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  1. Yes, this is him. I don't know the posts that were negative, but if there are any there are people that will find them. I understand your point, but these companies are just these two people. I don't understand how protectionist the US system is on these executives but it seems they have a lot of power and they take decisions. Moreover it seems that Musk sold 10% of the Bitcoins bought for Tesla. We will see.
  2. While I agree with everything else, I disagree with this part. These companies are ignorant and while Saylor is just the typical run of the mill speculator and Vegas degenerate gambler, Musk is looking like he just got where he is today by pure luck. It seems like bigger interests put him in a management position and just let him run loose. I don't see any high intelligence in him as he is advertised to have, and in fact I see in Musk a Dogecoin, a meme, someone that is spamming twitter to gain more followers. Their companies and the stock holders will pay if they keep holding.
  3. I've heard a Bitcoin investor lately saying that Bitcoin will be used by China to replace the dollar as reserve currency. Of course, anyone of us when holding heavy bags we can say whatever pointless argument we can, this doesn't make it will happen. But watching a few countries that have abundance of electricity supply turning to mining Bitcoin, this is positive for both these countries and for Bitcoin as mining has been centralized in China for many years.
  4. Ok, two points here and I will be kind since you have also been. 1) There are no experts, and you have to give me links since you say that. Without proof of these so called experts it means nothing to me. 2) The market is only about Bitcoin. Anything else is just following. You can't really believe that a vaporware called ADA will save any bull run. ADA will turn out the biggest snowflake in the crypto market. Two years later Ethereum with ETH 2.0 still not even at 20%, it will be 95% lower, and ADA 99%. This is how the market works. I like Ethereum as I still use it, however not very often since fees forbid it. But tell me this. It's been how many years now, five? When will we ever use ADA?
  5. Possibly the worst payment processor that exists is Skrill. We are using crypto to avoid Paypal, Skrill that are just an extension of the banks to the internet. Using centralized companies that run these services means you will not own you money but you will always be subject to whatever they want to do. Since you are in crypto, stay and stop being a puppet.
  6. It needs like two hours in total for the work of four weeks. Usually you just have to post something very easy and repost takes just two seconds. If you are organized the only trouble is to read the bounty terms, register and find the spreadsheet to be watching. Literally takes two hours for four weeks work for each bounty. It is this simple. And as you say those bounties that will pay, it will be about $70 for one month work, but for some projects you may want to hold to reach there.
  7. I don't know who told you that mining is a transactions, because it isn't. It is the work required by the network to confirm transactions include them in new blocks and add mine new coins. What you think is mining, it is something else. Cloud mining is different and I don't know if it asks for referrals, it is still not worth anything.
  8. You can buy things online and in physical locations with cryptocurrency, you don't need to convert all of it in fiat. Since adoption is increasing and soon we will be able to use our crypto to pay for anything we want, there will be no need for any fiat.
  9. It is a fatal flaw. It isn't considered as it means you lost all your money if you lose the private keys. This represents access to your cryptocurrency and the ability to spend them. The loss of private keys resulted in Bitcoins lost and for some users it meant hundred of millions of dollars worth of fortune lost.
  10. Lol! This one I've seen it used very often. But if the post makes sense, it is very hard to find the other post this member paraphrased. Thanks however for this list, I didn't try to look, and was only going to report the obvious plagiarism. It seems paraphrase may have been widely used by these scammers.
  11. Haha. This was gold mate. I didn't remember posting this one, but it was spot on. And as you say, I also think that 3T is possible. But as I said time is getting closer to the end of this cycle and we need to be ready. First it has to go wild though and then there will be so much selling suddenly. Also the news you read will suddenly change. It is all about how the market is wonderful and some dumb NFT moments. I don't see this bull run lasting past this summer. But this doesn't mean we should exit immediately, there is still food left.
  12. I remember the same was in 2017 with the rise of mining with GPUs. Too many were buying the new released NVidia and there was a big shortage in the market. The miners were buying in bulk. Prices of graphics cards were up a lot and itseems that again the same problem for gamers.
  13. Altcoins have really took off. I watch the market caps and the first 100 were all above one billion in market capitalization. All the market is two trillion dollars. We are in altcoin season for weeks and everything I hold is pumping. I know we can still risk and there are coins that can go a lot higher. Can we see an extreme rise of altcoins like it happened in 2018? Possibly, but we have to be careful too, and risk accordingly.
  14. It was just google that was automatically banning some channels. It isn't a manual but an artificial intelligence decision. Maybe too many users or bots decided to report these channels. Google hasn't given reason on why this happens and it is activating these channels again after an appeal. The appeal is only looked by a real person.
  15. The new ones are not tested and usually if they are not listed it is a risk they will not make it. The exchange listed also is important as some exchanges are not having liquidity and there can be dumped coins. Some teams are selling a lot often right after the listing the tokens that were dedicated for development of the project. These are not very different to scam projects either.
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