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Found 69 results

  1. If I earn on this platform, I would like to try forex. I don't think if I can handle that but is forex kinda that hard? I've already watch tutorials but would you mind if you give some tips about forex?
  2. How can you make a bot profitable? Or does he make you profitable? as will be? hahaha There are many anecdotes or paradigms that exist around bots that are used today and those that have been used. If you use a bot in Forex or cryptos markets you can use it for 3 minutes, 5 minutes or even more than 5 hours. The important thing there is not to abuse the system in which it is configured, if you configure a bot to channel your profitability first try it and do several tests, it is essential that you do not abuse the bot that you melt or if you buy it, set simple rules and you will see as everything will flow without so much danger! Excite your system by placing rules, don't burn it out of disbelief or ambition.
  3. Можно ли заработать без опыта и как минимизировать риски?
  4. В данной теме будут обсуждаться форекс брокеры. Описывайте опыт работы с тем или иным брокером. Плюсы и минусы брокера. Какие были проблемы с ним. Пытался ли брокер каким то образом вставлять палки в колеса при торговле. Тем самым выберем лучшего брокера для работы.
  5. The Forex market (forex market) is the place where foreign exchange is exchanged by buying and selling, and has started its work in the picture we know today since 1970 with the beginning of the float and the adoption of the free exchange rate. As a result, currency rates were determined by investors in this market depending on the supply and demand process. The Forex market has many advantages that distinguish it from other markets, most notably that it does not have an external authority and cannot be manipulated. Daily liquidity of 2 trillion US dollars as a daily trading volume, in a very fast movement of funds makes it unique from other markets such as the stock market. This makes the completion of trades in this market not more than a few minutes often. Continuous price speculations as a result of the different nature and quality of investors each investor has different intentions and some of them make a long-term investment and some of them make a short-term investment, which creates a market movement and constant price variation even if the spreads are not large but permanent, which makes the market very attractive to investors.
  6. Forex stands for "foreign exchange" and is often referred to simply as the "FX" market. While the U.S. stock market allows you to invest in companies operating within that country, Forex is an international trading market. Rather than investing in businesses, you invest in currencies and trade one against the other, hopefully earning a profit more often than you take a loss. It starts by understanding currency pairs. This term refers to two different currencies that you can trade against one another. This is similar to trading in your money when you go on vacation. You may stop in at a bank or another business to convert money to the currency used in the country you are visiting. When you trade on the FX market, you trade one currency for another in the same manner. You just don't have the currency in hand to make those trades. All trades are conducted quickly through your computer, smartphone or tablet. Whether you trade through a computer or mobile device will depend on your choice of trading platform.
  7. Hello dear traders, I know yiy must be familiar with forex no deposit bonus offer which you can use to trade with it and withdraw the profit gained from it, so I want to know which best broker you are using who give no deposit bonus and doesn't require the documents verification?.
  8. Dear Friends, I am a Forex trader with more than 7 years of experience. If you guys are intrested in daily charts analysis. kindly reply to the post and I will be posting good oppertunities for day trading. I would like to post on weekly basis. In other words the analysis will be for the whole week. thank you.
  9. I love crypto related news,forum and any kind of crypto related articles. Since my online journey I want to learn about forex trading. So is there any easy and shortcut way to learn forex trading quickly.
  10. Приветствую господа трейдеры. Лично я зарабатываю с помощью торговых роботов на Форекс, так как у них нет эмоций и они строго следуют правилам. Вы можете получить целый набор из роботов абсолютно бесплатно, просто став моим партнёром. Для этого нужно будет открыть счёт у брокера, которого я скажу и пополнить депозит на рекомендованную сумму, для каждого робота есть свои рекомендации. Можно даже центовые счета. Кого заинтересовало данное предложение переходите на мой КАНАЛ в телеграм. Там будем появляться актуальная информация. Всем профита!
  11. One biggest mistake for many new traders is starting to trade Forex without a solid Forex trading strategy. The Forex market is really attractive because it operates 24 hrs a day and you can trade when the market is going up or when the market is going down and in the eagerness to make money or prove themselves they dive headlong into trading. Does that mean the beginner Forex traders cant make money? Yes, you can make money trading Forex…and its if you are a beginner trader and you get into Forex trading and start making money right away, you should be very careful to let ego overcome you. You can make a fortune trading currencies in the short term but soon this will lead to bad psychology and trading discipline problems and you’ll end up blowing up your forex trading account. Good trading discipline, psychology, and humility are only achieved through experience. To be successful in Forex trading, you’ve got to have a strategy/plan in place which you must follow. Creating or finding a Forex trading strategy is very important as this addresses the following: Reason for taking the trade: why buy or sell? And what currency pair? Timing of the trade: why buy now? should you buy or sell after economic news release? The Asian session, London session? New York session? Trading objective: what’s the profit target? What’s your stop loss? Money management? How much are you risking per trade? Per day? Documenting and analyzing your trading results? This identifies your strengths are well as weaknesses. What is your reason for entering a trade? And there should be a really good reason! If you are entering a trade out of boredom or just the need to make a trade for the excitement, this is a recipe for disaster. Nothing feels more worse than entering a trade and watching a trade turn into a loss when you precisely know you should not have taken that trade in the first place! Every trade should be taken based on a condition that’s been stated in your trading strategy, whether it be a technical reason or a fundamental reason or both. Follow what your trading strategy says. Free Forex Trading Strategies When selecting which type of forex trading strategy to use, you have two options: You either pay for them You can use any of the free Forex trading strategies on this site and test them out. The trouble with paid Forex trading systems is that: You can spend a lot of money on buying a Forex trading strategy that does not fit your trading style. Later down the line, you realize it does not fit your trading personality so you won’t be using it once your initial fascination starts to wear off. Waste of money. With free Forex trading strategies: You have the option to test them out without paying for them and eventually find a trading system that suits you. Free Forex trading strategies can make money in Forex.
