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  1. I have two ebooks - one for people new to Bitcoin which shows step by step on how to buy first coins with wiretransfer or credit card. Second which his for people who already own any BTC to show how to make passive income from it investing into various projects. Both free updated when methods change (the crypto income guide ebook had already 6 upgrades). Link to read more:
  2. 🚀 From Zero to Hero. Get Ideas That Will Shape Your View Of Building Extra passive income!💰 - How to generate money in these new economic conditions? - Is it really too late to become rich and build strong revenue? - Earn money even while you are sleeping. Sounds great learn how to make it true Speakers: 📍Ray Fares CEO Chatello - onDemand Monetization 📍Jorge Sebastiao CTO , Advisor & International Speaker 📍Grigory Rybalchenko Founder & CEO EMIREX GROUP 🔥 Join our experts will introduce opportunities and guide us on how to generate money in this new economy, build a strong revenue, and earn passive income.👇 Date: Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020, 3:00 PM (UAE Time) BOOK YOUR VIRTUAL SEAT NOW! : [BOOK YOUR VIRTUAL SEAT NOW! : [http:/]
  3. Давно увидел этот сайт, зарегался но, почему-то, не расчухал. Недавно заинтересовался ПОСом и вспомнил про него. Зашёл в аккаунт и чуть не офигел. Да это лучший ресурс для меня за последний год. Выдержка: StakeCube - это криптоэкосистема, первоначально запущенная в июне 2018 года как PoS Pool, и с тех пор она обслуживает более 40 000 пользователей и поддерживает более 45 различных криптоактивов с уникальными функциями в более 10 приложениях. Чего здесь только нету: кошелёк, биржа, ПОС-майнинг, ПОВ-майнинг, игры и краны и ещё что-то (пока сам не разобрался до конца. Есть собственная монета SCC, которая находится на 630-м месте в СМС. Её можно использовать дляя стэйкинга, покупки майнинговых мощностей или для игр. Кошелёк: Основные цифры пула: POOL-OVERVIEW GENERAL 41815 Total users no info Users currently online 51 Coins listed 257.09 Pool value in BTC Платит 7,5% годовых или 0,02% в день по биткойну, лайткойну, дашкойну и доджкойну при удержании на балансе не менее ВТС - 50 000 сатоши Лайт - 5 000 000 литоши Дог - 1 000 догов Даш - 5 000 000 датоши Можно за ихнюю монету купить майнинговые мощности биткойна: Вчера зашёл в аккаунт, с трудом нашёл краны (меню Комьюнити->Краны). Там сейчас 12 кранов от сайта и 9 кранов от пользователей. Все краны 24-часовые и дают немного. Клайманул, проверил поступление на баланс и всё. А сегодня я уже увидел по многим монетам начисление вознаграждений. И это радует. Буду увеличивать балансы. Вот два скрина действующих кранов Более детальное обсуждение самой монеты SCC здесь: Проект показывает свои резервы: COIN TYPE ADDRESS DESCRIPTION AMOUNT BTC Cold storage 3Qc9PadyhcmPySzgFpqPB72PC5b4rhUWG4 Cold storage #1 58.17130354 BTC BTC Cold storage 3Md97yfsr3pUWTnaVsAK7EeyrPMWYbv3dz Mining revenue stream #0 (testphase) 0.42624033 BTC BTC SC funds 1CtRzUnzzHvBPeZ2iJUfdYJmycTBy8EVjz funds no info DASH Cold storage XqB53qWLAJKft8uaJMbPaqTxHEx8cSAghz Cold storage #1 485.47566891 DASH DASH SC funds XiqZDyCCRL68BNHfvJoBbGLvJhPN8bmihp funds no info DOGE Cold storage DMiH5ZAohJ5cKpiuvueNhQHv2QKEUHo82T Cold storage #1 27144441.51104979 DOGE DOGE Cold storage DR35sBqkeSyCoj4r7wJhL7ohvef7z1FHDJ Mining revenue stream #1 / Interest payments 119503.37308481 DOGE DOGE SC funds DSxZdHLrJv3cFyNwaEEKwuNr46TEwqusz3 funds no info LTC Cold storage MLKxNehWiJQPVcGSURrG5jNsieH3J2EMhf Cold storage #1 1558.99292375 LTC LTC SC funds LMeHa5zMXAxumNRKt8Vo9cXXrq8sm6Gm3X funds no info На этом пока всё, извиняйте. Пошёл изучать этот чудо-сервис. Буду дополнять стартовый пост по мере изучения функционала) Реферальная система пока не понятна. Но ясно, что начисления отдельные по каждой монете. Так что присоединяйтесь и будем вместе изучать это чудо. Если реферальная система обеспечивает персонализированный учёт вознаграждений, то гарантирую своим рефералам рефбэк 50%. Всё честно. Вот ссылки: Если понравился ресурс - ставьте 💛. Спасибо!
