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  1. Yobit has always been an excellent crypto exchange for me.It's not the first time yobit is hosting an Airdrop.They have done it quite many time before and they did those successfully.Beside airdrops,yobit have investbox,which is a great feature of it.It has brought many campaign to us in different time by which lots of people earned good amount of money.So in a word yobit is one of the best exchange of the world.
  2. That's very well said frined.If we keep working hard for something continuosly,it's must that one day we will get that.We should never give up after loosing one time.As you said,most of the bounty in the lasts years were scam,but after continous effort now you are cryptotalk forum and we all know how good this forum is!
  3. @kitekite24You are absolutely correct dear friend.We are not here just to create posts and make money.We are here to learn also.And it's the fact where we need to concente the most.And i think the best way for this is reading the comments of the other members before and after commenting on a topic.
  4. Refferal program or affiliates is a great way to earn money without any investment.For this we just need to invite people to join a site or something else and if he/she joins,we get reward for that.For a minimum good amount of earning from affiliate,we can take help from our close friends.If you have 30-50 friends,we can easily get a good earning from any affiliate programme.
  5. Every section has fixed subjects in which all the member will create topics and comments.Disobeying this rules will consider as spam.And about discussion i want to say that,if two the members are discussing about a subject which is related to the section,it's completely okay.Because discussion is the best way to learn more and more.
  6. @Dark_SkyThat's very well said my friend.I like the words very much.It is much normal all of our taste is not same.We all don't like the same thing and we all don't see everything in same way.So when you created a post someone find it useful for him but another member also can say this wasn't useful for me.So we don't need to care much about those all.We just need to keep going in our best way.
  7. We can't say telegram is bad in all purposes.But it feels really bad when you can find so many scammers in telegram.They are scamming us by fake Airdrops,Giveaways,faucets,investment groups,make crypto double etc projects and really i am sick of all of these.I think the authority of it should improve the security and privacy system to stop the scammers.
  8. @RavenThank you so much friend for building awearness among the beginners.Most often the beginners get scammed by this kind of post.It seems like a legit and great offer for them and many of them may also have invested and lost all of their money.So it is much important that no one get involved in this kind offers.
  9. Off course no one will hate to have have a bigger reputation points and followers.These things always satisfy us greatly.And in this forum to achieve this,we need to be careful about our work.We need to post important contents as much as we can and help every member in their needs.
  10. @iloveyobitThat's very excellently said friend.So many beginners may think that anyone can easily earn a lot by trading.But i will say if you don't have enough knowledge about it,it's better you learn them first.The points that you mentioned is the mostly important for all.No one should invest his whole money for trading and then it's better to not invest on just one coin.And the most important is don't go with your emotion because it may cause you big loss.
  11. In simple words Binance is a crypto exchange.Here we can comvert our crypto coins from one to another.And you should know that Binaince is world's no.1 crypto.exchange.It has the most number of users all over the world.Everyday Billions of dollars are traded by it.
  12. Jami273


    @Mridul RahmanIf you are expert in both Russian and English language,you can make post in both section.It's allowed.But i think for posting in Russian section you must a atleast a good conpect about it.And it will not be a wise idea to do the whole thing completely depending on a translator.Because one translator can't be that perfect and it may change the meaning sometimes greatly.
  13. Yes mate.You are absolutely right.There's so many reason for wwhichs we all should call our friend to join this forum.As you said,all of them can get a good amount of earning.Can learn so many important things of modern age and crypto currency and so on.
  14. You are absolutely right mate.I also think that this campaign may become more popular than previous paybypost campaign.Now we are getting TALK tokens for posting and also for reacting.Also we can make our TALK double by completing full 50 ratings in a day.Moreover we are getting additioal payment right now.So it's simply great you know!
  15. @BraveHeart I hope you know that the earning method of TALK token and BTC are not same.To earn TALK from a post you need to have zero or positive rating in that.But you will be paid BTC only for getting positive rating in that post.I think because of this reason you are just getting BTC for 5-6 posts.
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