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  1. As all of us know that the global economy had been affected by corona virus today crypto also was affected most coins dumped also bitcoin dumped to 5500 and that damaged all predicts that there will be a bullrun before halving will we see more dumps? maybe give usyour opinions what will happen
  2. The 2 fa is so important to save your money , but remember to use trusted app the most trusted is google authorization and remember to save the code so if you lost your phone you can login the exchanges
  3. There is no android or iphone apps for cryptotalk for now it's still a site only i hope they will develop apps soon because they are more simple and better than the site
  4. You are right we should be careful when we comment on any topic not to be violating the rules so as not to face this problem and also to write daily topics
  5. The account won't get banned but i think some of his posts will be deleted so he should write more when he be online more but i suggest not to do that
  6. You are right but trading needs much money minimum of 1000 $ to feel of profits so i learning now to make more money to trade with them
  7. It's normal that some people use it only for earning but they should write useful content they can choose a subject then research on internet about it then write
  8. You are right but it's safe place to invest even you have small capital it will increase day by day so why don't participate with any amount you have
  9. Just go to yobit and go to crypto talk campaign from right up side then write the email that you have used in crypto talk then it will be linked immediately
  10. You are right i love cryptotalk so much thanks to it i got more experience in crypto world and i learnt alot about this world i also have good earnings from it and i hope the rules not to be changes forever
  11. I just collecting profits and trade with them also because my capital is small and in trading you should be a whale to earn alot so i just want to increase my capital
  12. Litecoin is my favorite coin i always invest in it and getting profits it has pumped from 35 $ to 74 $ till now it's more than 100 % profits and i wait more from this coin
  13. I am using presearch engine but i don't know how its run i think it's a great project there are some other projects that deserves to be invested like bat tokens congratulation to who invested in pre
  14. I think it should dump before halving it may reach 8 k then start the huge pupm my expectation is that it will reach 30 k sooner or later in this year or even the next year
  15. The main problem with yobit is that they don't have android app it helps us more than the site and more simple but all other things are good and deserve to be used
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