  4. What is going right is just the predictions made by many people against the Bitcoin chat and halving this year, I don't usually believe in predictions because I followed many predictions from some experts but their predictions didn't correspond as they predict and only some little was right. I conclude that following predictions was risky sometimes if care doesn't taking we may use predictions and lose your money. What did you come up about this topic do we still believe predictions?
  5. To my opinion and level of understanding on what makes cryptotalk to be special is because it pays, and is full knowledge and experience were one can know more about cryptocurrency. But friends what are the features that makes cryptotalk more special than any cryptosite?
  6. I create this topic to help us all just give time to read to the end. Always be good by making yourself good, distance yourself from get banned. Do you know what. You shall get banned if you do this: 1. Breaking a rule( I mean single rule) you shall get banned. 2. You shall get banned if you create a multiple accounts. 3. You shall get banned when you created a low quality post 4. You shall get banned when you create a topic or post which is irrelevant to the section and to the forum. 5. You shall get banned when you keep repeating a post of thesame sentence. 6. You shall get banned when you are caught not contributing to the forum either by posting low quality post and repetitive post. 7 you will get banned when you make a post of 10p characters while you didn't contributing in creating topics of your own ideas or knowledge. 8. You shall get banned when you do plagiarism that is copy and pasting other members ideas. 9. You shall get banned when you copied an answer to a topic you don't answer either from Google it is still anti plagiarism. 10. You shall get banned when you get access to the forum using a banned Ip address or banned country. Note: you will get banned no matter how much post you created in the forum if you break the rules you will get restricted or banned create good topics and Post this is what is need in the forum don't only post without creating a topic either 2 to 3 topics a week is enough. Lets take care, let's protect ourselves from getting banned I creat this topic to help us know some reason why we get banned. I love you all let's help each other.
  7. At present hacking and scamming are the most talked topic of cryptocurrency market. We saw different type of hacking or scam related news everyday. Such as hackers stolen 20000 ethereum, hackers stolen 10000000$ from exchanges etc. So always a question is rounding on my mind, "Are the hackers more talented than the developers of that exchange site or the security service of any exchanges?". If anyone have any idea about that please share with me.
  8. Crypto loving people know about the exchange - "Hitbtc". This is really awesome cryptp exchange website as far as we know. How about thinking by you? Is it legit or any bad reputation for this? Volume of Coinmarketcap of Hitbtc is sounds good. Put your valuable comment please. Thanks..
  9. is a cryptocurrency exchange and tokenized exchange assets. It is the first officially regulated trading platform, a bridge between cryptocurrencies and regulated financial markets. Available investment, acquisition and trading of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash; tokens of world indices, company stocks, raw materials, ETF tools. Deposit or withdrawal of funds is carried out using Visa / Mastercard, bank transfers, cryptocurrency. Trading on the Currency exchange is available both without borrowed funds and with a leverage of up to 500x for traditional markets and up to 100x for cryptocurrencies. There is the possibility of limiting loss (stop loss) and profit taking (take profit). Benefits: - Officially regulated by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and the High Technology Park. Accordingly, low non-trading risks. -Works in accordance with Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 8 “On the Development of the Digital Economy” dated December 21, 2017. According to which, funds received from the exchange are not taxable (for citizens of the Republic of Belarus). -More than 1300 tokenized assets now and more than 10000 planned in the future. -Official purchase of cryptocurrency. - Trade in tokenized assets: stocks, indices, raw materials. -Investing in tokenized exchange assets using cryptocurrencies and fiat. -High degree of customer data protection. - Deposit / withdrawal of funds from a credit card, bank transfer. - High speed data processing. - Compliance with AML and KYC. -Low commission. There are no fees for entering fiat and cryptocurrency. -Margin trading with leverage up to 100x. -Stop loss and take profit. -High liquidity. -Advanced trading terminal. -Reference program. For those who do not yet have the opportunity to trade independently, there is a profitable affiliate program on the platform, everyone can become a participant in. The partner receives up to 50% of the trading commissions of these clients. The client, on the other hand, receives a 10% discount if he uses a referral link. In addition, generous contests and giveaways are held on with enviable regularity. Now the promotion for new users "Bonus $ 50 with a deposit of $ 20" Also, daily tournaments among traders continue. Participate and win! was able to combine highly liquid traditional financial instruments and digital assets. It is important that all this is implemented in accordance with the legislation of Belarus. That is why the exchange attracts not only customers, but also investors. Already at the beginning of its work, attracted investments from venture funds Larnabel Ventures and VP Capital, thanks to which it received an excellent opportunity to develop and conquer the exchange trading market. Discover investment reliability and security with!
