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  1. For the calculations of average rate of reputation is not difficult for us because if three persons gaves us likes in this way like 3+5+1=9/3 equally 3 likes average for us. It means how much we got average on daily basis.
  2. We can set our settings according to own choices no one can add us when we made that only the person who in my contacts list can add others don't have this kind of facility. Do your settings strong for avoiding scamming peoples.
  3. The best way to sell your own commodities you must creates one website then there put your items and prices of that items and also put your items specifications so that customers knows what's are you doing to sell for bitcoin and whole crypto market coins or tokens.
  4. Trust on your self means you win fifty percent from market if you don't have trust on your trading skills then there is chance that you failed to earn anything constantly from crypto market. Make your prediction according your skills and enjoy it.
  5. Definitely price of any coin or tokens or any commodity depends on demand and supply. If the demand of bitcoin or any other currencies is z high and supply is low then it's price will goes upstairs and we don't need worried about any projects which has great volatility and volumes.
  6. From the last week of April btc goes up from 6450$ then goes up and up to 10290$ and still not tales any major corrections price it means now we must prepare our mind that btc can takes corrections at times. So I am expecting that it's price can down to 7800$ or 7540$.
  7. No your prediction shows wrong decision making from you mean currently btc price is only 9750$ and from last six months btc highest prices was only 10450$ and lowest price was 3770$ last night it's price goes upstairs almost 150$ means currently btc is on sideways.
  8. Different types of crypto market tools and techniques are used to check that whether bullish condition or bearish trend of crypto market are over or not. So for this purpose we need do deeply suddenly study of crypto market. Otherwise we can't made correct decision about this market.
  9. You don't need to used any website for trading purpose of crypto market you need to used crypto market exchanges for trading of this market. And top exchanges of crypto market are binance, bitmax and hitbtc exchange. And also many others exchanges this market have.
  10. for becoming professional traders of crypto market we need to understand importance of self control and self motivation about learning of fundamental and technical analysis about crypto market. Otherwise we can not become professional traders.
  11. I received only 7 millions dice game token I think trading of these tokens will start on 1st July and we also can invested these dice Into investment box for receiving daily interest but why exchange gave us free tokens.any special reason for it.
  12. In few times I used two exchanges only for making arbitrary trading on crypto market because both these two exchanges are trusted exchange for my trading experience such as yobit exchange and bitmax. I always find that xrp has difference of 20 to 30 satoshi when we made trading on yobit exchange.
  13. Hmm it means your view point that with in ten years bitcoin price maximum can reached to millions USD then you are more optimistic then realized the real situations of crypto market. There is only zero percent chance that your prediction can be right.
  14. No never thought like that because i know that for making crypto market project need to be huge amounts of money because I am only few hundred USD for investment purpose and I don't create my own business investment coins or tokens. So i interested into trading only.
  15. No dear I don't get any free USD from bitoffer exchange because I don't have any information regarding this promotion campaign from bit offers exchange may be many people got benefits from it. I only trying to adjust and advice to new people that never used to any new exchanges only for getting few USD for free and lost more funds if that exchange is scam sites.
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