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  1. YUSDT is a good coin and i join the airdrop of this coin and i got almost 70 Coins of this in my ERC20 wallet and it will be added on finex exchange and the price now of the YUSDT coin is just 1000 satoshi of BTC and now selling is not start and i am waiting for the bull of this coin then i sell my ll coins but now i just safe that for 1 to 2 months.
  2. Yes i am also waiting for the 2.0 ETH coin and i hope its price is low and i buy so much coin from the market and i hope this time i make good money in crypto market because crypto market is a good market and it can change our life in short time and this is real business not fake.
  3. In the market so many coins are running and these coins are good most of them but some coins are dead and i hope that dead coins will be deleted from the market because so many exchanges will delete the coins when they are dead and like this crypto market will also do this and this is the best decision for the investors.
  4. ETH is a good coin and i think this is the time that we buy the ETH coin because now this is the time to buy the coin because all the crypto market is down and like this we should buy the more coins and safe them for just one year because soon crypto market will go up and then all we sell our coins in high price.
  5. BAT coin is a good coin and i think it will go up soon because now all the market is down but BAT coin is going good high but not fast it will go up so much fast on that time when the BTC will go up and that time all the crypto market coins are going to up and BAT coin on that time will also go up so much.
  6. Every coin is legal but if the countries will allow this because in the world just some countries will allow or legal the crypto coins in their country and most of the countries will block this and they says that BTC and also other crypto coins are illegal and this is not good because crypto is a business and i hope soon it will be legal for us.
  7. Ripple is the best coin but ETH is also a good and real coin and i buy the ETH coin because after the BTC ETH is the second coin which give us huge profit and it will make a huge high this time because this time ETH coin will touch the 2000$ soon and BTC will go to up and touch the 52,000$ minimum this time.
  8. Monero, Zcash and Dash coins are good and their future is also so much bright and good. Now i buy some coins like Dash and Zcash and safe them into the exchange because for me exchanges are safe and now i am waiting that when the coins will go up then i will sell the coins and i got huge profit on that time.
  9. Litecoin is a good coin and NEO coin will not cross the LTC coin because LTC coin is a good and old coin than the NEO coin. So many coins are in the market now but some are real and good and they are running regularly because i saw some coins which is dead almost and their price is so much low.
  10. Soon in 2020 BTC price will go up because so many peoples will invest in it means in crypto market and all the crypto market is depend on just the BTC and BTC is regularly comes down and still it will stand on just the 6900$ and not go to up from last 2 days and i think now this time it make a huge bull in short time.
  11. This time dogecoin is so much down now but soon it will pump and you say right that we need to much money to pump the dogecoin because the value of this coin is so much down now and it will soon go to up and it gives us good profit soon because the all crypto market will go up soon.
  12. I agree with you because i loss my so much money like this and i buy so many shit coins and now i am in loss. Crypto is the best business in the world and i am working in it, i loss so much money in it but i know that this coin will give me high profit soon and i recover my all loss in short time.
  13. All the fake coins and exchange use the fake details like fake email and also fake domain and hosting and also they create all fake social accounts. So i just say that we need to buy the old coins and also invest in old exchanges because they are trusted and good exchanges and also they add good and real coins.
  14. BTG is a good and nice coin and these type of coins will create the history now this time this coin price is so much low i am agree but soon it will go to buy and touch the high soon and BTG coin team is so much strong and it will so much good coin for us. Crypto is the best business in the world.
  15. So many peoples will make a scam coin coins now and they just make the money through their coins and some make the scam exchanges like last days i withdraw the coin XRP from one exchange to another but still they are not send me that and in the exchange they write the transaction is completed and they make scam with peoples.
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