  10. URL: About Exchange: − User-friendly interface; − Full Trade page at the screen without scrolling; − Immediate cryptocurrency deposit / withdrawal; − YobiCodes (deposit codes); − Api in btc-e format for faster integration into bot-systems; − Two-factor authentication (Google Authenticator, email); − Lottery. − DICE. Security: - File systems encryption; - SSL; - Anti-ddos; - Intelligent system of queer transaction analysis and blocking; - Real time encrypted data backup; - Cold/hot wallets. If you want us to add a new cryptocurrency please contact us via Contacts: Listing: To add New ERC20 TOKEN (Listing price: 2.79 btc): To add a new cryptocurrency please contact us via Contacts: INVEST BOX: DICE: Free Coins: API: API PHP example: Twitter: Official Yobit Chats in Telegram: @YobiChatEn @YobiChatRu | Support (in test mode): @YbtSP
  11. This was a technical and some how complicated to new members,, I mean the newbies on this forum, they wonder why they couldn't receive notifications when they are either qouted, receiving friend request, and even when someone like their posts. I too when I start I feel confuse what is even the use of qoute since I couldn't receive any incoming notifications, so just that day I decide to search for with from my account settings and this are the steps I took to on my notifications: 1. At the top right hand side were you view your profile you can view some settings after your profile as you can view from my screenshot. 2. Go to account settings and click on it 3. You can see edit notification settings and click on it 4. It opens you a page full of settings read it carefully and select an option you are interested with as you can view from the screenshot below. That are the Basic steps and I found it so helpful to help you in a clear way to on how you can on your notifications.
  12. Is high time now we understand each other know ourselves let's be be one. We shall know our real friends because real friends are always here to help. Let know the best friends we have let's help help each other by posting our problems on cryptocurrency were we get answers from our experts and those above us in the knowledge of cryptocurrency. I hope am bringing up a good topic to like each other and help new members here in this forum. If you agree with me. Tell us your opinion and share your problem let solve it together.
  13. It's so bad when I come to realized that 90% of many lose and failure comes from lack of patient, and many successful project, of either trading, investment or any activity comes from patient. This forced me to developed my experience and finally conclude that patient is success, without patient we can't achieve what we want. This topic was telling us to always be patient in our day to day activities in other to be successful, I hope I am having same opinion with you friends?
  14. There are many reasons that brings us failure in trading. There are so many of us here and outside the forum that experience failure in trading and they couldn't get to understand why they always fail and couldn't able to make it in trading. I cross through this problem and I found it very much intresting to help some of us that are into this problem and those that are yet to fail into this problem. This problem of which I observed and investigate in are: 1. Taking risk: many of us find it very difficult to be a risk take were at any point a Bussiness individual or firm must take risk or be a risk taker because he might be expecting profits and at the same time loss but his full expectation must be at getting profit. 2. Rush: we sometimes rush into market when we see misfortunes that looks like opportunity we put our money and end up losing them because you can end up depositing your money in a wrong market or wrong address. 3. Greedy: there are many of us that seems to be greedy to meet up their need even when they see profit they will not grab it think that it will rise and later it fails and you end up losing that opportunity due to greediness. 4. Confident: you should have confident in your trading make sure you are sure of what you are trading. 5. Self reliance: believe that you can always make it don't wait for someone to show you the right thing to do believe that you can do it do research know well about what you are doing get the knowledge. 6. Knowledge/ ignorance: this was the worst part don't hear story or news about trading and pack all your money into trading were you don't have the knowledge of trading this will lead to failure. There might be more reason I didn't include you can share some more reason to help others out of problem. Thank you
  15. At beginning you sympathize with me when u was a cryptocurrency illiterate at the beginning of cryptocurrency I don't know anything about cryptocurrency, anything about trade and investment. All my focus was how to get money, if I get a petty trade I engaged myself into it just to get money no matter how stressful it is stress. As time goes on I met up while the a friend mine he was trying to explain and tell me about cryptocurrency but I didn't give time to understand or learn about. Then one day I saw him and I was really surprised when he told me how he was able to make it. He has definitely change and that is when I gave him time to explain to me, were he introduced cryptocurrency to me and this forum included I am a hard-working guy that I like to do good work and get paid for my work. That is why I spend time to do work and get paid regarding to my stress.i am here only to make money and learn more about cryptocurrency and am happy to meet new friends here and I am welcoming everyone as a friend here in this forum.
