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Found 5 results

  1. I predict the price of Bitcoin until the end of November is only up to $ 12,000 at its highest point. even then, if two resistance of $10,100 and $10,800 can be achieved. following as my prediction. what about your prediction?
  2. There are too many groups of signals to win and LOSE too. And had bad experiences with Pump and Dump groups, the guests are the only laggards. Always keep in mind that if you are going to choose a group of signals, which is logical and reputable, many copy paste groups of signals do not give you something productive, maybe the signal but the material does not. This new trend has been slowing down with the passing of time, more and more groups of signals are coming out but there are very few who are good and profit. Never let yourself be carried away by the ambition wait for the right moment to start taking a signal, if you just want to be that do it, if you want to be a creator then study.
  3. Предлагаю добавлять сюда телеграм-каналы с бесплатными/платными сигналами и аналитикой. Кто-нибудь знает какие-нибудь хорошие каналы с годной статистикой? Раньше был канал CryptoHamster, потом они переименовались в Первый Криптовалютный но дико облажались в VIP-е с падением альтов из-за чего, видимо, потеряли кучу клиентов. Сейчас они восстановились снова как CryptoHamster и предоставляют сигналы бесплатно. Последние сигналы на альты зашли. Хотя, учитывая растущий рынок, на этом любой нуб мог бы заработать и без канала. Ну что, есть годные идеи?
  4. Bitcoin (BTC) looks on track to produce a bullish long-term signal not seen in 3.5 years. Souarce:
  5. There are many who trade because they have done courses in Academies, others buy signals, and there are many who follow advice from Youtubers or Influencers. In my case I do not use any of them, but I trade for having acquired knowledge reading books, although I see the news they have no impact on my trading decisions.
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