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  1. I agree .. because of the bad movement of the price.. so no one can know where the price in the future .. For exmple .. we saw so many people say that The price will go up for more than 100K $ in 2020 .. but te bitcoin now is about 8500 $
  2. I think there is so many ways to safe your money and your own personal DATA by reading more about how to protect your own self and learn more about how is the scammers work to get the money and the DATA
  3. agree with you .. i think this forum is the most safe way to earn Bitcoin because there is so many scam websites that say you will earn so much by it
  4. the most important thing when the scammer contact with you is just dont answer hem .. because there is so many things the can effort in you .. so i dont answer them
  5. i think there is so many active females in crypto world .. i saw so many Admins or moderators in support group of the projects in Telegram or the live chats in the websites
  6. Dice is a Gambling game that make you lose all your money or make a millioner with in few rolls .. i dont like this type of earning mone
  7. there is something called LP area .. in this area the whales make people sell them Bitcoin and the whales buy it .. this is the begin for the Bitcoin Bombing party
  8. i think the most usually thing i should to use it now for helping people because so many people damaged because of COVID-19 virus around the world specially in my country
  9. yes i start when i heard about Bitcoin for the first time in 2015 and i started directly searching about it and how i can get it ... so i started with FREEBITCO.IN to start earn ome
  10. Ok that's right .. but the topic talk about the time you should wait make another topic or comment .. so please edit your comment and read the title of the topic then comment again
  11. You can connect your Crypto talk account in your Yobit account by press on this link https://yobit.net/en/paybyposts/ and put your email of crypto talk in the box .. its easy
  12. Yes its very important thing .. because there's here some people have badenglish languge .. so by making a post in simple words you make this people understant the topic
  13. Yes I agree .. Crypto talk forum is the best plade to start your journey in Cryptocurrency world .. there's so many people here talk about so many things about crypto and another things
  14. Its very good way to stop the spammer from posting bad and unusefull comments or topics .. its make you read and learn and understant what the post talk about ..
  15. I didn't focus on the part (even more news that google does not have) because there's some information you can't find it in google but you can find in the forumes.. like the information about the Blockchain
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