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Found 10 results

  1. I gave all of you one best trading strategy which I done and always got some profit by doing this. I like to share with friends of crypto talk forum now we knows bitcoin price currently on 8607$ and eos coin on 2.66$ two days ago eos price was 3.06$ it means now 10% down it's big enough opportunities for us to make trading on eos coin. When bitcoin price goes only 200$ ups then I am sure it's price goes to 2.85$ to 3.11$ earns we easily earned up-to 10% in few hours or days. Used only eos/usdt pair not eos /btc pair.
  2. If you are traders of crypto market then you noticed that xrp is 0.20$ in December 2019. And now currently price of xrp is also 0.20$ and first two months was awesome for xrp xrp goes 0.20$ to 0.35$ in month of January and February. Now March are bad month for xrp and whole crypto market also. Now it's time to invest as much as you can. Now yesterday I invested on xrp 60$.
  3. Today I want to discuss the current scenario of the crypto market specially the btc what's are it's price can do for us yesterday it's price try to crossed to 6000$ resistance level but again reverse and goes down to 4400$ and now again it's price jumped to 5444$ but again price falling to 5403$ so I am predicted that btc soon will again failed to 3400$ or 3100$ then jumped to break 6450$.whats you have experience about btc prediction in near weeks.
  4. May you have not clear about what's I am going to talk today. Today I will talk about halving event from last four months I am listening from Every media bitcoin goes on 250000$ or 25000$ or even more but I am noticing that due to corona virus pandemic happened to the whole world economies are struggling in this time few days remaining in the event of halving but bitcoin not dumped not pumped .we are waiting from last seven clear 7250$ but it goes high few minutes later again low. And two days it's dumped to 6774$ we expected more dumped buy goes up means to say nothing major price ups or down. Just from 6500$ to 7312$ range it means side ways. No major effect of halving event till now let's wait 12 more days anything happened or not.
  5. When I am writing this new topics regarding bitcoin currently critically situations indicate for investors and traders to be ready for quick dumps or pumps in bitcoin price. Soon bitcoin can jumped from 6806$ to 5850$ or on 7250$ as two days silence means it's time to do some different what's we seen from last two in crypto market. Not much bearish or bullish condition only market are strongly in side ways which means no special earnings for whales of crypto market. So they can take action of it.
  6. Last two days are really amazing for day traders because bitcoin on Thursday at the point of 6314$ EMA with time frame of one hour as bullish conditions of bitcoin and then bitcoin goes to 7273$ and then some way side ways to 6700$ to 7000$ and Friday evening again EMA 30 minutes gave ua signal of bearish on 6879$ as bearish then bitcoin goes down to 6610$ it means enough movements for wise traders and they earned enough from it. I also 50$ usd from last two days with little investments on leverage account only 5x leverages.
  7. Twenty-four high price was 6840$ and 24H Low price was 6208. And now currently price of bitcoin is 6238$ and it's means now bitcoin break the resistance level of 6450$ and now btc towards 6000$ or can be down to 4800$. So it's time to stay away from the leverage trading because this leverage can be washed your account and can be big loss for you. It is depending on what the scenario of corona virus effected to the whole world economies. If this virus not gone from the world then btc can be low to 3700$ or 3100$.
  8. Before the 10th March 2020 no one knows that some days huge amounts of dumps are ready round the corner and only few lucky traders who expecting bitcoin to 6450$ then he opened their shorts positions from 7800$ but most of people's expecting more hipe for 8400$ or 9150$ but short position wins and bitcoin goes low to 3770$ and now again bitcoin reached 7960$ can bitcoin goes down to 9450$ or 5850$ or straight forward up trend to 8400$ then 9450$. What's next surprise for us ?
  9. As i read.some news about bitcoin, i ended up reading this sad article. I am hoping for a bullish market this year as what other signal are saying. But somehow saying data and this corncern me a lot. Please give me hope.
  10. I keeps eyes on btc from last three days when btc was on 8900$ but only in few hours btc down to 8100$ and yesterday it was below 7800$ for few hours but again some recovery and now its price is round about 7900$ is now time to bull run again like January 2020 first week or down more to 6800$ or 6600$ . As my experience says 50% chance btc goes up from this point.
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