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  1. No need to try with a big capital you can just deposit from 0.001+ btc and you can start your trading... And the best way you can got signals for forex trading is will help you to know weather to sell or to buy
  2. Hello guys did you know that's you are eligible to trade on the forex market by depositing and withdrawing bitcoin only? And also there is no KYC verification required, just visit on this link to sign up to the broker Signup
  3. Don't dare to hold to the kind of wallet like this, because there is no any platform that's can pay you 18% for holding while you are sleeping, if it was true, life could be so easy... So that's this wallet is scam
  4. I'm not using the desktop wallets that's much, I'm always using the mobile wallets. But I think the best desktop wallets are; Exodus, Enjin and Copay
  5. I'm also agreeing with your selection about the mobile wallets that's you have mentioned, and the good thing this wallets are the mostly used wallets
  6. Wooops! What's kind of that wallet LYNX? I never using or heard that's kind of wallet or have an idea about that wallet, are you sure this wallet is safe?
  7. Those three mobile wallets that's you have mentioned they are the best but for me my best wallet that's you haven't mentioned there is coinomi wallet
  8. I'm never buying and storing the EOS token, but in the coinomi wallet I see that's there have the EOS token can be storing, so that's you can use EOS token
  9. For me the error that's I got from the blockchain always is that's when I'm login in its says servers timed out try again later
  10. Sure that's is true many of people are believing that's if they'll search anything from Google, that's things must be legit that's why they got scammed
  11. I cannot be using such kind of wallet that's integrated with the opera browser because I'm not interested on opera browser and also there have so many wallets I can use
  12. I thinks that's if you'll be discovered that's someone has stollen your hard copy, its good to transfer your coins from the wallet immediately
  13. I don't thinks if there have such kind of wallet like that's will be paying the interest, because the wallets deserve to take the interest from your balance but they don't did that
  14. Blockchain wallet also has the lowest transactions fees but if you use the lowest transactions fees your transaction will took too long to be confirmed
  15. Currently the only coin that's I'm using is only bitcoin, so that's I'm storing it to the blockchain wallet, but if I want to storing multiple currencies I must be using coinomi wallet
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