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  1. OH my god what is this


  2. If you have done a correct transaction (using a wallet or save a Private key) I think trading using crypto is safe. Besides being safe, the benefits that I get are low cost and fast transactions.
  3. Investing in crypto has many opportunities. Profit and loss and both of them you cannot expect because the price of crypto depends on how many interested people and users make transactions. Right now is a good choice if you invest in crypto because crypto is starting to be used by many people.
  4. platforms need that so they know the users who use their platforms. but not all require to do kyc. Usually the exchange platform will limit the transaction limit if the user does not do kyc. Kyc is also very good at overcoming fraud in the case of multiple accounts and money laundering.
  5. Why not if used as research and development. a good age to use crypto without supervision is at the age of 18 years. The need for education about the technology and concepts used by crypto in students is a good thing if used for learning.
  6. That is a good way to manage crypto wallets. Many do not understand this and take risks when they store private keys and forget about them. Choosing a wallet that is poouler is also important so that assets are safer and easier to use.
  7. I use the time just looking at the market situation and occasionally buy coins that I think are potential in the future. I am not too focused on doing daily trading. I only use crypto for long-term investment.
  8. Yes of course I introduce crypto and provide information about crypto to my friends. Sharing information and discussing crypto with friends is fun. Starting from discussing about investing in crypto.
  9. People will be more interested in investing in crypto that is already on the market. That proves that the coins or tokens on the market already have a definite value. Unlike the coins that are only available in the market. It takes time to adjust the price according to how many interested people are using it.
  10. For now, dominant people will buy bitcoin when viewed from the CMC website reaching 60%. If other good altcoins are ethereum, ripple, XLM and others will increase if the price of Bitcoin increases. But for the percentage increase, I see altcoin is more interesting and gives greater results than Bitcoin
  11. Deliberately because they are not serious about making projects and only want to get money from investors. Failed because of the product they were unable to convince the user and the lack of good team that developed the project
  12. I did not completely abandon crypto because of unstable market conditions and the risk of decline again. I take this opportunity to buy more coins that have the potential for my long-term investment.
  13. In my neighborhood around 50 - 60% know crypto. Their dominant knowledge of crypto through forums and mining activities. Maybe in the future there will be more people who know and use crypto.
  14. At the moment bitcoin is still in control of ups and downs in the crypto market. In addition to bitcoin in 2020 I see the potential of ethereum, ripple and BCH to become the coins of choice according to ranking and transaction volume in the market
  15. Thank you for the information you provided to give security using cryptocurrency. The way you have applied it and used it to protect my crypto assets.
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