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  1. I also apply the 2FA for the security purpose but we need to secure our email also becasue so many hackers first of all hack our email and than they hack our all money from the exchanges and also from our wallets becasue peoples almost secure the private keys in the email and this is not good.
  2. I am downloading this game now and i must try this game becasue i know that if the market is go up this time i can make good money in the market and so many peoples will earn money just through playing the game. So now i am trying first time to play the game for the earning and i hope that i earn money through this game easily.
  3. Trading is a great platform and we can earn good money in it on daily basis. trading is not important but the important thing is just the daily earning becasue through trading we can earn on daily basis and without trading we just wait for the bull time than we earn through the crypto market.
  4. Crypto is a great business and so many peoples are rich now becasue they trust on this business and also they invest at the first time in the crypto market. Crypto is a great market and in this market you can earn good money i short time and also the market is so much secure.
  5. Just some peoples will invest in the crypto market in my family not all the members becasue the bull is not come still and they just wait for the bull at that time they invest their money in the crypto market becasue that time market give them good profit than invest now.
  6. Digital currency is the best than the real gold becasue if the bull is come at the end of 2020 and we invest 100,000$ in the crypto market we can change our life through this easily becasue this time crypto market touch the sky and our 100,000$ is go high and almost it touch the 1000,000$.
  7. You define all the good points in the yobit and all these points are true becasue i am using the yobit exchange from long time and i buy so many coins in it an these coins value is now low but in future it will touch the sky in short time.
  8. If you are a trader than market effect your daily life becasue in the crypto market movement is the main thing and if the market movement is fast you can make good money through it becasue we trade buy and sell in it and like this we earn good money in it easily on daily basis.
  9. I saw the news and the market will effect with the world news a little bit. Like the forex market effect with the news becasue crypto is also the same market and it will pump and dumb with the news. So we need to watch the news and wait for the market pump than we sell our coins.
  10. If all the crypto currency is dead than at that time the market is completely down and no one will withdraw their fund from this market and also we lost our future income becasue so many peoples will invest their all life income in this market and they just wait for the great bull.
  11. This is the start that crypto currency is now in in the gaming platform in future you see that crypto coins are used every where and peoples will use it in their daily life. Crypto is a great market in the world and it is most secure market.
  12. Fault news always give you huge loss than the profit becasue if anyone make a fault post in the crypto market and peoples on that like scammers make a fake coins and they pump that for just a single month and after that they dumb it completely so we are in loss at that time and this is not good for us.
  13. I always select the 2FA becasue it is most secure and good option for us to secure itself from the hackers. Crypto is a big market and in this market so many scammers and hackers are enter and they make the money through the short way and we need to secure itself from these type of scam peoples.
  14. Now china start working in the blockchain and i hope that soon they launched their own crypto coin and so many peoples will just for that and i hope this time china is going to be legal the crypto market in their country and the investors will invest their money and the market will make a great high at that time.
  15. Whales are always playing and they make money through this playing when the want they will increase the coin value which they like and when they want they will decrease the coins value also and make profit like this. Soon they make a great pump to the BTC and that time it touch the sky.
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