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  1. Yes, it looks like Bitcoin will have a better time this year and we have even seen an increase now even though it's still in a bit of a state. At least this has begun to move towards the moon.
  2. Ubisoft who is not familiar with the platform always creates famous games. If they support the existence of this Crypto is very good, Ubisoft could have created a game that can produce Bitcoin and it becomes a good thing again.
  3. The Alibaba community seems to want to give their best and even they seem to want to use the Blokchain system. We see now that the corona virus has not stopped and many well-known exchange sites are helping with costs, even Alibaba.
  4. When Samsung launched its new mobile phone and lots of people wanted a Crypto wallet inside. If this is realized, I think Samsung will push up the name Crypto to become ascended and known by many people.
  5. My country is part of Asia but my country does not prohibit Crypto, nor are there any words to use Crypto, this means that my country is free from anyone who wants to use it. It's just that in my country there is still no Bitcoin ATM.
  6. Yes, it is true that Waves has lower costs compared to these LTC coins. So if you want to exchange use the coin, actually Xrp also costs very low in the exchange.
  7. That's right if you use a PC, you might be able to do the signature. I don't want to use this because I'm not used to this. So my advice is to use it, if you use a cellphone I think I don't know where it is to add a signature.
  8. It is true that Micro Coins benefit us, when we investbox. We can put our coins there, even the price we see is very high at the moment and it is a good profit for us.
  9. Maybe your coins are not enough to make an investment, because the notice he gave said that your coins are not enough, maybe your coins are mediocre, try your coins first.
  10. You can find a place of exchange that costs very cheap, you can find the coin and see how much it costs. As far as I know, the most coins in the exchange are YOBIT.
  11. Upbit exchanges hold their birthdays and a lot of the benefits they provide here, I see 110% and that is very big for me. Upbit is indeed profitable.
  12. True, YOBIT did not create an Application to pass the exchange. If you find the YOBIT application in Playstore I think it's just a scammer application that can make you lose your coins there.
  13. Bitcoin is indeed suitable to be held for a long time, we will wait for prices for the following year. If you want to invest, do not choose coins too fast, first understand the movements, because you could be a loss.
  14. We do not know whether Monero will lead, but obviously other coins will not be able to defeat Bitcoin. If we compare monero with other coins, monero can be on the top and it can also turn into a bottom.
  15. By downloading a portfolio we can see all the trades that we run. That way the use of Litecoin is right for us. Yes I use it and see what type of trade I choose.
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