inclined for a selling. Moreover, the oscillators depicit a very weak buying of 2 with also a relative strength index(RSI) of 58.36 inclining towards a neutral action. If you observed right from it movement from last 24hours the price was deappreciating to about $448 from $468 increasing at decreasing tendency. Right at that moment is a time indicating to buy at high relative index respectively. You can buy and hold right now the signal says continue buying very soon we can get profit if we follow the indicator and shows a strong sell signal we can sell. All analysis are made accurately but due to market fluctuations you don't have to depend on all analysis there might be some little changes I suggest more futher analysis are done using same analysis for more accurate analysis.
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  11. Date: Week 4: 9 November - 16 November Cryptotalk username: babubu609 Link to Cryptotalk: Telegram username: @bhussainn2 BetFury nickname: babubu609 Campaign: Signature Links to your posts/reposts: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  12. You really try bro you really clean the questions with clean Answer 😃😃 more break a leg bro👌😍
  13. Yes wish we cooperate to each other we might not experience problems like this from the quiz going on in the forum is a good opportunity to learn from each other by sharing experiences.
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