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  1. The market now as we can see the price has started to decline now. The price of Bitcoin has finally begun a sound trend below 10,000 and we can see that this bold move was just manipulation and it ended up doing nothing more than shake out traders to both sides now. We saw first that when the price rally passed 10,000 it shook out a lot of retail traders that were trying to short the market and those Bears were shaken out because there was a fake 45 million dollars order here on a certain exchange that pumped this price up to and shook out a lot of little tears by triggering a short squeeze.
  2. Everyone has a smartphone. They are trying to earn extra income through earning apps. Every app will not pay you. I have been tried to earn some extra money by downloading about 100 mobile applications. I'm not failed, I have earned about 3000 PTV with the Pivot app. Only the Pivot app gives me the chance to earn. After then still, no mobile app worked for me. What is your latest earning app that you already getting paid.
  3. Brand new Paypal cash rewarding app, Easy to play this game even if you are kid, Just balanced the ball, and collect your rewards. you can earn 2500 points right after registered and 500 points for every referral and get your chance to win up to 50,000,00 coins as your luck. Payment proof available.
  4. I saw one new gaming app in the play store. The app name is Playshop, players can earn money with battles and tournaments. I want to get to know about this application if you have any eaning and withdrawal. The payment gateway is Paytm. My friends can say about Playship app.
  5. People joining to the forum daily which is good to see them. We are creating helpful posts for them, to work without spamming. Still we have responsible to keep clean this forum. Some new members just trying to complete their first 100 posts with meaningless posts. Please don't try to break forum rule's.
  6. Cryptocurrency giving us big surprise today, The samsung company have plan to give surprise as galaxy S20 set for debut. As they saying South Korean observer wants Samsung's brand new smartphones series could have a blockchain wallet, also with, enhanced security features. This news has been also reported by their twitter account.
  7. Bitcoin has to face a lot of difficulties in the past and still not seems to end. The new and latest drama coming from South Korea, They have been announced that there are some possibilities of shutting down all cryptocurrency exchanges. If this happens as they want, How this can be affected by Bitcoin and it's the price.
  8. After completing your first successful 100 posts you can earn a maximum up to 900k satoshi per month with this forum. This is a good amount of income while Bitcoin price increases. Do you have any plan that how to grow these earnings with the Yobit platform.
  9. The most popular two crypto forums are Crypto talk and Bitcoin talk as we know. Both forums are paying to their members with bitcoin. So many Bitcointalk members are now working with this forum too. Can you explain to me what is the difference between these two forums and how to earn bitcoins.
  10. I'm looking for new mining app for doge coin. Lot of apps are there in the playstore. It is useless to searching feedbacks, because these feedbacks are not real but hired. So i need your help. You can tell me, the best Doge coin mining app for android in 2020. thank you.
  11. What do you thinking about Binance app. Binance has been hacked for 2 times. So hackrs are looking to get access with mobile application mostly. So people afraid to use Binance mobile app. What do you think about this. Binance still safe with app.
  12. People are very scared about mobile apps. Most of these apps are big scam and time wasting. Even they going to pay us paying with only few cents. This mean it can not recover their data charge or electricity charge. What do you think about this.
  13. Are you ready to make money for your every foot steps. Answer is if yes, Sweatcoin app is for you. This app will allow you to earn 0.95 Sweatcoin for your every 1000 steps. Probably the no.1 health and fitness app for the both android and ios.
  14. Every crypto talk forum members are know about Yobit exchange platform. We can use this amazing platform with our forum pay outs and Airdrop trading. I'm asking senior members of the forum to give ideas about how to sell our Bitcoins with Yobit platform. Crypto talk members mostly working with only Yobit.
  15. Yoda started to trade in the Yobit exchange platform on the last 4th of February and its starting price was 0.00015000 BTC. The starting price is very good. After few days Yoda price dropped down to 0.00000900 BTC. What do you think about this, why the price has been crushed like this, and can Yoda be recover.
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