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  1. Talk coin will soon be launched by next month now is really a good chance to maintain it by making good qaulity post. So that we don't get banned or any purnishment that can stop you from receiving payments.
  2. Only with patients you are able to reach to this point mate. Without patient you always think you can do it because 100 post is not an easy work.
  3. Warning points has a limit therefore when it expires day reach it becomes zero warning point but the history still exists.
  4. Yes it very risky taking screenshot of your seeds or private key in cryptocurrency. Is good you save it in somewhere privately and avoid others to come know about it.
  5. Is really necessary and important to everyone to abide by the rules in order to avoid any kind of purnishment. Fail to do that can lead you to get banned from your account.
  6. The about forum matters a lot all the pinned posts you see there are very useful and mostly important to follow if we don't follow the rules we shall fall red handed at the end of the day receiving warning points.
  7. This has to do with much research at all aspects with patient included. We all want to make it in life but we face problems one of the other of which we have no option rather than to accept it that way struggle to achieve our goal.
  8. That is true you may find solution to most of your problem if you have the knowledge but when you lack the knowledge you will end up losing.
  9. Well that was optional mate you can only do that when you feel like applying it but doing it shows how much friends can trust you and it makes you more popular when ever you respond to others status or when you create the status.
  10. With good determination I am sure you will reach to that level is just the Matter of spending enough time to work more harder create qaulity post and share more experience.
  11. Topics are very useful because without topics the forum will be useless because there is nothing to learn there and one cannot just come to the forum and post anything that cross his mind.
  12. Yes if the violation is systematically we deserve the violation points and this is giving only when the we do something bad. In order to be save from receiving this point then we have to do the best we can to stop receiving this points.
  13. Patient is all that we have to do we don't have to be very eager or rush in all affairs we need to work in all aspects in good state that gives you the possibility to achieve what you want.
  14. Actually I have reach the report and the problem is resolved. The main reason for why this happened was due to delete of post which does not get effect to the yobit account.
  15. This is true mate with exception to this forum this features can be applied to other forum like this and while participating in this kind or type of forum.
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