  16. OPEN SOURCE WALLET WEBSITE *** INSTALL NOW *** RU THREAD *** BOUNTY TRUSTEE WALLET - open source non-custodial multi-currency crypto wallet with exchange - this is the ideal solution for the secure storage and operational management of your crypto assets. About Trustee Features • Allows you to make the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies from any Visa / MasterCard bank card. • Allows you to convert some cryptocurrencies to others directly in the application. • Does not require verification, KYC / AML procedures and is completely anonymous. • Has Cashback and a two-level affiliate program. • Supports all popular cryptocurrencies and hundreds of different tokens, as well as Segregated Witness technology for BTC. • Expands the horizons of the world of cryptocurrencies by import many other wallets into yourself through the seed phrase. COINS BTC | ETH | LTC | XRP | TRX DOGE | BCH | BSV | BTG XVG default TOKENS USDT | UAX | TUSD USDC | DAI | PAX BNB Trustee Wallet has no commissions, except for network commissions, and also has no limits on cryptocurrency transfers! * You can add your personal token on the Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX) blockchains! * The list of cryptocurrencies is expanding on an ongoing basis. ADVANTEGES • Buy and sale of crypto with Visa/MasterCard • Profitable course • Low and transparent fees • Anonymous and private • Automatic exchange • Mobility and speed • Support iOS and Android • Multicurrency • Built-in cryptocurrency exchange • Support for SegWit addresses • Security • Cashback • Affiliate program • Professional support 24/7 LOYALTY PROGRAM It consists of Cashback and a two-level affiliate program, which as a result allows you to receive up to 30% of the commissions of invited users. Cashback To activate, you need to invite 5 new users via your affiliate link (it is available in the "Settings-Cashback" section). After activation, you will receive 10% of the commission of your exchanges. This feature is activated forever! Affiliate program • Level 1 - 10% of the commissions of friends you invited (activated from the first partner). The more friends install the wallet using your link, the more your income will be. • Level 2 - is activated when the structure turnover exceeds 5000 USDT per week and will allow you to receive 10% of the commissions of users of the 2nd level (partners of your partners). • When building an affiliate network, the user is tied to his seed phrase, so when you install Trustee Wallet and import your seed phrase on a new device, the affiliate network will be restored. • The minimum amount for withdrawing affiliate rewards is 2 USDT WEBSITE *** INSTALL NOW *** PLAY MARKET *** APPLE STORE
  17. Investing cryptocurrency in an exchange site looks very profitable, will earn interest as a passive income, we don't need to do anything and every month we will get interest, What I want to know is what risk will occur if we invest in an exchange site
  18. The community deserves a progressive, transparent and handy swap service with insightful aggregation interface that combines multiple sources and ensures convenience, validity, privacy and common user flow for every single exchange. So we made Swapzone! Swapzone finds, aggregates and indicates the most relevant exchange deals on the crypto market. It is your shortest route to the moon. We are struggling to find the best rates for your desired exchange pair, even for the exotic ones. To achieve this, we integrated 10 partner services: ChangeNOW, Changelly, N.Exchange, Godex, SimpleSwap, Coinswitch, Alfacashier, FixedFloat, ChangeAngel, and StealthEX. Select the coins you'd like to convert and Swapzone displays the best exchange rates out there. Perform the exchange right on the website. We do not ask for ID from our users, nor require any registration. What do you think about it? You can check all the details at Swapzone
  19. I have face lack of understanding when u create topic but cannit locate an easy way to see it. So I have to go in research to learn easy way to find your topic. This steps will guide if you follow the steps as written below: 1. Visit your profile as you can see from the image locate with and arrow if you are a desktop user or Android user. For Android user you can locate your activity as in you scroll at your right hand side. 2. If the page opens you can view your posts and topic as you scroll down then click on your topic you shall find them there. This is the only two easy steps and I hope it will help many friends of mine in this forum.
