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  1. 6772 Crypto ATM machines are available in 73 countries. You can use these ATMs to buy and sell bitcoins. Not only BTC but also, Bitcoin ATMs Bitcoin Cash ATMs Ether ATMs Dash ATMs Litecoin ATMs You can use these ATMs t exchange of bitcoins for cash and vice versa and also you can send cash to cash payments to any one you want using 2 Bitcoin ATMs.
  2. You have created your first topic in the forum. It is good and necessary in here. You haven't read section any pinned posts where giving foundation to new members. You can find every single answer to this question when you read carefully admin and moderation pinned posts with important messages to members. My point is you should read those important moderation pinned posts before asking help from members here.
  3. Most people are waiting for this to happen with 1 BTC or more. Lottery tickets can be a win, but very rare. Crypto coins can be appeared in your wallet by accident, but rare. Those are human's dreaming. In my Coinbase wallet, I had have received last year's unknown payment as, 0.00026000 BCH value ascents. These kinds of transactions are not valued.
  4. Sadly, I was online when the bitcoin price is just around $900. I had had a good chance to buy 3 Bitcoin my self at that time. But who knows about Bitcoin's future. No one taking about, that Bitcoin buys and holding can give you thousands profit. After about maybe a year later I saw BTC = $20k
  5. Playing the sky is incredibly similar to Journey. You control a robed figure recognizable as a small child and navigate a series of small environments connected only by the constellations in the star. They share sky keeps things simple by tasking you with navigating its environments and holding down a single button to soar into the air. Take flight flying draws light from your robe which limits how much aerial freedom you have.
  6. Coinbase is great as a wallet and as an exchange platform. As I know, Coinbase still not accepting some countries to trade. People can't use Coinbase as worldwide available. But still, it can be used Yobit web version where worldwide available to trade, buy and sell.
  7. People's mind is a difference. Their plan also differences from others. Buying Crypto coins they have only one hope. After the price increased they can sell them. Spending some amount they can buy any good altcoins again. This is the time spending tutorial.
  8. Yes, also need to pay per post. It will help to minimized that deleting member posts. When we looking at member's comment, almost they are same. I think time has coming to have new sections.
  9. People are using apps to get access with their phone. Forum members need to have official app. Are you sure, about your app, with members safety. Can you tell that how many members are now using with it.
  10. I have for you guys another incredible money-making application. With this app, there are many different ways that you can make money, With those different ways you can earn points and with those points, you can redeem them for different prizes. The app called GETGC.
  11. Forum doing the right thing. Members trying to create useless posts in every section in the forum. Increasing the interval period between the two posts can result in less spam. Every useful post will not be deleted. Your post should be of good value to the members and need to understand it.
  12. Every member can 30k satoshi per day with this forum. Also, they can increase they're earning using the Yobit platform. The forum can be helpful to improve the user's typing skills and improving Bitcoin knowledge.
  13. Bitcoin is the father of all other crypto and alto coins. When we talking about bitcoin history there are so many secrets behind it. Satoshi Nakamoto is a popular story. With Bitcoin, the whole of society has been changed. Internet facilities are changed. The most valuable part is people using the crypto world to make a huge profit with the internet.
  14. This is not their problem. They just want to create something new here, that's why they trying to get other attention to their posts. With this trick, members going to comment and reply to it. Gradually spending time they will be becoming responsible members with their reputation.
  15. With me, this is no problem. 280 seconds is not a big interval to posting. Professional posts minimum of required 250 characters. When forum paying to our posts, with only 100 characters, this time interval can be a problem. If you saying this is boring, you can increase your post characters up to 250.
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