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  1. I can never forget that day because it was amazing to see me withdraw money I worked for online and the first thing i did was to share some percentage of the money i converted to some of my family members to proof them wrong that cryptotalk forum pays users which has also prove to them that Cryptocurrency is real, now some of my family members have joined this forum and I have to confess that this forum remain the best๐Ÿ‘Œ i have ever seen.
  2. Well said my friend and that is why i always advised us to focus in giving the forum good posts in any of the listed sections we visit because they are doing what most site fail to do for there users. I am doing my best to make good contributions so let us do it together mate.
  3. The feature is very useful for us all especially members that are having problems in the forum, just tag any senior member that you know so that he can come to your aid, so don't feel too big to ask my friend because no one is perfect in this forum and we all started as newbies.
  4. All Cryptocurrencies are volatile in nature which make them to be fluctuating up and down in the market and since that is the case then all we need to is to buy whenever we see a drop in the value of the coin since the coin is a promising one i believe sooner or later it will surely rise. Many traders use the opportunity of fluctuation to buy at low price in one exchanger where the value is a bit lower and take it to another exchanger where the value is higher to sell for some profit but to earn reasonable profit one need to invest huge capital.
  5. Due to the Corona virus pandemic period many people were left af home without any source of income and since cryptoworld is a place where you can visit even while sitting at home to earn some money many scammers and hackers tends to create many ways to cheat less experienced people in cryptoworld and for that reason i am advising us to be extra careful on the way we run our activities nowadays because they have many techniques they use to attack.
  6. You are welcome mate, just make sure you make good contributions about Cryptocurrency and anything related to it as well as the forum because that is the major aim of the forum and believe me you shall get as many positive reputations as you never even expected because members of this forum appreciate other members efforts of making quality post and don't hesitate to tag senior members whenever you are having difficulties in this forum because that will call there attention which will make have answers to your questions ๐Ÿ˜‰.
  7. Not everyone can afford buying bitcoin and that is why we have the likes of litecoin, xrp and ethereum since they are not that expensive compared to bitcoin and to earn from bitcoin one need huge capital because the bigger your investment the bigger your profit ๐Ÿ˜‰ mate.
  8. Sure mate everyone is working on there own personal ways and that is why i always advised us to seek good knowledge and experience about Cryptocurrency before they join this field because we have scammers as well as hackers who like cheating less experienced people in cryptoworld.
  9. You are wise mate just overlook what some people are earning now and believe me you shall smile in the future because bitcoin is a promising coin that has a bright future ahead which has made it earn good reputation from many people in cryptoworld, so be patient by holding my friend.
  10. Cryptotalk forum is currently one of tht top best site that pays for publication because it offers users many opportunities to earn good number of coins to there various wallets and I have to confess that the forum can actually make one become rich as long as the person focus on his work, the reason why i said that is the new talktoken that was launched recently since I have acculated a lot I was able to earn huge money when tht trading begins for that i am advising us to focus by working faithfully and believe me you can make it in this forum.
  11. Well said mate that is secret which many members don't know especially the newbies who have less experience about the forum and for everyone reading this conversation I strongly advise us to give the best of our knowledge towards creating helpful posts in such a way that members will admire and give us positive reaction because only by that we can get payment in BTC (Satoshi).
  12. And that is the major reason why mostly choose to work when am free from activities outside cryptoworld because that is when i will be compose to give the best of my knowledge to the forum so that members can benefit from me just the way i am also benefiting from them and by doing this work we shall earn alot from the forum.
  13. Same strategy can be used for arbitrage trading mate since we have different price in the exchangers and many traders use that oppotunity to buy at site where the value is a bit lower then take it to another site where the value is a bit higher so they can earn some profit but earning reasonable profit in this way requires hug capital ๐Ÿ˜‰
  14. You are welcome mate and that is one of the reasons why we are here in this forum, help others and surely you will get some help in return. My friend our primary assignment in the forum is to make positive contributions about Cryptocurrency and it related activities for that i am advising us to focus on our work so as to be well recognized by the administration.
  15. Bitcoin for sure has a good bright future ahead because it is gradually getting adopted in most part of the world and i believe it will dominate the world one day but we have to note that it can only be used as an alternative to fiat but can never replace fiat because fiat is so powerful since it has been in existence for many centuries now.
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