  20. As we all know that patient is a tool and and a natural instinct that not everyone have it. There are many people that have the ability to have the patience and there are some people that find it difficult to get patient. But due to my previous topic that teaches us that patient is success I come to understood that there are some keys that can guide you to build in patient in your self. You can look into them and practice them. 1. Try and calm yourself when you see and opportunity make sure that the opportunity is not a misfortune. 2. Don't always get panic in your activities in real life because this will always discouraged you from grabbing an opportunity that supposed to be yours. 3. Have confidence in yourself when you believe you can do it, you can always do it. 4. Don't doubt in what you are doing all the time because you cannot identify/select or differentiate between the right and wrong opportunity. Always be careful of misfortunes that looks like opportunity. 5. Always be a risk taker that is the best key. 6. Try to create time for making research don't be eager to achieve what you want and end up losing it. Make deep investigation before taking action. 7. Think positively mate before any action know what you are doing. Try to practice this 7 keys I know there might be more of this but my colleagues can explain the remaining keys as possible. I have hope this keys will help me, you and our newbies in this forum. I am always happy to welcome everyone in to this forum nice to meet you all. We all believe that cryptotalk will shine to the moon very soon.
  21. AMANPURI EXCHANGE — это биржа, на которой вы можете торговать Bitcoin и Ethereum с кредитным плечом до 100x. AMANPURI EXCHANGE была создана при поддержке инвесторов, которые имеют большой потенциал на рынке криптовалют и стремятся к удобной торговле. AMANPURI EXCHANGE всегда стремится предоставить инвесторам простой опыт работы и придерживается концепции создания «совершенной биржи криптовалют». Белая книга на русском - Биржа - Телеграм канал (русский) - Twitter (русский) - Twitter - Facebook -
  22. (This is a translation of my topic in the Russian-language forum thread) Hi cryptans! So I'm ready to publish the next big review of the next exchange. Under the gun - the unique Nominex exchange. Whoever hasn’t heard, he will definitely be surprised by the information that he will find out below, because there is EXACTLY NO ONE on any exchange at the moment. According to at least one parameter, this exchange may soon become better than Binance. I am 99.9% sure of this (to be sure is 100% dangerous) According to information, the exchange is based in the Seychelles. It seems like there is an Estonian activity license. But I didn’t get into these details especially. If you wish, you can find out. At the moment, about 2-3 million dollars in daily trading volume on the exchange. Whether it is a lot or a little is up to you. The number of users is still small, even 50,000 users are not, so we have a lot of opportunities. I am registered under the number 8238. But after the information about the exchange spreads around the world thanks to revolutionary functions, then everything can change very, very quickly. And so, fasten your seat belts, let's go! 1. UNIQUE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM This is where we start. This is the main function of the exchange. Have you ever seen an affiliate program with UNLIMITED levels? Now yes! And with the "overflow" effect? This is when you are lying on the couch, and partners appear in your team under you. So now you know what it is. And the team bonus? ... In general, this topic deserves a separate article and it is already on my blog on steemit. Read and be surprised! I put everything on the shelves, questions should not arise. Why is it profitable to register through an affiliate link? Thanks to the overflow effect, all partners of your sponsor will be under you in your partner tree. And this is awesome! 2. RISK-FREE TRADING Tournaments for traders are held on the stock exchange every day. It seems to be nothing new, but this is only at first glance. After all, tournaments are held not with your real money, but with money from a demo account. But the winners get real USDT. Cool? 👊 You can trade without risks and get real dollars if you win, and at the same time you can take advantage of the chic opportunity to learn how to trade and become a trader. At the same time, he learns from his mistakes and does not lose a cent. Tournament Rules Tournaments are available to all traders. Only users who apply for participation by clicking the "Participate in the tournament!" Button will participate in the tournament. on the tournament page. Period 24 hours, from 00:00 of the current day to 00:00 of the next day (UTC time). Every day a new tournament and every day there are winners with real money. The terms of participation - At the beginning of each tournament, participants receive 10,000 USDT in the tournament account; - At the end of each