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  1. And if you are collecting, you should try and collect much coins and hodl so as to increase you profit.
  2. Thanks, though is actually very useful and helpful. Many people suffer getting the right stuffs and also wrong info about crypto has been a very big draw back for crypto too.
  3. I know someone who finish his first degree with crypto earnings. So I believe crypto can be someone financial weapon. Though crypto is not for all.
  4. And if anyone actually follow what you said before 2020 I believe he or she now will be very happy by now, #BULLISH TRENDS.
  5. I believe by now someone might have taught you how to earn from this website. And also you use this earn and start trading in Yobit exchange platform. So as to solve your financial problems.
  6. You can scalpe like other small investors. And also will you to know more about trading and trading strategies.
  7. This is great news, but the problem here is, is it actually safe and secure from hackers. And most of all, the phone is too cost.
  8. this is why some time ago Google deleted some video from YouTube. Most content in YouTube are fake and misleading.
  9. I once received a call from someone which I latter found out he was a scammer. He was making a transaction using my account but he need the otp pin to complete his transaction which will sent to my phone number. So he called saying he is my account manager and that he sent a pin to my phone number I should tell him the otp pin to confirm he has sent it to right number. Just imagine🤨🤨
  10. Atimes annoyed and the was of all, is when I found out that the transaction was not successful due to some little problem from them or from me.
  11. Staying safe from scammers while online us very hard to avoid. But make a very good analysis in every where you find yourself. And also stay smart and vigilant.
  12. You can try ethereum too, but can't promise huge return though. You can also buy bitcoin and invest it in investBox a d earn peacefully.
  13. Since the beginning of 2020 the bitcoin price as proven to be bullish and moving forward.
  14. When the coin gain more trust a d become more dynamic and more volatile, may be then it will compete with bitcoin or may be even overtake bitcoin.
  15. The number of people in India in cryptocurrency platform is very much and may be the India government's is try to seize the opportunity to gain more money to their account looking at the volume of Indians in crypto market.
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