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  1. Hello everyone. We all have used different exchanges in different time.Between those exchange some were excellent but a few of them were worst.These have so many problem like -short of buyer-seller, -shows fake trading history, -take too much time for withdraw, -high trading and withdraw fees, -not related with real crypto market, -big gap between a coin's price with the original price -less security, -sometimes many coins are vanished etc. So i want that if you ever have experienced any of these problem in an exchange share with us about.By this we all may might have a great concept about the exchanges.We might not face any problem with those underrated exchanges. Here's mine: The worst exchange i have ever used is finexbox.com.It has so many bad sides like too short of buyers and sellers,fake trading history,very high withdraw fees,too much time needed for withdraw. So write down about yours and help each other. And for beginners,I want to say that before start using any exchange,loot at it's ranking on Coinmarketcap or Coingecko and see some review about it.
  2. Hello everyone. Hope all the new members are learning greatly from this forum. Today i want to write about a serious type of spamming in which so many new members are involved fully and it is using 'Article rewriter and spinner' for creating posts. In an article spinner,when you enter an article,some words of that article will change and there will be slightly 30-40% difference between the original and spinned article.We can get so many apps or website for rewriting arcticle. But it really made me disappointed when i saw some ne members of this forum are using them every,for every post.This is completely restricted in this forum.Moreover they are loosing their chance to learn.Here all the post should be created by ourselves.If you don't know something then at first do some study about it and then create the post.Using article spinner almost similar to copy paste and still now so many members have been banned fot this reason. So i want to make it clear to all the beginners that it is completely prohibited to use any article spinner or any third party software to create your own post.Write down what you exactly know and if you don't know much,then at first learn it by reading some comments. When you are using an article spinner,you literally can't learn anything.You may get some quick earning,but learning is so many times important than earning and as i said before,the admins and moderators of this forum are so much active and it will not take too much time to ban you from this forum.So be careful about this matter.And if any member see this kind of posts,then he should report it immediately. Be honest,be safe and learn more.
  3. Username: Ema watson Profile link: https://cryptotalk.org/profile/237073-ema-watson/ Reason for reporting: She is doing nothing without copy paste.She is a full copy paster.All of her post are copied.And she might using any article spinner in this work.There's no self created post of her. Here's some example of her posts: Original post: Copied post: Original post: Copied post: Original post: Copied post:
  4. Of course brother.I won't gonna sell my coins in a lower price.I am fully determined about it.I will hold my coins until i get the price in which i brought them.Really crypto is something that we can't predict even what is going to be happen tomorrow.So lots of patient is needed to gain profit.Thanks for this very essential suggestion.
  5. I am heartily waiting for the pump of MASK coin.But i don't think there would be a big pump within the next couple of months.Because i don't see enough buyer of this coin and as the investment plan has stopped,it's demand goes more down.But really there is no surity in crypto world.Let's see what happen next. And like i said in my post,i also invested in WATER.But that also brought me big loss.I bought WATET at 900 Satoshi.Later when i saw it's price is just going down,i thought it will be better to sell them and i sell all water at 400 Satoshi.And right now water's price 150 satoshi.😓
  6. Hello everyone. We know that just after some more days the trading of TALK token will be started.But i am really concerned about it.First of all,so many people will sell their TALK tokens in lower and lower price without even thinking.Moreover,TALK investment plan in yobit investbox can effect it's price greatly.So as a result,we may not get enough price of TALK. So i think the authority should do something about it.I have seen a feature in so many exchange and in so many coin's trading that there's a minimum asking price of a coin.I think if this feature get added in TALK token's trading,it will help largely to not let it price to go too down.And we all the member of cryptotalk will be much benifited from it. I think if the minimum asking price is fixed to 0.00000100 BTC(100 satoshi) or something around it,that will be perfect for all. And we all need to be more patient about it and do not sell our TALK in lower price. Then i can hope TALK will reach to the moon. Write down whether you want this feature or not.If yes,then what should be the minimum asking price according to you?
  7. yes.I already invested my TALK tokens on investbox.But i am really concerned about it.What if the price of TALK token will also goes down because of this?We all may become disappointed.Moreover,many member may sell TALK in lower price and if it continues,the whole market will goes down and all the member of Cryptotalk will not get enough money from TALK..
