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Found 56 results

  1. Is Japanese candle stick actually a good tool to analyzed the movement and behavior of price in forex and in ctypto trading. Or there is others which could do better than the Japanese candles stick?
  2. Hello everyone! Friends in your personal opinion, what do you think are the emotions that every professional trader should have in control of? I consider that "emotion, anger, greed, and fear" I want to know your opinion Give me a heart if you like this theme
  3. Many have been misled that making money from trading is easy especially from those who claimed to be guru in trading, yet they are making no cent. All they do is make up trade result and edited balanced on account, including fake withdrawal. Don't be fool again. Trading is actually easy...but making money from it is tough. Just follow me...I will show you some cool secret.
  4. The Forex market (forex market) is the place where foreign exchange is exchanged by buying and selling, and has started its work in the picture we know today since 1970 with the beginning of the float and the adoption of the free exchange rate. As a result, currency rates were determined by investors in this market depending on the supply and demand process. The Forex market has many advantages that distinguish it from other markets, most notably that it does not have an external authority and cannot be manipulated. Daily liquidity of 2 trillion US dollars as a daily trading volume, in a very fast movement of funds makes it unique from other markets such as the stock market. This makes the completion of trades in this market not more than a few minutes often. Continuous price speculations as a result of the different nature and quality of investors each investor has different intentions and some of them make a long-term investment and some of them make a short-term investment, which creates a market movement and constant price variation even if the spreads are not large but permanent, which makes the market very attractive to investors.
  5. Hello guys did you know that's you are eligible to trade on the forex market by depositing and withdrawing bitcoin only? And also there is no KYC verification required, just visit on this link to sign up to the broker Signup
  6. How can you make a bot profitable? Or does he make you profitable? as will be? hahaha There are many anecdotes or paradigms that exist around bots that are used today and those that have been used. If you use a bot in Forex or cryptos markets you can use it for 3 minutes, 5 minutes or even more than 5 hours. The important thing there is not to abuse the system in which it is configured, if you configure a bot to channel your profitability first try it and do several tests, it is essential that you do not abuse the bot that you melt or if you buy it, set simple rules and you will see as everything will flow without so much danger! Excite your system by placing rules, don't burn it out of disbelief or ambition.
  7. Forex is the worldwide market for currency trading. It is open 24 hours a day and offers great liquidity, making it a good opportunity for its participants, who can be from banks, large financial institutions and companies to small retail investors. Forex traders aim to make money by buying and selling these currencies that are traded in pairs. Today, many people are making money by trading Forex from home either as full-time professional traders or simply spending a few minutes a day to locate trading opportunities and opening, monitoring and closing their positions. It is very important that you know which form of investment best suits your personality. Based on that, you should prepare an investment strategy that suits you, and you can feel comfortable. You have three ways to invest money in the Forex market, depending on time: long-term, with swing trading, intraday or scalping. You only make money with Forex if you do things correctly. It is also super important that you protect your capital with good risk management.
  8. If I earn on this platform, I would like to try forex. I don't think if I can handle that but is forex kinda that hard? I've already watch tutorials but would you mind if you give some tips about forex?
  9. This is a very simple strategy that can be used in it's own. It's the RSI strategy. When most currencies reach a cetain level they are considered overbought or oversold and this gives us the perfect opportunity to earn when this happens. Overbought /oversold parmeters are usually 70/30. But I do not use these...My parameters are 80/20. You will get a lot less hits but more accurate. Try it out on demo first and see how it goes. I also use a RSI indicator from's free on MT4. . I have it set up on 12 currencies and every time any of the currncies reach my parameters, I get an onscreen alert and I trade. No fundamental analysis or anything. This is more of a price action strategy, It can be combined with the bollinger band (default settings) for even stronger confirmation). I hope this will help someone. What strategy do you use?
