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  1. @guatazooYes i also faced this many times.But after analysing for couple of time i understand it properly.You can give 50 reactions within 24 hours.When you have reached the maximum reaction of a day,then within the next 24 hours you can't give more than a few reaction.But after 24 hours it will be open for you.You can give 50 reaction in a row again and then it will stop for 24 hours again.In this case the timezone of any country is not a fact.
  2. That's very true mate.Almost all the investment sites are fake.They do nothing but steal our money.In that case it's much better to get some free bitcoin by simple task.But if you invest you money in trading and can do it properly then you can have a very good profit.
  3. I am damn sure that everyone of this forum having a very good amount of income via cryptotalk.It's paying us continuously for more than one years.Me and all the other members love this forum for getting some good income and learning many things.
  4. You are absolutely right that all of us must do our own research and studies in case of creating a new topic.It will help hugely to increase our knowledge.And i think it's not necessary for anyone to create 3-4 topics everyday.Everyone should create topics in a day or week as their wish but the contents should be good.
  5. Thanks a lot dear friend for sharing these very important informations with us.These will help all of us to choose which kind of wallets will be safest for storing our crypto.Thanks a lot [email protected]
  6. @Jeet NarayanI think using coinbase will be best for you and if you need an wallet for ERC20 or TRC20 coins,you can use trust wallet.These are best wallet all over the world.They have very tight security and less tarnsaction fees which makes our work much easier
  7. @George10Not only about post deletion and error in sending balance to yobit,there are so many other topics which are being repeated for so many time.I don't know why we are posting these same posts again and again.According to rules we must not do this.So it's really necessary for us to avoid this.And thank you so very much for this important topic.
  8. It was really a great journey for BTC.It started from just 0.003$ at 2009 and right now it's price is about to 20K $.Really now one could not know about it at the beginning.And i think bitcoin's price will keep increasing in future.
  9. It's all from about on of my dearest frined.He get to know about this forum from one og his near person and when he finds out that it's a great forum for both learning and earning,he suggested me to join this forum too and i joined immediately.Now i am greatly thankful to him.
  10. @Mark woodIt's really a great impression shown by the cryptotalk team as they are paying us both TALK and BTC for creating post.And the rule is similar to before.If you get positive ratings in a post in total you will get paid both TALK and BTC.If you get nothing you will get only TALK and if you get negative rating,your work will not have any value.
  11. @Mridul RahmanNormally you get forum ranks according to the number of post that you have made.But there's also an option in the setting where you can change you rank as you want.And all the rank you are talking about are changed by themselves.
  12. I don't thing there's anything about fear in creating topics.I think the main reason is we are not getting enough subject to create a topics.Moreover as creating topics is much difficult than doing comments,so many members just choose to comment,not to creat any topic.
  13. Off course,I am completely agree with you in this purpose.We are here to learn about crypto and for that we need to discuss various things with other members.And while discussing,if our language is not clear or wrong,then it may create big problems.So it is much important for us to learn English very well so that we can easily communicate with other people in English.It will also help us in our future life.
  14. @Ashshit's true that making an useful topics is not so that easy.We often see so many topics which literally don't bring any goodness to us.So i thing fisrt of all we need find a suitable subject to make a topic which may help the other members and already not posted here.This kind of post will be perfect and everyone should get involved in making topics.
  15. It was really a much important post for all the new beginners.Most of the time the beginniners don't understand these things and get confused.So this post surely gonna help them to understand all the thing of this page.Thanks a lot.
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