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  1. In crypto market trading is highly risky thing there fore if you doing trading on this market then always used oco order facility of exchanges. Still this features is in binance exchange and bitmax also have stop limit order which we can easily used it if we wanted quick and safe profit .
  2. Crypto market has have risk factors when we invested in crypto market then how you invested in this market without any risk factors. May be you saying you are now doing trading only what profit you earned from this market. You take out your own investment and invested only profit for more earnings.
  3. On any exchange I have have fund it's yours you can take it as you want to better earnings ways. If you thinking that dash coin gave you more return on investment then any other coins then you must take entry on it. But now prices are high wait some low price then takes entry on it.
  4. Currently I am doing trading on four exchange such as yobit, binance, bybit and bitmax. My most trading is on binance exchange and bybit. Because bybit exchange gaves us much opportunity to earn some deposit and trading fee if we made trade on it. That is why I do future trading on it.
  5. Bitmex has no compulsory for trading purpose. It's your own choices if you want to do kyc then you can do it. So try to used bitmex,bybit or binance exchange all three exchanges gaves us facility to make trade of future without any kyc procedure for it. But on binance we can made kyc for better security.
  6. Although binance exchange gave us facility to take advantages of 125x trading in future trading but I never take more then 5x in my future trading because I always play safe in crypto market then greed of high profit in few days or weeks. Play safe and earn low but safe.
  7. Really your suggestion is beneficial for those knowing high volatility of bitcoin can liquidated our all earned profit from crypto market. So better way is don't take new entries and this market until unless there's something clear about halving event how much hipe pumps to bitcoin.
  8. Ya every one do their best try for making constantly earnings from crypto market but unfortunately this market is don't gave us constantly earnings profit and loss part of every business that is why I am asking to all my friends which doing trading on it be wise and select only few top level coins and earned safe way low chance of loss.
  9. It's clearly we saw that how much halving event can effected to the bitcoin price therefore we need to enjoyed this market sentiment and you said right we need stay active but don't take any entry in crypto market specially leverage trading entering very high risk. So I keep away from trade and enjoying btc movements.
  10. In my trading life of crypto market don't saw any effect of halving event on bitcoin. But now from last 15 days sawing how much is the driving force halving event is bitcoin boost up from 6450$ to now 1098$ with in two weeks means if we past two weeks we don't believe this kind of pump in bitcoin price.
  11. Bitcoin is the single currency of crypto market which is driving force for all remaining crypto market because it's dominance more than half total capitalization of crypto market that is why we can say when it's price pumping and dacing mood then only bleeding for remaining market.
  12. Is really few minutes is annoying thing for you. Before using blockchain technology system we know how time required in transferring payment from one person to another person takes by the banking system. Now we need only few minutes. And some instances manipulation and high volatility annoying thing for me.
  13. Although this is clear that crypto market is decentralized and therefore no one hundred percent sure where it can goes anywhere anytime it's price can jumped or dumped. So I have two years experience in this market and find interesting rewarding for wise investors only not for all investors.
  14. Your both figure regarding bitcoin price are based on real data because in March price of bitcoin reached low to 5000$ and now currently it's price little bit up of 10k only four or five days to halving event makes us stronger and stronger due to bullish condition of bitcoin. So we need some patience when next done by bitcoin.
  15. Much better for beginners who created account newly on crypto talk forum then they first try to read all necessary rules of forum and then made their work according to the rules of crypto talk forum. If we followed the rules then no chance we got any warning from moderators.
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