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  1. Trading is good and enjoyable when you have all the knowledge and tools required because you will be making some profits while as being your own boss.
  2. Yobit is a great exchange to use with so much features and the trading or swapping of coins is done fairly at low fees and instantly,this is the reason I prefer using it apart from just taking it for payments from our work done here.
  3. Getting reputations for the whole maximum daily posts is not possible currently because only few members give reactions therefore, we need to change here and start rating quality posts instead of withholding our duties.
  4. True mate we need to support one another here because we are like family sharing same knowledge and while we do that, it's important to respect each other as well.
  5. It's not a problem taking a break from working here in this forum however, this should be done for few days not long time if you really want to achieve success and earn a good amount of income.
  6. While it's a nice move opting to work in this forum cryptotalk though at the beginning this does seem tough but as days goes on it's going to be an easy thing and addictive working around.
  7. For this decision I hope you are holding a good amount of talk token because if payment is stopped then many members will be affected since it's not every one who will get a reward from competitions as you said and the best I think can be done to help talk token prize yo rise is to introduce it to other exchanges so as to increase the number of buyers.
  8. There are of course many benefits of being in this forum like learning new stuff about crypto and getting rewarded with something that's helpful in our daily lives and can be called an income.
  9. I do participate in other sections from south cryptotalk as you put it but the problem is that my posts from there they don't get likes as compared to those in north cryptotalk section and it's for this reason I now don't post there often.
  10. That's what is happening since the day when the bonus on giving reactions was stopped members are now only giving reactions to less posts and this is bad because we are just causing ourselves to earn less.
  11. You are right mate if we take this forum as a do or die thing then we will not be here for a long time because moderators will not hastate to ban any one working without following the rules therefore, let's do what's right to survive in this platform.
  12. The best time to post is during the morning before becoming busy or going for work you can do few posts and during the evening before going to bed or let me just say whenever one is free to post they can do so since everyone is free to work here whenever they want too.
  13. Using a single cryptotalk account in different browsers of a single device is fine and can not cause any harm because the IP address is the same and only browsers which are different.
  14. Working in this forum is the positive way to earn crypto currency because it requires no capital to start earning but only time to create quality posts unlike other means that are risk and requires enough capital.
  15. Students can also work in this forum during their leisure time and learn something about crypto currency while as earning an extra income that can help them to take care some of the educational expenses.
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