  10. What advice would you give to someone about who is to take a loan in order to enter the forex trading market
  11. One biggest mistake for many new traders is starting to trade Forex without a solid Forex trading strategy. The Forex market is really attractive because it operates 24 hrs a day and you can trade when the market is going up or when the market is going down and in the eagerness to make money or prove themselves they dive headlong into trading. Does that mean the beginner Forex traders cant make money? Yes, you can make money trading Forex…and its if you are a beginner trader and you get into Forex trading and start making money right away, you should be very careful to let ego overcome you. You can make a fortune trading currencies in the short term but soon this will lead to bad psychology and trading discipline problems and you’ll end up blowing up your forex trading account. Good trading discipline, psychology, and humility are only achieved through experience. To be successful in Forex trading, you’ve got to have a strategy/plan in place which you must follow. Creating or finding a Forex trading strategy is very important as this addresses the following: Reason for taking the trade: why buy or sell? And what currency pair? Timing of the trade: why buy now? should you buy or sell after economic news release? The Asian session, London session? New York session? Trading objective: what’s the profit target? What’s your stop loss? Money management? How much are you risking per trade? Per day? Documenting and analyzing your trading results? This identifies your strengths are well as weaknesses. What is your reason for entering a trade? And there should be a really good reason! If you are entering a trade out of boredom or just the need to make a trade for the excitement, this is a recipe for disaster. Nothing feels more worse than entering a trade and watching a trade turn into a loss when you precisely know you should not have taken that trade in the first place! Every trade should be taken based on a condition that’s been stated in your trading strategy, whether it be a technical reason or a fundamental reason or both. Follow what your trading strategy says. Free Forex Trading Strategies When selecting which type of forex trading strategy to use, you have two options: You either pay for them You can use any of the free Forex trading strategies on this site and test them out. The trouble with paid Forex trading systems is that: You can spend a lot of money on buying a Forex trading strategy that does not fit your trading style. Later down the line, you realize it does not fit your trading personality so you won’t be using it once your initial fascination starts to wear off. Waste of money. With free Forex trading strategies: You have the option to test them out without paying for them and eventually find a trading system that suits you. Free Forex trading strategies can make money in Forex.
  12. SO many peoples will want to know that how they analyse the Crypto Market or the Forex Market becasue these markets charts are same, so you need to learn the analysig and that is must for you. Learn some important things to analyse the market and make start in the market. 1. Support and Resistance 2. Harmonic Pattern 3. Technical Indicators These are the main steps that you need to learn to start trading in the market.
  13. Можно ли заработать без опыта и как минимизировать риски?
  14. Are you an experienced Forex trader but do not have enough funds to get started Forex trading? If so, FTMO can be very helpful for you guys. They have announced the placement opportunity for the experienced traders in their FTMO Proprietary Trading firm from which traders will have the chance to get trading funds up to $100,000 USD. The entire process seems quite challenging but they also offer a guideline till the end to get started correctly. Let's see the process of how it works. Step:-1 FTMO Challenge At this stage, you have to take the trading challenges by setting risk Normal to Aggressive for multiple supported currencies USD, EUR, GBP, and CZK. They ask for the refundable fees according to the options you choose. Check the chart below. Step:-2 Verification At this stage, your results will be reviewed by the professional staff. The entire verification would take at least 60 days. Step:-3 FTMO Trader Once you get verified, now you are FTMO trader to earn 70% of profit which is real money. For more details, please visit their FTMO. Good luck guys, I expect your successful trading career ahead 😍 !
  15. Forex will be of help to the common Venezuelan who earns around 5 dollars a month
  16. Daily Sabah | Latest & Breaking News from Turkey | Istanbul FEATURED POST: CRYPTO ASSET INVESTMENTS PROTECTION SCHEME: 4 RECOMMENDED WAYS TO RECOVER YOUR CRYPTO ASSET INVESTMENTS Read More DAILY SABAH Daily Sabah (lit. "Daily Morning") is a Turkish pro-government daily, published in Turkey. Available in English, Arabic, and owned by Turkuvaz Media Group, Daily Sabah published its first issue on 24 February 2014. The editor-in-chief is Ibrahim Altay. Daily Sabah has been frequently called a propaganda outlet for the Turkish government and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). It is owned by a friend of President Erdoğan, and part of his daily routine due to favorable coverages. HISTORY Daily Sabah was established in 2014 when a highly antagonistic political climate reigned in Turkish politics. After the conflict, in December 2013, between the Gulen movement, a religious civil society organization with some political aspirations, and the then-ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), the Gulen movement's Today's Zaman turned into an ardent critic of the ruling AKP. In order to balance the critical discourse against the AKP by Today's Zaman and Hürriyet Daily News, a secular critic of the AKP, Daily Sabah emerged as a supportive voice of the AKP in the English language. EDITORIAL POLICY AND VIEWPOINT Daily Sabah describes itself as "committed to the democracy, the rule of law, human rights and liberty". Despite this official description, Daily Sabah is a mouthpiece of the AKP, and more so a cheerleader for Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the current president of Turkey, and an advocate of Islamism. According to the German newspaper Spiegel Online, Daily Sabah is very critical of the Gulen movement, which the AKP government accuses of trying to overthrow the government in an attempted coup d'état in 2016. Daily Sabah has been described as using transparent and ill-formed, Turkish-style propaganda to advance the AKP government's version of events. CRITICISM Freedom of Expression In March 2017, a Dutch member of the European Parliament called Daily Sabah "hate press" and tried to prohibit the distribution of Daily Sabah in parliamentary sessions. The European Parliament has made accusations about the lack of freedom of speech and expression in Turkey, and Daily Sabah defends the AKP government's human rights record. Daily Sabah has said the decision to prohibit its distribution was a violation of the freedoms of the press and expressions. Meanwhile, the EU Affairs Minister for Turkey Ömer Çelik said the following about the issue: "The European Parliament's ban on the freedom of press is a tragic event for the future of Europe. RELATED TAGS: #bitcoins #data #recovery #howtorecovermystolenbitcoin #help #datrekrecoverycompany #recoverbitcoin #cryptorecovery #crytocurrency #bitcoinchargeback #investmentscam #crypto-asset #Trustedcompany #legit #waystorecoverlostbitcoin #bitcoin #news #blog #stories #data #recovery #howtorecovermystolenbitcoin #help #recoverbitcoin #cryptorecovery #crytocurrency #bitcoinchargeback #investmentscam #crypto-asset #Trustedcompany #legit #waystorecoverlostbitcoin #Investment #binary option #forex #ethereum #published #read #posts #updates #newsupdates #crypto news
  17. В данной теме предлагаю делиться связками индикаторов, которые вы используете в торговле на forex и БО Начну я. Использую мувинги 7 и 21 для определения тренда плюс добавляю на график индикотор Zone для определения линий поддержки и сопротивления. А что используешь ты?
