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  1. Yesterday day I've posted more than 30+ contents but in pay by post page on yobit they only pay me 11000 satoshis only. So what does things happened here could I get paid the remained balance or I will not get paid forever and why I do not get paid cause I don't have any new warning point or any mistakes.
  2. Luciferludz

    Trading advice

    My advice is for newbies in cryptocurrency trading. They must do trials or do trading before starting trading with really money. And the target in trading is to buy low and sell high in order to got profit and do not buy in market order you must create order and leave it in queue.
  3. This is the principal of successful trader use it to earn really and seriously profit. But things makes people to lose in trading they buy in market and sell in market that's means they they buy high price and sell in low price.
  4. Forex robot it is good in trading forex also it is more safe but it is adapt low profit so in order to use forex robot you will need the huge amount of capital in order to see huge profit.
  5. I've just registered on that trading platform but o do not see any $10 welcome bonus where can I see that bonus or what should I do in order to receive that bonus tell me please. I don't think of that platform if it is usefully cause how could they give you free $10 and you prefer to do trading of to withdraw them. Is this trading platform really legit or it is scam.
  6. Yes its more good to believe your trading strategy and do not look about others trading style you just consider in you tradong strategies.
  7. Its too hard in trading to earn profit only without loss cause the successful trader must be faced with loss. But if you need to stay in profit only you will need to be in decision position that's even the coin is dump you just continue to sell it in order with high price.
  8. If you are the newbies in cryptocurrency and crypto world! Then both trading and gambling are all suit you cause you'll only just use to predict both if them but if you are expert in cryptocurrency then you'll must choose trading.
  9. Lol! How could bitcoin be scam while it is a mother of all cryptocurrencies. Also bitcoin pumping and dumping is not controlled by anyone or any government it controlled itself depending on it's market weather.
  10. I like so much these new binance feature but the bad thing they only adapt USD/btc pair only but I hope on future they will add more currency pairs of fiat money and cryptocurrency.
  11. Really Margin trading gmhaa high risk but it is more profitable that's so margin trading should be donning with expertise traders and not beginners of cryptocurrency trading.
  12. Bitcoin can't never die but in my advice and suggestion you must hold at leat 0.01 bitcoin into your wallet cause there will be time in the future while you'll be find 100 satoshis but it will be hard to found them because of its big price.
  13. There have several platforms which can help you to create a token and its wallet and can cost around $6000. But I suggest its good to find developer who will help you create the token yourself and you'll have to request to any platform to add your token.
  14. The amount you earn from trading you prefer yourself on how much you need to make different from investing you'll just earn fixed amount.
  15. Just do not trust those investments platforms because no one can work for you while you sleep and receive rewards. But if the exchange platform offers investbox that's is right.
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