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  1. That incident does take place here and it's not to worry about because our administration does work effortlessly to solve it therefore, it's not to be in any way the reason for someone to stop posting or feel hearted.
  2. To be a good trader it's obvious one must posses the characteristics mentioned above like self discipline while as control in order to become a successful trader who is profitable and I think I'm still a bit far from this level but soon I will catch up.
  3. We are on the same phase mate I also don't recommend the use of robots to perform trades on your behalf because they are just tools and bound to make errors and can result in great loss therefore, I always trade based on the knowledge I have acquired.
  4. I like both scalping and day trading because it can be very profitable at some times when you have a great strategy plus enough equity though it might seem as gambling to beginners at first but as they learn more basics and start making profits it's probably they will get to like it.
  5. You are right mate trading cryptocurrency doesn't require a huge capital but instead it needs one just to have enough knowledge on where he performs an investment and a research first is advisable.
  6. The first investment done in crypto seemingly to have been unsuccessful to three quarters of us crypto traders because even me I lost much of my early investments to scam websites due to luck of knowledge and greed for more profits as it is the weakness for most of us and we need to control ourselves from this feeling.
  7. We learn from our mistakes and it's great you had this opportunity to highlight others on the importance of this information like to be cautious of how and where to place there posts while as making sure it's in the right section whenever doing work in this platform.
  8. You are most well come what matters here is to be supportive towards one another in terms of sharing knowledge and newbies are always my favourite to assist cause I know it's a bit difficult to understand crypto knowledge at the beginning.
  9. Trading is good and enjoyable when you have all the knowledge and tools required because you will be making some profits while as being your own boss.
  10. Yobit is a great exchange to use with so much features and the trading or swapping of coins is done fairly at low fees and instantly,this is the reason I prefer using it apart from just taking it for payments from our work done here.
  11. True mate we need to support one another here because we are like family sharing same knowledge and while we do that, it's important to respect each other as well.
  12. It's not a problem taking a break from working here in this forum however, this should be done for few days not long time if you really want to achieve success and earn a good amount of income.
  13. While it's a nice move opting to work in this forum cryptotalk though at the beginning this does seem tough but as days goes on it's going to be an easy thing and addictive working around.
  14. For this decision I hope you are holding a good amount of talk token because if payment is stopped then many members will be affected since it's not every one who will get a reward from competitions as you said and the best I think can be done to help talk token prize yo rise is to introduce it to other exchanges so as to increase the number of buyers.
  15. I do participate in other sections from south cryptotalk as you put it but the problem is that my posts from there they don't get likes as compared to those in north cryptotalk section and it's for this reason I now don't post there often.
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