  8. Hello everyone We all may know that Yobit Investbox is a place where we can invest so many crypto currencies and can get interest from it.But today i will say something about it that i experienced in the last couple of months.And i think it's very important for every beginners to know all of these things before they start investing on investbox. Still now i have tried about 7/8 investment plan from investbox.And i am honestly saying that didn't get any profit from any of them without just one.Moreover i almost lost all of my capitals which really made me disappointed. I am giving you an example about my lost: Just a month ago,i saw an investment plan of MASK coin which had an interest rate of 10%,i become excited and invested about 20$ on it and the buying price was 5 Satoshi.But i was shocked just after 3 days of my investment.The price was fallen to just 1 satoshi(400% fall).That really hearts me.But i thought if i can continue the investment plan for some more days atleast I could get some profit.But i was shocked again.Before 3/4 day from today,that investment plan was stopped.The most bad thing is after the investment plan stopped,MASK coin's trading will all coin has started(Before that only MASK-BTC trading pair was available).As a result it's price reached to the bottom.Right now it's price is 0.0017 DOGE which is almost 0.06 Satoshi.So i bought mask at 5 satoshi and right now it is 0.06 satoshi.And i have just 4$ left of my 30$ that i invested on it. Not only MASK,i faced the same problem in WATER,ALISA,LIZA etc coins.And they cost me a really a good amount. The reason of this massive fall is so many people(Big investors) already invested a big amount on that coin before and after getting a smart amount of profit like 30-50%,they sell the coins in a lower price and still they get handsome amount of profit and as their amount in general is so big,it put impact the market hugely.In this way the price get decreased massively. So before investing on Investbox or any other invest platform all beginners should keep in mind something. 1.Don't go for big interest rate.The big the interest will be,the very some the price of the coin will come to the ground. 2.Always try to invest on the popular coins like BTC,ETH,USD etc.Even you can find investment plan of BTC, ETH and USD in investbox.They are so many time better than those new or not popular or dead coins.It is best if you find an Stable coin to invest like USD. 3.If your are new,then start with a small amount like 2-5$.At first you need to understand every thing much well.Then you will be able to make profit. Something that yobit should so is- 1.Before adding any investment plan or stopping any investment plan,they should give a message to it's users or can post about it on Twitter. 2.Similarly before staring any new trading pair or listing a new coin,the users should get known about it. I think this steps of yobit will help all the users to escape from big loss. Hope the beginners and many other member will not face any loss by investing if they follow these.
  9. Your success is exactly behind your taken risks and your hard work to complete that target.If we don't think to become bigger,we can't be.Risks are like chances for us.So first thing is we need to take every chance that we got and make a perfect analysis of that and then we need to provide our full effort on that.May be you won't become successful everytime.But believe me it's better than do nothing.You can learn many thing and can use them for next chance.
  10. 'Know Your Customer' or shortly 'KYC' is a very strong security system.It ensure your identity perfectly to the authority of a website or exchange etc.For KYC verification,many time we need to submit our personal informations and documents like photo of NID card or passport or Driving license etc.In crypto world we can see that so many exchange wants KYC,though many people don't like it but still it's the best verification and security system.
  11. Before working at any place we should become known to it's all rules at the very first.Otherwise it may hamper the work greatly.So if you want to the rules and policies of this forum,you need to go to "About Forum" section and from their you will get the topics about the rules whichs are the pinned at the top. Or you can simply search about it on the search box.
  12. It happens many time that the moderators clean up the whole forum in a day.So in that day we find out that so many of our post got deleted.Normally it happens to everyone.And honestly we really can't do anything about this whether all of our post was well created.In this matter we must need to be patient.
  13. Just a few days ago,we all could earn BTC from this forum.We used to get 1000 satoshi for every post.But as the admins launched new payment system,we can't get satoshi any more.Instead of that we will get TALK.But nothing to become disappointed.I hope by the help of new payment system we can earn much more than before.So be active in the forum with all of your bests.Surely you will have great income from here.
  14. We learn from the faults.I had been scammed by the scammers more than once.I still remember the first time when i fallen to their traps.It was in telegram.And i participated in a airdrop and to get the tokens,the demanded of an gas fee of 0.05 ETH,almost 13$ at that time.I foolishly sent ETH,but i return didn't get anything.Really that teach me so many things.Hope any more people don't get scammed in this way.Whenever in a airdrop,they want gas fees,at first do complete research about them and take advices from the experienced.
  15. No buddy,not only you are facing this.I have also faced it previously and i think other members will also be agree with us.I think the reason is,this part of the new payment system isn't applied yet.But i hope,as the moderators said,we will get double payment for giving 50 reaction in a day,very soon it will be started.
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