tournament, the 5 participants with the highest balance in the tournament account are declared winners; - The prize won is immediately credited to the participant’s main account Winners every day 5 people. And everyone receives a very good amount, given the fact that it was received without risk and without investment: 1st place: $ 1000 2nd place: $ 600 3rd place: $ 300 4th place: $ 200 5th place: $ 100 3. VERIFICATION With the withdrawal of up to 3 ВТС per day, verification is NOT REQUIRED. If you remember, then on Binance the limitation is up to 2 ВТС 4. NMX - EXCHANGE TOKEN The total number of tokens is 200,000,000 NMX, of which: - 100,000,000 NMX allocated to users; - 20,000,000 NMX for the team; - 60,000,000 NMX per operating fund; - 20,000,000 NMX per reserve fund As for the distribution of tokens to users. It is divided into 7 stages and lasts for 365 days. The finish is mid-April 2021, and immediately after that, token trading will begin. The current stage is the third. The current price is $ 0.8. Tokens can and should be obtained for FREE. The exchange launched a monthly Bounty campaign, where you get MNX tokens for completing tasks on social networks. What are the benefits of owning a token? TRADERS: - 50% reduction in trading fees when paid with NMX tokens - The maximum reduction in trading commissions if you hold a certain number of NMX tokens - Get NMX prize tokens in daily trading tournaments - Participation in daily raffles and prizes PARTNERS: - Affiliate Program Rewards - Receive rewards from NMX purchases of your affiliate structure - Receive + 10% to NMX affiliate payouts 5. CASHBACK 100% Cashback from commissions in the amount of 100%. But, pay attention that this proposal is one of the types of token distribution, which lasts until mid-April 2021. And this means that after April, 100% cashback will already be absent. But there are other types of cashback. 6. BUY CRYPTOCURRENCIES FROM THE CARD Cryptocurrency can be bought directly from your card. This service is provided thanks to Koinal and Mercuryo payment systems. Payment systems may require KYC. Accepted: dollars, euros and several other national currencies. Supported Visa and MasterCard. 7. DISCOUNT CARDS What is a discount card for? Discount cards are used to apply discounts on trading commissions for a limited period of time. The purchase of any discount card is taken into account in the status of Active Partner. Note: Only one card can be active at a time. The system will automatically select the card with the highest percentage of discounts. 8. LIMITS AND COMMISSIONS OF INPUT / OUTPUT I think that in this the exchange also wins against its counterparts - the commissions are indeed one of the lowest on the market. For all cryptocurrencies, you can see for yourself on the exchange in the "Limits" section, I will only indicate a couple of them: Bitcoin (BTC) Minimum deposit amount: 0.002 BTC Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.002 BTC Fee 0.0005 BTC Ripple (XRP) Minimum deposit amount: none Minimum withdrawal amount: 22 XRP Fee: 0.25 XRP 9. TRADE COMMISSIONS 10. TRADE PAIRS At this stage, the exchange cannot boast a huge abundance of trading pairs and cryptocurrencies. But in the near future they promise to constantly add a new cryptocurrency. In total, there is support for 12 crypto assets and 30 trading pairs, of which: 12 cryptocurrency / BTC pairs, 6 cryptocurrency / ETH pairs and 12 cryptocurrency / USDT pairs. In this regard, the exchange is still losing compared to other exchanges. 11. ADVANCED TYPES OF ORDERS The exchange contains the following types of orders: Stop order A stop order is used to trigger a market sell when the market drops to your trigger price, or used to trigger a market buy if the market rises to your trigger price. Stop orders will fully execute as a market order once the trigger price is reached. Stop Limit order The stop price is simply the price that triggers a limit order, and the limit price is the specific price of the limit order that was triggered. This means that once your stop price has been reached, your limit order will be immediately placed on the order book. Although the stop and limit prices can be the same, this is not a requirement. In fact, it would be safer for you to set the stop price a bit higher than the limit price (for sell orders) or a bit lower than the limit price (for buy orders). This increases the chances of your limit order getting filled after the stop-limit is triggered. Trailing Stop order A Trailing Stop order provides flexibility over a stop order by executing at the more profitable position. The stop price trails behind the market price by the amount specified as price distance and allows for a stop to adjust to the market if the market moves in a profitable direction. If the stop is triggered, a market order is placed. Trailing Stop sell orders are used to maximize and protect profit as an asset’s price rises and limit losses when its price falls. Trailing Stop Future order A Trailing Stop Future order is basically similar to Trailing Stop order, with the only difference that you can additionally indicate the market price at which the Trailing Stop order will be activated. This is useful if you want not to miss the moment when the indicated market position is reached. Scaled order A Scaled order is designed to allow automatically create multiple limit orders across a user-determined price range. This tool also provides control over the diversity and distribution of orders within the price range. 