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Found 32 results

  1. Биткоин против доллараВ 2020 году биткоин часто противопоставляется доллару. Причина также в ограниченной эмиссии, которой не может похвастаться американская валюта. Власти США для борьбы с экономическими последствиями пандемии коронавируса прибегли к политике количественного смягчения. В результате этих мер увеличивается денежная масса, а доллар обесценивается.Таким образом, с мая индекс DXY, который показывает силу доллара по отношению к корзине из национальных валют, снизился со 100 до 93,4 пункта, в моменте опускаясь до 92,2 пункта. Биткоин на этом фоне, наоборот, укреплялся, что подметил аналитик Омкар Годбоул. Он допустил, что инвесторы переводили капитал из USD в BTC, как в защитный актив.У биткоина есть несколько однозначных преимуществ перед долларом, уверена Станкевич. К ним относится отсутствие централизованного эмитента, убывающая инфляция и конечное количество, положительно отражающееся на цене. Эти факторы позволяют назвать криптовалюту более надежным активом сбережения капитала.«Доллар ограничен только фантазией и запросами печатной машинки ФРС, которая продолжает неконтролируемо допечатывать валюту. Кроме того, политическая ситуация в мире и высокая зависимость от положения США на международной арене однозначно говорят нам о том, что биткоин является более надежным способом сохранения стоимости сегодня, чем доллар», — считает Станкевич.
  2. The phrase: why are you investing in bitcoin ?, has changed to: how are you not investing in bitcoin ?, recalling a bit in 2013 the CEO of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor commented "the days of bitcoin are numbered", today day we see that the company MicroStrategy made a millionaire investment in bitcoins, and not only happens with that institution, it is also the case of SkyBridge, Galaxy Digital Holdings and Square. Taking the case of the SkyBridge firm, I made an investment of 25 million USD in BTC, currently those 25 million are worth 37 million USD, a 48% increase in a short time, its CEO Brett Messing advises to save an amount of our savings in BTC for the future, considering bitcoin better than gold. This is just one example of what a person who runs a large institution thinks and the motivation they have to invest in BTC, we can see that the mentality of large entrepreneurs is changing more in favor of the use of btc, all this is good For the rise in prices, the amount of millions that has entered thanks to the purchase of btc from the whales, has allowed the price to stay afloat and be somewhat stable for more than 1 month, now I ask you ... Are you still hesitating to invest in btc? how is it possible that you are not investing in btc?
  3. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet recovery service for those who may have lost access to their desktop, hardware, or online wallets due to phishers / scammers . If you have forgotten the password or lost access to the Seed Phrase but you have a good idea what the password might of been or if you have lost one word from your Seed, there is a very good chance you regain access to your bitcoins or other cryptocurrency. You can file a complaint directly to - hacknet (A T ) cyberservices (D T / C M ) . They have several methods for recovering your lost/stolen Wallet Information some private and some public.
  4. "A large part of the cryptocurrency market [is] made up of unsophisticated investors with less financial knowledge. These investors are likely to overesteer reward prospects in cryptocurrencies and underestimate the risk involved in investing (...) I would expect those most educated in finance to be less likely to engage in a highly volatile new instrument and transactions driven by unreally high promised rewards, or by feeling and imitation" Think Foward Report. Hello friends, I found interesting this article which shows that in many countries like Canada and the United States the people with the most knowledge are the ones who least risk investing, resulting in those who acquire assets like BTC or ETH are the ones who have the least information, that you think these people get carried away by fear and do not take advantage of their knowledge or are they being sensible not to invest in such a volatile market?
