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  1. Yes, it will replace the national currency becasue this is the world future and it will go high so much in the market because the crypto is just the start still but in future it will go high so much and it will make the investor billionaire and so many peoples already change their life through this business.
  2. Still the Dustland bounty is on or it will be finished.
  3. Whales are the market runner and they dumb the market and also they pump the market in seconds and this is not good but the trader will make good money if they buy the coin and when the whales pump the market the buyer will sell that in a good price.
  4. The best proposal is the trading becasue if you are going to start the trading in the crypto market you can make good money through that and this is true and in the market so many peoples will make good money through that.
  5. This is true that if we damage the nodes then we lost every thing becasue if we lost the data then we lost every thing and this is not good for us so we need to safe the data on two to three places and that is good for us becasue crypto is the life changing opportunity and its true.
  6. Crypto market will soon to recover itself and that time it touches the sky becasue soon the crypto market go high so much and the market will give us a huge profit in the market at that time becasue soon the big bull is start.
  7. Still the big bull run is not started and when it is going to be started that time the Dogecoin may cross the high value in the market and i hope so that time the coin price touches the sky almost 10$.
  8. This is not possible that the china make start the rack down on crypto mining becasue in the market now at this time china make the coins so much through just mining and they earn good money through this and its true.
  9. Crypto is the world best business for the students and we know that if we are doing good work in this market we can make good money through this and as same if the students will make good work i this market they can change their life through this business easily.
  10. When the companies start to generate their own coins the crypto market will not make a great high because the coins are so many that time and we are not understand that where we can invest in the market and which coin will make a great high.
  11. Bitcoin transaction take so much time becasue the transactions are so many and that is the main reason and i know that in future the market go high and it take some time becasue day by day the market of the BTC is high becasue of their users and peoples are getting interest in it.
  12. I just hold my all coins and i am just waiting for the good result that the market go high and that time i sell my all coins and i make good money at that time. Crypto market is the world best market ad we need to hold our coins and just wait for the good time when the market go high then we need to sell our coins in a good price.
  13. ETH coin touches the sky but this time it comes down again and i hope it go high again in the market and that time we can see that the ETH coin touches the 5000$ in a short time when the BTC touches the 100,000$.
  14. Crypto market is a great market and it touches the sky in future and i hope soon this market is legal in the china and also in all over the world other countries and that time the BTC cross the 200,000$ value.
  15. I don,t think so that there i s any site which give us free BTC and we collect that in a huge amount and the market give them more high profit if they hold their coins.
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