  18. People like to invest and make money. We buy stocks, currencies and bonds, contribute to savings programs, own real estate, participate in futures markets, options markets and Forex trading, acquire collectibles, provide seed capital for new businesses, buy franchises and the list goes on. The strength of country economies is largely measured by the product of our combined investments. It is our money and we can invest it however we want. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous promoters abuse our freedom of choice by inventing investment schemes that have no chance of making money for anyone but themselves. Such people promise returns on investment that they cannot possibly produce and have no intention of paying. They are scammers. And many of them are very successful. His annual earnings through his lies and deceptions are estimated to be in the billions of dollars. How do they do it? The creators of successful investment scams, such as Forex scams, use all the tricks in the book, and some that are not even known, to convince people that none of the descriptions and cautions on the following pages apply to them. . After all, they promote themselves by offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn big money quickly if you trust them. In fact, as you will see later, some of his methods of gaining your trust are truly ingenious. Who are the usual victims of Forex scams? If you are absolutely sure that you could never fall for such a scam, the scammer already starts with a huge advantage. Investment fraud generally happens to people who think it couldn't happen to them. Just as there is no typical profile for scammers, there is no typical profile for their victims. While some scams target people who are known or believed to have a lot of money, most scammers take the attitude that everyone's money is just as good. It just takes more small investors to fund a big fraud. In fact, some scammers deliberately target families who may have limited means or financial difficulties, believing that such individuals may be particularly receptive to a fast, high-profit proposition. A favorite discourse is that small investors can become rich only if they learn and employ the investment strategies used by rich people. Naturally, the scammer will teach them! Although the victims of investment fraud can differ from one another in many ways, they do have, unfortunately, one trait in common: greed that exceeds caution. They also have the will to believe what they want to believe. Movie actors and athletes, successful professionals and business executives, political leaders, and internationally renowned economists have all been victims of investment fraud. Like hundreds of thousands of people, including widows, retirees and workers, people who made their money the hard way and lost it the quickest. Forex Internet Scams Access to the Internet has increased dramatically in recent years, and consumers are increasingly comfortable conducting business (shopping, banking, and even investing) online. But criminals also recognize the potential of cyberspace. The same scams that have been carried out by mail or by phone can now be found on the Internet, and new technologies are generating new ways to commit crimes against consumers. Advertisements in newspapers and magazines Advertisements in a newspaper or magazine can offer (or at least suggest) much more attractive profit opportunities than those available through conventional investments. Once the victim has taken the bait, the scammer will try to get him to "swallow the hook." Despite the fact that scammers know that regulatory agencies regularly monitor ads in major publications, some nevertheless use such publications in the hope of being able to strike and run before an investigator appears. Others advertise in limited circulation postings that they believe are less likely to be seen by regulators. Referrals - Word of Mouth Advertising One of the oldest schemes is paying large profits to initial investors (actually starting from your own investments or from other people's investments), knowing that they are likely to recommend the investment to their friends. And these friends will tell their friends. Soon, the scammer no longer needs to find new victims; they will find them themselves. How do we verify someone who is offering what sounds like an irresistible investment offer? These are some of the ways Find out if your local police department or relevant financial regulatory agencies have complaints on file. If so, you can make your investment decision accordingly. But keep in mind that the absence of local complaints does not necessarily mean that a company or individual is completely legal and legitimate. It may simply mean that investors have not yet realized that they have been misled. Or it may mean that you will have the distinction of becoming the first victim in town. It could also mean that other victims have been too embarrassed to report their losses. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Make a phone call to the financial editor of your local newspaper. Although newspapers do not give endorsements or make investment recommendations, they may be aware of a scam artist working on a scam in the area, and they may even have published a warning article that escaped you. So, in the same way, if readers are being bombarded with suspicious investment offers, that's something an investigative reporter might want to verify. If the investment offer is not local, don't be averse to making a long distance phone call or two. Information may be available from the police, your country's financial services regulator, or the community newspaper where the offer is coming from. However, once again, even the absence of such complaints does not necessarily mean that the company is legitimate. Some scammers, especially those who operate from a room with just one phone line, try to keep a low profile in their local areas. This reduces the likelihood that they will attract the attention of local authorities; prevents your potential customers from seeing your operations; and it makes it harder for outsiders to discover what they are doing. Check to see if your city or state has a consumer protection agency. Many do. If so, there may be information about the person or firm offering the investment you are interested in. In either case, the agency should be able to provide names, addresses, and phone numbers of other places where you can check.