  5. Investing in cryptocurrencies is one way people are using to get rich ,become a millionaire. But it doesn't mean you become a millionaire instantly. You have to research and analyze every coin to make decisions that brings you fortune. Indeed, cryptocurrency can make you rich overnight
  6. How about colleagues, once again here, this time I would like to get your most sincere criticisms about the Defi issue. Throughout these months, the importance of investing in defi currencies has been heard a lot, I have been researching a little about which currency to invest, and I have come to a conclusion that there are many opportunities from which you can choose, but from which I consider more appropriate would be some of the following: Chainlink Aave Compound Uniswap The last one I consider a great opportunity since I have investigated and it comes from an exchange, and within there different investment pools are maintained, it is just beginning and has already taken the strength to be within the first 10 according to coinmarketcap. But tell me what you think, about investments in defi, do you think it is profitable? Or will it just be something momentary and go out of style. If this publication has been helpful or you liked, I invite you to give me a like, or better give me a rating, remember that with this you support me a lot in addition to your comment is very important. All the information in this publication is from a personal investigation, always remember to carry out an individual analysis or investigation.
  7. I have read expert information but I would like to know your personal opinion, I have gone through good and bad experiences but I would like to be able to improve my income during this year. Thank you
  8. Заинтересовал вопрос,где же больше инвестируют и на каких платформах?Будет прикреплен опрос. Если нет вашего проекта в списке пишите в комментариях.Так же большая просьба,если кто то уже написал про проект которого нет в списке, просто оставьте лайк на этом посте.Чтобы проще было считать.
  9. How can we make $ 10,000 by investing Talk!! 🔥 Did you know that by investing Talk coin, we have a great opportunity to win $ 10,000 !? ✨ The plan is as follows: Placing $ 250 into the Yobit investment fund for one year (low risk) By investing $ 250 for a full year, what we will get at the end of the year is $ 9,445 !! Law of computing compound interest: Capital * (1 + 0.01) ^ 365 It's a little risk worth trying! We know that with the new payment system, we are getting $ 250 a month! So it's easy to secure $ 250 Capital! Regarding the Talk currency: We know that the forum is developing day by day through the work of the moderators and the laws and rules that are updated every period Therefore, I think that the price of the Talk coin will not drop below 85 Satoshi! In fact, I think it will exceed 200 tok in the coming days! What do you think of this plan? did you like it ? Are you a risk-lover?
  10. Довольно таки популярная тема инвестирования в различные проекты... Многие задаются вопросом о том, не вложиться ли им в крипту. Какие бы вы могли дать советы новичкам или уже продвинутым пользователям? Какие у вас есть необычные истории, связанные с данной сферой?
  11. Based on CoinmarketCap XRP price today is $0.297589 USD. Although there is a small increase in prices from the beginning of October to date. but some experts said It's no good to make XRP Ripple for long term investment (more a year). XRP price will not reach price $1 in a year. What do you think?
  12. What are the common mistake in investing crypto? Crypto currency is something new to me, and I've enough money to invest in crypto to make a profit, But before starting to invest, I want to know first, are there common mistakes that are often made by beginner traders
  13. Blake Star 2.0, the BLAS trading symbol, is a digital cryptocurrency focused on privacy and anonymity for its users. The Blake Star 2.0 network is supported by one new algoritm x22, as well as the creation of paid masternode nodes, decentralized miners that process transactions in blocks that are added to the public blockchain. When creating each block, a certain amount of Blake Star 2.0 is created, which is paid to the miners, as well as to the masternode nodes that are served by the network. The complexity of the algorithms for checking the work progress is adjusted so that a block is created approximately every 2.3 minutes. Blake Star 2.0 was created not only to provide reliable user privacy that Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies lacked at the time, but also to provide a cryptocurrency that could support possible repression from hostile governments and central banks. Unlike many alternative cryptocurrencies, which only serve to financially enrich developers, Blake Star 2.0 was released in a completely transparent manner and with a fair initial distribution of