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  1. For me, I love helping other people very much and I do it as best I can to find someone to help me when I need help, and this is really what I found here in the forum where everyone helps everyone as one family and I am very happy to be a member of this family.
  2. Yes my friend, you are right, but sometimes some topics require a lot of explanation to convey the required idea in the simplest form to beginners in particular, because some terms are not understood by beginners, so you need to explain it in a simple way.
  3. For me, I love the beginners section and the crypto section, because they are the best two sections for me because I consider myself still a beginner in the world of crypto and I need to learn a lot about the world of crypto and I find a lot of information about that here.
  4. It is a good thing to hear the stories of others and how their experience with Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies in general, this experience gives great encouragement to beginners in the world of cryptocurrencies, and very useful to them if they come across your own case.
  5. As for me, I started in the world of trading with a small amount because traders who have experiences told me that and started this amount as an experiment and I lost 50% of it because I did not know anything about trading and after I learned some basics about the world of trading I decided to enter with a greater amount.
  6. I heard about this forum 3 months ago and decided to join it to achieve 30,000 Satoshi daily, but after a period of time I found that the forum contains a lot of useful information in the world of cryptocurrencies and it became my primary goal to obtain this information regardless of the profit that I will achieve from the forum.
  7. Yes, you are right, my friend. The same thing happened to me because I learned a lot of information about cryptocurrencies that I did not know before I joined this wonderful forum and today I am spending as long as possible on the forum to obtain new information.
  8. It depends on the reason for your presence in the forum, if you are present to earn 30,000 Satoshi only, you can spend 3 hours on the forum. If you want to learn about cryptocurrencies, you can spend the time you want to increase your information about cryptocurrencies and everything related to them.
  9. I think that bitcoin is the most used currency in cryptocurrencies because every trader in the cryptocurrency world contains in his portfolio some bitcoin because it is the base currency in every exchange and it is the most currency trusted by traders.
  10. For me, I spend 3 hours or a little more on the forum to increase my information as much as possible about the world of cryptocurrencies and spend the rest of my time on trading because I work on scalping deals and they need constant monitoring of prices.
  11. Your investment in bitcoin depends on your investment strategy, I mean, are you an investor in the short term or in the long term, in case you are a short term investor you must follow the price on a daily basis to enter from the best areas, but if you are a long-term investor then the price is now considered good To invest.
  12. My friend excuses me, but why do not you search for a solution to the problem before you write a topic about it because this topic has become repeated several times from this morning until now, the problem will be solved after a short time do not worry because it happened several times before now and returned to work normally, our money is safe with Yobit Exchange
  13. There are many good features in Yobit exchange such as fast deposit and withdrawal speed, low withdrawal commission for some currencies, ease of trading on it, and the presence of a large number of currencies in it.
  14. Hello my friend, we all face this problem sometimes and you do not need to worry because this problem will be solved after a short time so I recommend that you continue to work and do not worry about that and you should wait some time and try again.
  15. There are many benefits to cryptocurrencies other than this interest such as the difficulty of tracking transfers and the possibility of transferring them between all regions of the world quickly and with a small transfer commission against high commissions in banks and many other benefits.
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