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  1. These days, the spread of hardware portfolios has increased significantly due to its updated and additional features regarding safety ... and it cannot store all types of currencies.
  2. theghostm1

    Trust wallet

    One of the best decentralized online wallet ... and always works to improve and develop its own safety methods in line with the development of this field
  3. It is true, as always, that the hardwear wallets must be careful not to lose them and keep them in a safe place
  4. You should avoid publishing duplicate topics and pay attention to when copying. The source must be mentioned with a simple explanation of your opinion about it. Of course, it is useful and effective, whether it is a piece of information or a question.
  5. Thank you for the valuable information .. Yes, these wallets are specially designed to avoid problems related to the Internet .. and wallets that are damaged too.
  6. Yes, every free comment is calculated initially. But over 100 posts are paid for only 30 out of 50 provided that they are effective and useful in the forum.
  7. If you want to withdraw a real dollar .. you can use the banks listed on the platform and choose the lowest commission .. For cryptocurrencies you can convert bitcoin to trx ..eth ..ltc and there are others.
  8. Perhaps it is not related to something that may be presented to the member as currencies or the like .. The way the member is going in this way indicates that he will occupy a distinguished position in the forum in the near future.
  9. Never before have I heard about such portfolios or platforms .. This is common for platforms at the beginning of their appearance or for projects of iron coins only and not Bitcoin.
  10. Hello my friend .. In this period, you will not get any physical light because of him .. But I think that he will play an important role in the near future when this campaign ends and put new conditions and instructions
  11. This test was designed to increase safety only and ensure that the forum and members are running properly without problems
  12. For online wallet I prefer Trust as well .. because it is a decentralized and highly secure portfolio in addition to the ease and speed of transportation and deposit.
  13. You have to take into consideration the main thing ... which is that the wallet is decentralized in its security system ... as it can only be accessed with the key you own.
  14. My friend must use the same email used to register on the platform and sign it completely in the rectangle and then click Save
  15. I do not really trust this type of wallet .. I cannot find a convincing reason for the governor’s request for kyc from their client .. Therefore it is better to follow decentralized portfolios in keeping your currencies.
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