12. SAFETY As indicated on the exchange website, 94% of client funds are stored in offline wallets with multi-signatures. The exchange runs on highly reliable Google servers with a 99.99% uptime. It remains only to believe or not 😎 13. SUPPORT There is online support right on the exchange website in the form of chat. Frankly, I have not had to contact yet, so I can’t assess the quality of support services and the competence of employees. In principle, the main aspects in the review are indicated. Undoubtedly, there will be new features or moments that I missed. As they appear, the topic will be edited Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Telegram | VK | White Paper All profit! Useful links: Profit up to 9% per annum in BTC, 6% in USDT Binance Lifetime 10% Cashback The search engine pays with cryptocurrency for each request 1BitokSqrnWGQ5GFFBd255dyNsU1eine8
  23. If you are into crypto then chances are that you have dealt with a crypto exchange. Though there are 2 types of exchanges centralized and decentralized but there is one thing that you must note and be careful about. That is never leave your bitcoins and other crypto in an exchange. The reason for this is safety of your bitcoins and crypto Normally when you sign up for an account and access your dashboard you can access your bitcoin and other crypto deposit addresses from withing your dashboard. Once you have traded the crypto you own shows up in the dashboard of your account. Have you ever thought what could happen if the exchange you are trading on today closes down? All your hard earned crypto money could vanish!!! So it is very important to withdraw your crypto money and keep it in a wallet. Also back up the wallet and the private keys associated with your wallet
  24. Trade on currency pairs BTC/USD BTC/EUR BTC/RUB BTC/GBP BTC/UAH BTC/KZT BTC/BRL BTC/TRY A simple, understandable and convenient mechanism for trading cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency for trading is located on a trading cryptocurrency account, which is common for trading and the announcement service, which allows you to withdraw funds in several ways. Fiat funds are stored on a separate fiat trading account with direct withdrawal of funds to third-party wallets. Convenient replenishment of a fiat trading account in many ways, including payment by VISA / MC cards. Minimum order amount 0.0002 BTC Visual graphical representation of sellers and buyers with the indication of volumes in real time. To understand the mood of the market. The history of your transactions displays information about the number and price of the last purchase and sale of cryptocurrency, which is very convenient for understanding the price for creating another order, as well as a graph of the volume of your transactions, which shows that you are buying or selling more.
  25. В данном топики я буду рассказывать истории, которые у меня были на Yobit. Но также и дальнейшие действия, совершаемые на бирже. Всем привет! Давно хотел поделиться с вами мнением о бирже Yobit. Так как торгую там я достаточно давно, начинал с лета 2016 года и торгую до сих пор. Что примечательно данная биржа является одной из самых первых в россии, и даже в мире. Появилась раньше чем Binance. Но к чему это, ведь я не собираюсь говорить о том что появилось раньше, а что позже. Я хотел бы поговорить о самой бирже Yobit и её особенности по сравнению с другими биржами. Одной из черт биржи является её безопасность. Ну серьёзно сколько помню разных бирж, которые становились банкротами после взлома от хакеров. Благодаря бдительности сотрудников биржи и своевременной защите. Всё на что способны "хакеры" так это "дудосить" биржу, но и с этим быстро решают вопросы. Второй изюминкой как по мне является её насыщенность различными монетами. На биржи есть все топовые альты + вы можете спокойно торговать и к биткоину и к лайту и к доллару и тд. Меня это часто спасало когда я хочу купить какой-то альткоин, но у меня на балансе есть эфир. Чтобы не тратить лишнее на комиссии покупал за эфир альт который хотел с небольшой разницей. На Yobit есть интересная фишка на exmo с кодами. То есть я могу создавать коды в различных валютах и отправлять эти коды моим друзьям чтобы они их активировали, очень классная функция. Я могу рассказывать про биржу Yobit очень и очень много, но буду это делать всё по немного. В следующей части планирую рассказать об одной монете, которой торговал на yobit. Не судите строго первая статья так сказать.
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