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Found 13 results

  1. XBTS DEX EXCHANGE FOR TRADERS AND GAMERS Decentralized exchange XBTS provides prompt and comfortable exchange of bitcoins and altcoins. Instant buy and sell of cryptocurrency at fair price with blockchain guarantees. Each trading operation is saved in blockchain. Transaction confirmation time of just 3 seconds. Only you have the access to your account! Welcome! DEX Exchange & DAPPS Platform Become a part of cryptocurrency trading at the first decentralized platform! Securely! Instantly! Simply! XBTS DEX is a BitShares-based decentralized exchange and an entry point into the decentralized market. TRADE IN BLOCKCHAIN Attractive to the most powerful trading makers, creating high liquidity while also saving trade costs and improving trade efficiency. Lower Maker Fees. DELEGATED PROOF OF STAKE DPOS is the fastest, most efficient, most decentralized, and most flexible consensus model available. TRADE WITHOUT LIMITS You can trade any amount, at any time, from anywhere, without withdrawal limits. You can create any trading pair you need. MARKETCAPS FEATURES XBTS Trade Anywhere. Only you have the access to your account. Enjoy free trading bots. Make your trading automatic. Get access to professional functionality, convenience and better security. Our Desktop version offers a fully customizable trading interface. Desktop-version of XBTS Dex is available on MacOs, Windows and Linux. XBTS is the most advanced Dex exchange! HOLD AND EARN CryptoHolders, who trying to maximize gains, or a frequent trader who wants to take a break from trading, can use the XBTS Dex tools and gain up to 50 % of the trade profit by the SmartHolder Staking Program Increase your crypto portfolio regardless of how the market moves AFFILIATE PROGRAM Get up to 80 % of trading fees in popular cryptocurrencies, every time your friends make a trade on XBTS. Invite friends and earn Crypto together. FOR DEVELOPERS AND ALGOTRADERS Use the entire power of open source DEX API libraries in creating personal trading bots and business dapps. DEX GAMES All games occur only between players, without participation of the third parties. Conceptually new architecture in creation of crypto games. Full integration with the XBTS assets. Fair games here! Take part in the SmartHOLDER Staking Program Get up to 50% of the XBTS DEX trading proceeds REFERRAL PROGRAM XBTS has several different kinds of accounts: Basic Account, Annual Member, and Lifetime Member. Basic Accounts are Free, but do not qualify for the referral program, not any cash back on transaction fees. More information DEX EXCHANGE FOR TRADERS AND GAMERS
  2. Buy or sell, you decide what to do. The crypto market is usually super sensitive to any type of news that can directly influence the direction of a digital asset. You must always take into account the fact that evading the FOMO and the FUD, is the most important since certain personalities always seek to create weak hands for them to benefit, that is why thinking like a whale is key, otherwise you will always be nervous to all.
  3. As of now, China is in chaos because of the Coronavirus. As what i read in an article, bitcoin slumps 6% because of this virus, in the midst of chinese new year. Does this virus really affect bitcoin? Any insight?
  4. There are following advantages for learning to learning of fundamental principles of crypto market : 1: Long term investment decision making process become easy. 2: Easy process to find out all time high possible price in next bull run or all time low possible price during bearish trend of crypto market. 3: Easy way to find correct legitimacy project . 4: to find out scam and useless projects through fundamental principles.
  5. You always have to think that every moment in trading is going to be different. You can never ensure that an operation will work out well, but if you can bet on behavior that most of the Sometimes it repeats. With this way of thinking and acting you will win. Simply act when the odds are more in your favor. The times you lose, other than having acted badly, you should simply lose when the least likely happens. If from 10 operations you are victorious in 6 or more, you will be working correctly. When you lose 2 or 3 consecutive times, your mind will start telling you to change your system, that something is wrong. Those are the moments when you must stand firm, since you know that your system works and you are respecting it. The worst thing you can do is start to vary and skip the rules. Trust you, your system, and you will achieve it.
  6. Crypto always moves all the time, some people can only think that it's up or down, it's only an estimate. Please those who want to share market movements.
  7. The financial market always offers us a general structure of any asset, our simple challenge is to decipher the clearest thing that can be done, where to enter and where to leave, interpreting the markets without errors is possible if you do not get complicated, always look for the tip or the simplest detail that gives you a signal as clarified as possible and prevents other technical aspects from staining your panorama, as traders our duty is to educate ourselves as much as possible and avoid blaming the market, remember that you will always operate your psychology you will not operate the market, if you think you will be a millionaire overnight with trading, stay away, because there are already many hollow heads in trading that do not dominate the art, if your laziness is on your side much less you can move forward, do not run out or hurry, go with your time, practice does the teacher.
  8. Now Bitcoin is in a dangerous situation that maybe break down more and more if the price of this week drop under 5150 that will lead to 3700 then maybe 1700 ? what is your idea about what's going on this year. This chart one week candle this day is important or the market will not raise that easy any more.
  9. Analyzing Currency Value Fluctuations In order to learn Forex trading, you need to do more than compare Forex rates when selecting a trading platform. In order to make profitable trades, you must learn how to properly analyze factors that contribute to fluctuations in currency values. In simple terms: you have to accurately predict whether a currency is going to lose or gain in value so that you can trade accordingly. There are two forms of analysis that will give you accurate predictions most of the time: Technical Analysis: review the charts and other Forex tools available through your trading platform. Fundamental Analysis: read industrial production reports, government-released economic indicator reports, and monitor changes in the Consumer Price Index, or CPI, in order to analyze the economic strength of a country. When you notice changes in a country's economic stability, you can expect the currency used in that country to follow suit in most cases. Sometimes currencies gain or lose value for short periods of time, and other times they crash hard for the long term. You now know what the Forex market is and have a basic understanding of what your job is as a trader, given you choose to accept the position. You must first understand that this elevated level of trading comes with occasional losses. Never invest money that you cannot afford to lose, especially while you are still learning the ropes and developing strategy.
  10. The market now as we can see the price has started to decline now. The price of Bitcoin has finally begun a sound trend below 10,000 and we can see that this bold move was just manipulation and it ended up doing nothing more than shake out traders to both sides now. We saw first that when the price rally passed 10,000 it shook out a lot of retail traders that were trying to short the market and those Bears were shaken out because there was a fake 45 million dollars order here on a certain exchange that pumped this price up to and shook out a lot of little tears by triggering a short squeeze.
  11. Forex stands for "foreign exchange" and is often referred to simply as the "FX" market. While the U.S. stock market allows you to invest in companies operating within that country, Forex is an international trading market. Rather than investing in businesses, you invest in currencies and trade one against the other, hopefully earning a profit more often than you take a loss. It starts by understanding currency pairs. This term refers to two different currencies that you can trade against one another. This is similar to trading in your money when you go on vacation. You may stop in at a bank or another business to convert money to the currency used in the country you are visiting. When you trade on the FX market, you trade one currency for another in the same manner. You just don't have the currency in hand to make those trades. All trades are conducted quickly through your computer, smartphone or tablet. Whether you trade through a computer or mobile device will depend on your choice of trading platform.
  12. I have this GBO tokens, but I do not have any idea about the exchanger. So I need some help where can I exchange it.
  13. i saw from yesterday positive move of ethereum price from 132$ to now its price is 139$ according to cmc.its clear now eth now on bullish mood can today ETH can go above 150$ or not whats your thought.
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