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  1. Understood my friend don't worry to apologise now I understand your words. All the way I have created a lot of topics all this while and most topics are in for begginners, cryptoworld and about forum.
  2. This happened due to number of posts you have and depending on how many posts were rated that particular day if it was rated the next day then you will receive half payments of that day.
  3. You Are right my friend, but the reason why I submitted it here is because many newbies do not patronize the tutorial sections. Many newbies like to spend their time to post only in the about forum, for beginners and cryptoworld. Only few were able to check other sections apart from the three sections I listed.
  4. I hope you maintain this opportunity to use the knowledge you have from this topic to discuss this with other members and quote exactly as instructed.
  5. Yes exactly it is right because sometimes if the Volatility if the market is too high then the price move fast and anyone trading at that time one might either loose or gain by luck.
  6. As you can see the forum had keep improving day by day I hope we it continue that's way to come up with latest features to the feature. We hope to see more users that will help with great contributions too.
  7. Yes mate, senior members and high rank members are responsible for the guide. When we cooperate and unite to help by giving guide to newbies they can access the forum perfectly.
  8. #Proof of authentication Forum name: cryptotalk Forum Rank: Sr member Telegram username: bhussainn2 Free TON Forum username: babubu609 TON Surf Address: 0:c19b7256a25b4791ff2ba4e98c235f3963c53c75b3e2e0d4c698de6441b5d465 Wear Appropriate Signature: Y Wear Avatar: Y
  9. Yes this Mistakes are mostly made by many traders that are so greedy just like the newbies as you mentioned. They invest large capital while expecting a huge return but at end they fail.
  10. Exactly you are right this topic supposed to be in pool but I couldn't make it possible because it keep failing therefore I proceed to use this as the second alternative to vote or rate.
  11. Yes 😊👌you are right because mostly about 70% coins are mostly paired with btc so that it volume do not dumped immediately. If other tokens are paired with other tokens of low volume they tend to loose there tokens Because it get dumped immediately after launched.
  12. Nothing is wrong with that because you can use any option to make sure you reply perfectly without qouting whole text we few sentences. This is the reason for creating this topic.
  13. Forex is very risky I agree with you I don't like forex trade because it is easy to earn and easy to fail. Forex trade need a lot of knowledge. Before practicing ut
  14. I can't directly recommend this to newbie's but I can recommend the seek if the knowledge in other way to accumulate some useful knowledge and then practice it.
  15. @Ndayebo8 thabks for the response 🙏 to my topic. I am glad to learn that my topic had help you and also you recommend it to your friend. I hope to receive 100 comments.😃
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