  19. Forex, also known as the foreign exchange market, is the conversion from one currency to another. ... It is precisely this volatility that makes forex so attractive to investors: it provides greater opportunities to maximize profit, but it also increases risk
  20. В данной теме будут обсуждаться форекс брокеры. Описывайте опыт работы с тем или иным брокером. Плюсы и минусы брокера. Какие были проблемы с ним. Пытался ли брокер каким то образом вставлять палки в колеса при торговле. Тем самым выберем лучшего брокера для работы.
  21. In this post, as the title says, we are going to touch on what emas are in Trading, I particularly do not like to use graphical indicators, if I use Fibonacci but more than that I no longer use, now exponential moving averages are used in the Forex market to help us with further confirmation on the chart. But in what way? The emas, It shows us that you made the graph in the past, since these are divided by temporalities and normally an Ema from the smallest is used in a temporality of eight and that Ema would show us what has happened in the past eight days. The market as such is fractal if it makes a movement in the past it can do it in the future, therefore the week if it is learned to use them and the movement in the past is detected, This will help us to detect movements in the present, Now it should be noted that the emas also function as supports and resistances, and if they are correctly configured they tend to have a success of 65% to 75%, as the market says it is not perfect so I recommend that you mix them with other of your confirmations.
  22. Below are some of the aspects that can help someone to be successful in the journey of Forex trading,take your time and go through. 1. Develop your trading strategy. Developing a trading strategy is not that difficult and all you need to do is to use some of the indicators like MACD,MA and Ichimoku available at meta trader platform and look at the previous price movements on certain pairs or instruments it could be V75 and spot out some similarities in price movements like when the indicators forms a certain shape so that you know which move the price is going to after forming a certain shape and perfect your strategy in demo and once it gives good results you can apply it to the real account. 2. Exercise patience. Patience in trading is very important to exercise for example if your strategy doesn't show a good entry into the market that day don't trade but rather have patience while waiting for a good entry. 3. Put greedy aside. Greed has caused many traders to fail this journey of Forex trading and it's when you want to make so much profits that you end up using big lot size or start trading any how failing to control your nerves or following your strategy and at the end of the day you get nocked out and to be successful avoid this. 4. Make a daily target of profits. Don't trade anyhow but rather make a daily target of profits you want to be making for example if it is $20 then after archiving it leave the market until the next day,trade wisely. Happy posting and good day family wish you success in your trading journey. @Mwangi @Guru2050 @Dorjoy12 @gourav789
  23. The psychology at the time of trading is something that I consider fundamental, since we can master all the strategies but when entering an operation we get clouded by lack of confidence, we are afraid that we are wrong, if we lose we try to take revenge on the market and that. It's awful, we must have a good mentality and enforce the trading plan we have
  24. The simple answer is yes. However, you will have to work hard to master all the trading techniques that you will need to trade well enough for a generally profitable return. Of course, a lot depends on how much equity you have. What do you say yes or no?
  25. Well, here I will give myself the pleasure of talking about what I like the most, as a trading operator I know that it can cost at the beginning, but as long as you like this, it does not matter how long it takes to improve, if not how much time you dedicate to it. What steps to do at the beginning of trading. Before even touching a chart, my advice is to learn what cfds are, the risk you will run when operating them and clarify one thing to the newest. Never let yourself be carried away by the false glamor of trading !!!!!!!!!! Trading is not like going to the casino, it is something that takes time, study and money to learn the right way. I will leave more post about trading, so do not miss the profile. Jeremias greets you from Argentina, and I will leave our Latin trading academy at your service, especially for those who want to be a good trader (Trading only, there is no affiliation to network marketing or any other referral system).
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