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  1. Of course not, what if the forum suddenly stops paying and you quit your job? Crypto in general is an additional income for me Working abroad is not just a physical matter, it is a lifestyle
  2. If it is a loss I can bear, I will close the deal. If it is a big loss, I will definitely wait for the price to rise
  3. You can remind them of the forums that we were participating in before the emergence of social media, and after they know that they can earn money here you will be encouraged to visit the forum
  4. The site may not continue to pay even if the price of bitcoin falls, but this does not mean that the forum will close or lose its visitors, perhaps it will be a reference for information for beginners in the future.
  5. I am not interested in matches but in general I am against the idea of betting because it depends on luck and this is considered a risk
  6. In the past the faucets were useful and many were able to collect bitcoin from them but now it is definitely a waste of time
  7. Hopefully, yesterday the market was terrifying ripple and all currencies were declining quickly. I hope that it will return to its price at least and we will not lose.
  8. There are countries that haven't heard of bitcoin yet. I think it depends on how well the country is developing and its economy
  9. Twitter competition are very beautiful, they are great opportunities to earn money without effort Mubarak, who won this competition, was worth $ 80, as I remember
  10. Binance is a great platform. I have not received this gift but I follow their Twitter account. There are always nice competitions
  11. We hope they will continue to pay us, however you do not occupy yourself with this my friend. Just have fun and take advantage of this grant.
  12. You can earn a good reputation by posting useful articles and answering member questions in responses
  13. Any beginner should read the rules well before posting or commenting on any post then everything will be easy
  14. I don’t prefer wallets that have ID documentation. Ripples can be kept with decentralized wallets like Atomic wallet and if I have a large amount of them then I prefer ledger nano s or X they are more secure
  15. Long-term trading is less risky, but it is not more profitable than daily trading. In both cases, there is no permanent profit. Loss is normal in trading.
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