  12. В данной теме предлагаю делиться связками индикаторов, которые вы используете в торговле на forex и БО Начну я. Использую мувинги 7 и 21 для определения тренда плюс добавляю на график индикотор Zone для определения линий поддержки и сопротивления. А что используешь ты?
  13. Друзья, слышали ли вы что-нибудь про Automata FX торговую платформу? в интернете ничего про неё нет, принимают крипту, которую раздавали примерно год назад GCU, хочу закинуть попробовать поторговать, не знаю насколько они честные. Ваши отзывы пожалуйста
  14. SO many peoples will want to know that how they analyse the Crypto Market or the Forex Market becasue these markets charts are same, so you need to learn the analysig and that is must for you. Learn some important things to analyse the market and make start in the market. 1. Support and Resistance 2. Harmonic Pattern 3. Technical Indicators These are the main steps that you need to learn to start trading in the market.
  15. What is Forex? Forex, short for "Foreign Exchange" or simply FX, is the currency exchange market. The Forex market is the largest and most liquid market in the world, open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. To put it in perspective, if in the New York Stock Exchange approximately $169 billion of transactions are made daily, in Forex the volume ascends to the colossal sum of $5 trillion a day, which has transformed it into the market with the greatest potential for investment.
  16. Is it expensive to invest in Forex? It depends on the leverage and the amount of capital invested. You can invest an initial capital of, for example, $10 USD or $5000 USD, the limit is set by you. However, it is important to remember that increasing the leverage increases the risk. Ultimately, it all depends on each trader's tolerance, aversion and risk management. Qualified traders are able to minimize this risk and maximize their profits through thorough analysis, a trading strategy that suits their style and with proper money management.
  17. Yes and no. Forex trading is a high risk activity and most traders approximately 90% lose money. However some outliers do exist and these guys make a fortune from it. The best advice i can give you is to practice your strategy as much as you can and read extensively of forex. I also recommend use of demo accounts to sharpen your skills
  18. Dear Forex traders, I welcome you all to my this post. My question here is, does the Forex indicators really works? From my 7 years of experience and Forex trading I can say that only moving averages can help you to filter charts for the trend. Other than that I don't believe the forex indicators really work. Kindly share you are good thoughts best on your experience. Thank you so much. Please follow and like my post if you want to learn about Forex trading send me message.
  19. Leverage is the ratio of a customer’s private funds to the funds needed to open a position. The leverage is provided by the broker company and allows the customer to make deals much larger than the client's own money. The funds do not flow into the client's account, but they are used directly at the moment of opening the transaction in the foreign exchange market according to the size of the leverage specified for the instrument or the client chooses. Leverage only affects margin size (the minimum amount needed to open a trade). The more leverage, the less private funds you need to open a position. The leverage size can vary from 1: 1 to 1: 1000. You will find this out through a set of publications explaining about the Forex field and some concepts
  20. i am want to know how many years forex market old. and is forex is accepted by all over the world or not like crypto market.So try to gave clear information about this market ?:::
  21. Many have been misled that making money from trading is easy especially from those who claimed to be guru in trading, yet they are making no cent. All they do is make up trade result and edited balanced on account, including fake withdrawal. Don't be fool again. Trading is actually easy...but making money from it is tough. Just follow me...I will show you some cool secret.
  22. Мне интерессно как вы начали торговать на Forex биржах? Что привело вас сюда? Почему вы задержались тут? Видите ли вы трейдинг как профессию будущего? Стоит ли начинать заниматься ею или просто пройти мимо трейдинга?
  23. The short answer is yes. However, there are many means and methods that can be used in order to reduce the risks. Among these things that must be taken into account to reduce risks: trading according to market analysis (technical analysis of currencies and fundamental analysis of currencies), appropriate selection of trading systems, the use of providers of signals and Forex signals, and trading via automated Forex software. However, the best way to reduce the risk, which is the arduous and long way, is to do an adequate Forex education related to the Forex markets, before you start trading operations on a real Forex account. But most experts advise to use a Forex demo account for a certain period of time before you trade with real money
  24. Hello my dear friends, traders and investors today I would like to discuss or rather remind you on the advantages of using stop loss (SL) and take profit (TP) in Forex trading. Below are some of the advantages I see to be very vital. Advantage of using take profit (tp); Take profit is the price level that you set or desire the trade to be closed at with certain amount of profit you are satisfied with if the trade goes in your favour. And this feature has a great advantage because it helps close your trade automatically with some profits even when your device goes offline therefore, make use of it when you are trading. Advantage of using stop loss (SL); Stop loss is the price level that you set to have the trade closed automatically with certain amount of loss if the trade goes against your favour or opposing direction. This feature has a very important advantage and it must always be used whenever trading because it minimizes the amount of loss to your account for example when you experience a network failure and the trade goes in opposing direction or sometimes you may be psychologically tempered with and fail to close the trade with a certain amount of loss thinking that the price will return to your favour and recover of which this doesn't happen sometimes therefore, this feature will help you out of that and always make use of it. @Mwangi @gourav789 I hope My dear friends here will help me on adding more infor to the topic. Happy posting, hope a little I have shared will help someone.
  25. In Forex Market when we deposit from the Skrill than we can withdraw the money through the Skrill also and if we deposit through the Perfect Money than we must to withdraw our money in the Perfect Money. Perfect Money is the safe and best way to deposit and withdraw from forex and also from the crypto market. If you have any question related about the crypto and Forex trading you can ask. Note: If the moderator will think that my post is not good than he can delete it.
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