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  1. Thanks for this useful information about this platform, but there are many more well-known platforms that have existed for a long time that have the same features, so I prefer to stay on the old and not risk something new.
  2. It is not a mistake to try and it has exceeded a browser, meaning it will not take time for me, so I will try, but I will see one of my friends if he uses it so that I can be sure what I use
  3. You should start online courses to strengthen yourself in this field and increase knowledge in this field, then think about starting trading with good capital.
  4. I think that this issue occurred due to the large increase in these advertisements, which has become annoying to the members of these sites. It is certain that the administration of these sites will stop them in order not to lose members, but you can legalize them and this is better than stopping them completely.
  5. My friend, any field is fraught with risks, especially the field of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, when dealing in this field, you must be confident of the party you are dealing with in order not to fall victim to fraud and you must be careful and patient and not rush to deals.
  6. Of course, you can make money from Bitcoin, there are many ways, including this forum, which you can earn parts of bitcoin on every useful comment, in addition to learning from this forum, and you can also earn money by placing good capital in the field of trading and began working in this area.
  7. Frankly, I did not encounter this problem during my career in this forum, but if you happen to confront me, I think that I should contact the support team to help me solve this problem.
  8. khaler

    Bitcoin wallets

    A good post for beginners to know the best wallet in this field. I used many wallets until I found the one that I see suitable and easy to deal with, and everyone should find a wallet that finds comfort in it.
  9. There are many ways that you can buy items from many sites or buy gift cards from Amazon or Google Play or a lot of things and you can search for people who want to buy bitcoin and sell them and receive cash.
  10. This issue is due to the fact that some countries have sanctions from other countries, as well as the equipment of these countries that do not allow them to trade currencies due to the poor internet and many reasons. This currency cannot be traded in those countries because it is not recognized.
  11. Yes, we must pay attention to the comments that we write so that we do not run the risk of deleting comments or receiving warnings, so we must not go beyond the laws and pay attention to the posts that we comment on.
  12. Logically, my friend, no one can collect money quickly, especially in this area. You must be patient and learn from every mistake you make and improve yourself. Also, earn money from this forum only, the topic will take time.
  13. Almost three years ago, I heard about Bitcoin on television, so I liked the idea of currencies in the electronic world, so I began to search for it, and then began trying to learn everything about it in order to develop myself and I want to enter the field of trading, but I do not have capital now and I feel that I should expand further in learning.
  14. Firstly, this post is very useful, and I hope you publish it every month as a newsletter on currency news Secondly, this development in currencies is amazing because it encourages people to invest their money in these currencies that are rising to the top.
  15. This talk is very useful. I did not know anything about this topic, but if I could, I would like a more detailed explanation, from where can I get it?
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