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  1. It's normal to decide to sell when the price is down, but whoever thinks and fears going down to zero is wrong and knows nothing in the cryptography world. How can anyone expect, at this particular time, that bitcoin is going to disappear with all this progress and spread?
  2. Different data, different country there is a country you can buy some goods and pay via bitcoin but I think the country listed a few of some thing, there are more countries doing the same, but a lot of countries in the world can't prevent the guests to your bitcoin address in his daily life he can only sell it for Real Money
  3. Yes, my friend, you're right. anyone who can't be patient can't invest in digital Cryptococcus. as we know, the market is unstable, prices may rise, prices may fall, and here we can determine who can wait for the rise, who can be controlled by panic and fear, and who sells what has a great loss. We always say patience is the way to go.
  4. The most important thing because it prevent Bitcoin system is decentralized that no one is gonna talk it out and the second is the incurred bank you bank a lot of losses when pulling investors their money out of banks began to invest in bitcoin These two things I think are the most important reasons, and I don't know if there are any other reasons I don't know.
  5. There's no need to fear and panic may be some loss due to the movement of market is unstable these days and I think there are notes from some of the large whales in the market but you must act wisely and rationally and do not rush into the decision to sell at a loss, maybe the market moves after a short period, so wait and take a break now.
  6. What has been mentioned to affect on the market but I think there's other factors affect much more like entering a great fluidity to the market consultation or to withdraw significant liquidity and also notes some of the whales by increasing the demand for one currency and some of the problems of security relating to the effectiveness of the exchanges and the famous
  7. Yes when you see the price starts to rise you can sell the part which have of action to make some profit and keep the other part don't even look if the price continues to rise and so may be made a guaranteed profit without risk even if you sell the second part of the same purchase price
  8. He's a human being, a target he's drawn in the cryptography world, and I think everyone's goal is to make money and knowledge. As for me, my goal is to win the Mason help me get things on with a gain sufficient knowledge that will make me rich in the future and I think it's nothing impossible in this world.
  9. Yes, I made the exchange yobit in collaboration with the crypto talk a good service and all for everyone to earn money if a beginner or inexperienced owners for example, this amount is estimated at $ 3 per day by way of writing posts is new in the world of encryption in addition to open the door of discussions about encryption in general among all classes of the community without identification, but please be there in the next few sections speak a language other than the Arabic language
  10. It seems that my expectation was correct and that I made the right decision in not selling of crypto-currencies that have it. with Bitcoin we have noticed since yesterday that prices began to improve and the market has rebounded slightly and it's facing a progressively difficult I'm glad I didn't sell even though my losses which amounted to 23% of all my money and started to bounce rates and loss became much less
  11. It can never be certain that the market has reached the height or the bottom of the decline. As evidence of that, when bitcoin reached the rate of 10500, all analysts said the next target was 11,000 and more, but the price quickly bounced back to 9700, which no one expected in the market.
  12. This strategy in trading not only for beginners on the contrary a lot of owners experience using trading long-term for several reasons, including a guaranteed profit and not stop in case the price rose a little and sometimes the time constraints that it needs the trader to see the market movement and take appropriate decision Can I put a rolling target for sale at a certain price, shutting down the Switch for a few days without fear of anything.
  13. We have seen many precedents that got in the market consultation rates are all in red and losses exceeded the proportion of 20% there are bigger losses in this case everyone considered himself lost, but there is a solution that can mitigate the loss is to wait for a little while because the market will recover after that losses could be less the more the patience of the man whenever it was his loss, much less direct sales and delivery in making his decision
  14. Surely the main reason to force governments some restrictions on the world of encryption and encrypted it be built on the technology of the blockchain, which is decentralized no one to talk to it which makes it not acceptable to governments that want to be in control of everything is about the economy, the financial sector in general
  15. All methods are good, but I'd rather invest the money that I get from the forum to increase my profits I get a good monthly income from this forum though I assumed I invested this income and made a profit of 3% or more in a month, that means I earned more without getting tired as soon as you write and share useful get the money it's all
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