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  1. At the bottom of the page there is "unread content", but here you will see all the topics that you have not read in English and Russian
  2. I don't trust any of these sites even who say they give you $ 1 a day. Their goal is to collect referrals and visits no more
  3. I wish you the best of luck, for me I do not risk any amount, no matter how small, to invest in these sites
  4. Can you mention some of these sites to us? For me, I rely on my analysis, but it is not always true. You need to check more than one source to be confident.
  5. He could have added his post as a comment on the old post, by repeating the post causing harm to him and all who commented on his post because these posts will be deleted
  6. It would be very useful to know the reason why our posts are deleted, at least not to repeat the same mistakes
  7. It seems that you are a new member of my friend, and the new accounts are not linked to the platform now, that is, you cannot get in exchange for your posts, but you can get a lot of information in this forum.
  8. This would be a very appropriate solution to reduce duplicated postings and obtain useful content for everyone, as well as to have more discussions on one topic.
  9. Buying from platforms using Visa Card requires documentation of the platform, no one may want this, but most countries have ATMs available for bitcoins, you can purchase them directly,
  10. What are all these procedures? Are things complicated to this degree? I thought it was enough to use a decentralized wallet and keep the private key in a safe place
  11. Yobit is definitely safe, but it is a platform used for trading, while the wallet is used to store currencies
  12. I am not new here but I did not know that we can use the tag here, this would be easier than quoting a comment to mention for someone
  13. No, new accounts are not accepted on the platform yet and it has not been announced whether the link to the platform will be opened again or not
  14. The beginner always searches for new information in a simple and understandable language, so we must help make the content smooth and understandable.
  15. What educational content does Coinbase provide? It would be nice for Yobit to provide educational content as an explanation of the platform in order to make the most of it
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