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  1. it is impossible to do.But if you use paper + technology then you can use your Bitcoin as a physical coin.But if you ask me i think people would never do that because it takes too much time
  2. But to make your psychology better you need to be calm and you should make time for your friends or movies that you want to watch.I think if we don't do this then it would be bad for us
  3. Unfortunately there are too many resources on the internet so people are confused everytime they read something.Some people talk too much on YouTube about these kind of things too.All of these are bad for new people
  4. None could tell where it will go so instead of listening to the people you should buy from cheap prices and wait.I think it is great time to invest your money
  5. And people can get that skills by making theirselves better.They should read books about crypto and blockchain tech and they should also watch videos too
  6. Yes these kind of things happen all the time.We should trust in crypto currencies and wait for the best moments.
  7. i think it is not bad too.Most of people got interested in it when Bitcoin hit 10k USD.They thought how this could happen lol ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. it is normal for Bitcoin it could even make double itself in one day.If you don't want to take risk then simply hold your money at stable coins
  9. Ethereum is cool but I think there are a lot of good coins in the crypto world.For example neo,xrp,nxt and stellar.ฤฐ think they are so profitable too
  10. I was thinking to buy with 100x at btmex but I played dice with it when Bitcoin was 7.4k USD.I would make my money 40x bigger ;(
  11. I think top 100 coins' future is bright.Because when I look their Dev team they are developing new things and their marketing team is working hard too
  12. I think the best way is putting your all investments to 10 coins ๐Ÿ™‚ when one of them goes up then you can sell it and buy other coins from cheap prices
  13. We think like that but think about 7B people! If all of them bring 100 USD to crypto world that would be too much for us.So we should tell about it to everyone
  14. They are safe but you cant collect a lot of Satoshis with them.I don't like airdrops too but instead of gaining Bitcoin with faucets I would rather to join airdrops
  15. But we should be careful about when to sell.You should start planning about buying and selling time.Because when you see it goes up you think it will hit 1m USD soon ๐Ÿ˜‰ of course it could hit but we never know it....
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