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  1. Everyone should pay attention to the scammers because this field is full of fraudsters who display a lot of things in order to attract your attention, so you should not trust anyone. You must work yourself. Do not accept that someone operates your money.
  2. We must cling to our dreams and everyone knows that this field needs patience and patience and not to stop at the first failure because it will succeed after the attempts and this thing applies to the field of trading. Your main goal should not be the super-rich. You must climb the stairs step by step.
  3. The problem of copying and pasting is a very annoying problem, but the forum team deletes the repetitive or invalid post after a short period of time, but people must pay attention to the addresses of their articles, they must find other names.
  4. No one recommends these applications because most of them are fake and also the correct ones take a lot of time for a very small amount, so I do not advise you about them, but you can experiment and judge yourself.
  5. Basically, before starting work, you should put an idea in your mind, which is that the forum is not just for earning money, you must search for knowledge as well. I am also browsing other areas in order to take knowledge that I do not participate in, and with regard to earning money, you must abide by the laws and then write posts. Useful Every useful post with a positive rating is paid 1000 Satoshi a week later.
  6. You should click on the search box, then other options, and then search for the name of a person who I think is the correct method, and you can find adult members through posts.
  7. The future of the forum is very good if we can stop those who are only looking for money, and we all started spreading knowledge and obtaining it, and this is a very good thing and the forum increases knowledge.
  8. If you own a lot of currencies, you can start investing, but in my opinion, you should know more about the field of investment and trading because you must have nearly good capital to enter this field and you must be aware of the currencies in order not to waste your capital.
  9. There is no success without failure. This thing is safe in it after many experiences in all fields, and here I am still trying to get to the thing that I hope for, so do not let anything discourage you.
  10. My friend, if you are a beginner in this field, of course, you should stay in this section because there you will find advanced information there, but work on yourself to gather the information so that you can understand the contents of the other sections
  11. As I said, my friend, new members must read all the rules before starting any post so that they do not get warning points, and we are here to help everyone.
  12. You can benefit from converting your currencies to other currencies whose fees are lower. I suggest you LTC and XRP. Thus, you can withdraw your money from the platform with very little fees.
  13. I entered this business about a year ago, and I found a lot of information about the field of cryptocurrencies that I was searching for, in addition to the money that I get from this forum helps me pay for my studies.
  14. Absolutely, they resort to finding a scientific library full of all the information related to this field, and they pay us to make this library bigger and bigger and help each other.
  15. The right thing that every member should do here is to search for knowledge before the money, because when the payment stops, if you have good knowledge, you can go to work, but if you are only here to earn money, you will stop and wait for another opportunity like it, so all of you must feed with knowledge.
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