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  1. I have started using this form from last year. After this pandemic outbreak I have nothing to do then, my friend suggested me to use this form so that I can earn some passive income from here. I am here and working for cryptos after virus outbreak.
  2. That may be better but I would recommend to use grammarly as a grammar checker. There are both free and paid version. You can simply use free version that will help you a lot for improving your grammar. I am also using that from a year and it help me a lot. I just feel confidence about my writing of emails, letters and message after checking on grammarly.
  3. Well, same in my case. I also wanna to make passive income from here. As the world is on pandemic and all things are closed in my country, So, I am spending my time as much as I can in this form. I am learning more about cryptocurrencies. I also get opportunity to share my knowledge and collaborate with my international friends.
  4. I was also using android and I was also facing same problem, all the time browser lagging. Then, I decided to use my laptop for this form. Now, I don't have any lagging problem and I feel comfortable to use, type post in this form. I recommend you to use laptop than mobile because in laptop, it's easy to type and doesn't have any lagging problem.
  5. In my opinion and knowledge I have heard that the price of coin is directly proportional to total number of users of that coin. If the number of user increases the price of coin increases. so, while investing on the coin, I recommend to check the number of user and countries, companies that are accepting cryptocoins for their payment.
  6. Guys, I have launched my product and I wanna to increase traffic in my product, please suggest me some best payed add apps to increase traffic in my product??????????
  7. Well, I was on the same case too, I am a student and I felt akward when I ask my parents for money. The thing that I personally did I will share all this things. First of all, I did primary stocks trading where there isn't any risk. From there I generate good profit. Secondly, I worked as a freelancer part time and earn little bit from there. I can handle all my expenses and yes I can say that I am financially independent.
  8. Sure the answer is yes. You can be rich by cryptocurencies. Just like bitcoin in the interval of about ten years the price becomes 60k+. There are a lot of people who become millionaire just by holding and mining bitcoin. I meet a person in clubhouse and he share his experience of bitcoin. He used to live in small house and he had a big dream to buy an expensive car. He told me that he had bought bitcoin when the price is a single dollar and sold it on 60k and he bought a expensive car and become rich of his colony and living his happy life.
  9. Well in my case, I prefer to buy cryptocurrencies as much as I can because it is sure that one day the price will rocketed and the cryptocurrencies makes us a lot of profit and I recommend everyone to buy such cryptocurrencies because one day all digital currencies will replace today's cash.
  10. I wanna to know more about affiliate marketing like how does it works and how we generate income. Is there is anyone who currently on affiliate marketing. If here is anyone please share your experience as a affiliate marketer. What things should a beginner should master for earning maximum profit as a affiliate marketer???
  11. Well in my case, I usually used to write post in off topic section and that content isn't counted and I usually used to write a lot of posts but my content count is same. This problem I face as a beginner!!!!!
  12. Guys, I have a Question. If I have to buy cryptocurrencies how to buy that and which is the best apps for buying cryptocurrencies. Please provide me the list of apps for buying cryptocurrencies which have less broker fee??
  13. The world are changing day by day. A lot of people are interested in digital currencies even me too. Why the people prefer cryptocurrencies instead of other, what is the main reason that are people are moving towards such currencies, what might be the reason please provide me that information why such currenicies are becomming popular all over the world.
  14. Guys, I wanna to start dropshipping from dubai. What are the requirements that are needed to start drop shipping in amazon. If you are currently doing dropshipping then let me know what are the thing that you should master to become successful in dropshipping business.
  15. Thanks for sharing such precious information. By this survey a lot of people can earn something in such bad situation, which is not enough but it will surely helps. The survey working is awesome you just have to answer their question and that is your opinion. You are just being paid by giving your opinion. I will surely try that.
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