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  1. USA was also on qauratine but actually they has the money to contribute since they received payment monthly and this will help them To use this opportunity by staying at home and make lot of money. For us we need to battle online to gather and make it possible to make money to invest.
  2. This point you highlights many members find it difficult after posting they don't give time to take a review to be sure the topic make a sense of not.
  3. The binance exchange was a great exchange that is popular to everyone that is engaged with cryptocurrency. Only new members into cryptocurrency will find the exchange very strange to them. The binance exchange is said trusted by everyone and we'll is the greatest exchange during last year's the exchange has the highest volume in coinmarket ranking by liquidity but right now is the 4th in ranking. This occur during the incident that occurred when the exchange is hacked which shows that the exchange lacks security and need improvement with that I abstain myself from using binance exchange it can be 70% trusted in kind of trading or any form of investment. I am sure that in the future the exchange will surely exist to have about 90-100% trust when it improve.
  4. I am so doubtful to what real the meaning of arbitrage is. I am stick to this because their are also many colleagues of mine that are yet to know the meaning of arbitrage. I search to learn about what the arbitrage is and the result was to the definition. Is the exchange of price difference between one exchange to another to earn profit. For example you can see a coin like eth in kucoin at rate of 250$ and go back to another exchange and find the price to be 255$ this price interval of is refer to as arbitrage trading. I could like to know more about the arbitrage trading friends I need your cooperation and also are interested in it too. Thank you all for your feedbacks.
  5. I have been searching on new ico and I eo project to participate in but is very difficult right now. The only Ieo I give my trust too is the yobit ico and ieo. I trust the wallet since I have been in the Exchange for some years before this campaign start. I trust yobit ieo and Ico apart from this I don't have any idea of the latest ico or ieo to invest in then. As we all know about 90% of ico,s are sacm leaving 10% that are good and difficult to identify most of them are fully scam and some fail after launching lot of users fail. While in ieo only 65% of the project can be trusted only 35% estimately can be accepted estimatly as good ieo and most are profitable. So do you have any suggestions or piece of advice of the latest ico/ieo are legit to participate in?
  6. Ok thank you for getting me cleared still I will keep my self on research to make sure I have a good analysis while using predictions to make sure I have a good result at the end of the day after a trade.
  7. @Honny143 telegram is good to make money especially in advertising projects like airdrops and bounties. The application now is occupied with 85% scammers that is why they find it easy to add us to scam groups to cheat us.
  8. Yes you bring a good point mate eth is preferable in kind of making transactions like withdrawal and depositing to maintain opportunity to make your transaction very fast.
  9. You are welcome to this forum this should be the work of every member in the forum create quality post that will help other members to be as you. I am sure we all are ready to contribute as well.
  10. I don't think the problem is from the wallet I think is from my device and I have make decisions to change my device and create new wallet.
  11. Yes thanks for getting my point I hights from my topic the forum is well organized and the leadersboard is a good feature to the forum but yet to be active I am sure when rewards are giving it will serve as a great part to motivate others in the forum to work hard.
  12. Yes is a good section that teaches about trading but when you asked questions you cant receive feedback immediately you have to stay a couple of days to be received reply but I like learning there and I am planing to create some topics to that section to make it active.
  13. It will be very helpful if you could try to practice it because in everyday life in reality not just here we face challenges in term of being patient all the way when you are patient you will always be successful.
  14. You cannot developed the forum without learning when you are learning you will be enthusiast in aspect of following the rules when you always take review from the about forum you will be save and you can enjoy the three you listed. You can apply your knowledge, learn and earn successfully.
  15. Actually I am not much explore to trading section I visit there only to learn and qoute were necessary to find solution to complicated post and it seems the section is not much active as this section.
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