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  1. Gambling sites is not the good way to make money in it becasue peoples always loss their money in this type of sites and they make loss every thing you need to invest your money in the crypto market and also start the trading in this market you make good money through this way and its a easy way.
  2. When i invest in the crypto market i just say the price in a week of my coin becasue when the market is going to be high i know at that time i make good profit and this time market is not at the good condition now but soon it will start the pumping very fast like the last time bull.
  3. The BTC bottom price is just the 4000$ and i hope that again BTC will not touch this price and now soon it will make a great bull in shot time and the BTC will touch the 100,000$. Because this time BTC will go so much up at the bull time.
  4. Now at this time there are so many great coins buy my favorite coin is just the BTC and also the ETh becasue these are the top coins which moves very fast and peoples can make good profit in these coins through trading. trading is the best way to make money in crypto market on daily basis.
  5. I love the Bitcoin to make profit becasue through th stable coin we are not make any good profit and bitcoin can change our life in short time if we trade on it. 1 Bitcoin is enough for trading in the market to make 1000$ on daily basis through margin trading. Margin trading is the best way to make money in short time.
  6. You want to make money through bitcoin then you should start trading on it becasue crypto trading is the best way to make money easily and you can make good amount of money in short time if you know about the trading in this market.
  7. Not in 10 years it will touch almost in just 5 years if the BTC is legal in all over the world becasue so many peoples are waiting for it and then they invest their huge money in this great business and then it make a great bull and the crypto market touch the sky at that time.
  8. It is a great news for crypto lovers that peoples can buy the Bitcoin at the australian post office. Crypto market is the world best market and peoples can make their life good through this business and like the australia other countries will also start the buy and sell in their countries.
  9. Cryptotalk is the best forum and i agree with you that it is the head in future of bitcointalk becasue so many peoples are here for the posts and also the great projects are coming on this forum and i hope that this forum soon cross the members of bitcointalk.
  10. I buy so many coins like XVG, ETH, Trump, Yoda, XRP, TRX and also so may coins and i know that these coins give me huge profit in future and i try to buy more and more coins and hold them when the bull is come then i sell my all coin because at that time market is so much on high price.
  11. I love the crypto world and the future is the crypto world and the fiat currency is going to be finished soon. Crypto market is the future and so many peoples will know about it now this time so many countries are discuss to legal this in their country.
  12. Cryptocurrency make a great effect o the world so many peoples are starting the crypto currency for the payments and also they make deals and sending and receiving the coins in the crypto currency becasue it is safe and secure payment system.
  13. I prefer the Bitcoin becasue Bitcoin is easily cash and also that coin will trade fast and we can make good profit through the Bitcoin if that make a small high at the payment time. Crypto market is the best and great market in the world for the safe payment.
  14. You can make money easily through trading and also you can make through the interest on yobit to use the investbox becasue so many peoples will use this great feature of yobit and they make good amount of profit through this.
  15. Peoples are searching for the new business and they want to make secure and good business in the world and they want to make unlimited money so crypto is the best way to make unlimited money and also this is the world great business. Crypto is the world future and most secure business.
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