coins. The coin is actively developing, a team of 4 active developers is working on the project every day. Developers have a long history of working on online privacy issues. In digital networks, anonymity is the lack of evidence that can reveal the true identity, social data, and location of someone. While the lack of identifying information such as names or addresses is the first step towards achieving anonymity, it is not enough in the context of digital blockchain transactions using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. This partial anonymity is pseudonymous, not anonymous: all your transactions are visible, and the only thing that protects you is your “fake” name. Currently, the development team is working to create an innovative platform that will achieve the maximum level of anonymity and speed of transactions in the Blake Star 2.0 network. The platform will work on the principle of differentiation of block hashes at the input and output of transactions, in addition, all active master nodes that will participate in this process, every 20 days will receive an additional reward of 220 coins. The master nodes will be added to the wallet functions when the network reaches 70,000 blocks. The price of the master node will be 13,750 coins. Also, taking into account the completion of new features, the remuneration for the block will be changed by +175%.For better network protection, a new algorithm of own development x22 was also added !! SPECEFICATIONS: Symbol: BLAS Consensus:PoW (proof-of-work)new algoritm x22, and masternode. Mining algorithms: X22 Blocktime: 150 seconds RPC port: 9798 P2P port: 9779 Blockreward schedule: Blocks 2 to ... : 0.75 BLAS The master nodes will be added to the wallet functions when the network reaches 70,000 blocks WALLET: addnode= addnode= addnode= GitHub: Windows Wallet: MacoS Wallet: Linux Wallet : LINKS: NEW Web: Explorer: Discord: Facebook: Twitter: Telegram:
  14. There are groups of scammers/phishers who use binary options to steal your money. It’s really hard telling the authenticity of the online platforms only if you’ve had a bad experience with them after trading or doing any form of business/investment with them. Having been a victim of fbexbit, Ive had bad experience with them, I once lost Total of 4000$, I started with just 1500$ until I started having issues withdrawing my funds. It took me several months to realize I have fallen for the scammers. I later met a crypto expert on Quora who works with Instant Funds Recovery. I was able to hire his services and he was able to recover my initial deposit and also my profit successfully. You can file a complaint directly to : hacknet (A T ) cyberservices ( DT / CM) in case you need assistance retrieving your stolen/lost funds
  15. Hello friends ! Do you prefer to invest money from this forum or you prefer to collect money !? Please tell us about ways to invest 😉 Thank you .
  16. Welcome, dear friends, I want to ask you: Can I enter the world of investment from my payments that I get from the forum and what are the best investment sites and is there a way to increase my profits from the forum I will be happy with your responses, whatever they are, and I will give the positive reputation and follow-up to all responses. Thank you, my dear friends
  17. I want to use investbox since i have completed total 10 trades at, but i'm afraid to invest on a coint that might fall in price and eat up my money. so what coin are you experienced guys invest on right now?
  18. I never really invested on any coin at, due to lack of trust in these ICOs and also fear of dumps and pumps, but the biggest reason is these requirements they impose, especially the one for paying dice. So what coins do you guys invest on at yobit and how how long, is it profitable?
  19. Зарабатывай в интернете привлекая клиентов (инвесторов и партнеров) в инвестиционный проект в сфере Искусственного Интеллекта. Вы как партнер компании строите сами свой доход, который может быть от 1000 до 5000 у.е. и выше. Сейчас повсеместно разрабатываются проекты в сфере Искусственного Интеллекта и вкладчики, которые войдут в этот рынок на начальном этапе существования компании могут зарабатывать пассивно, так как стоимость 1 акции меньше доллара, со временем будет рост акций. К 2030 году планируется повсеместное внедрение технологий Искусственного Интеллекта. Суть проекта заключается в привлечении инвестиций, которые будут направлены на разработку продуктов в области искусственного интеллекта. Эти продукты будут использоваться пользователями на платной основе, а инвесторы, вложившие средства в разработку этих продуктов, будут получать доход от компании, так как именно она разработала эти продукты. Получение дивидендного (пассивного) дохода: акционеры получают 50% прибыли от продукции компании. Продукты искусственного интеллекта будут иметь разные направления: например: 1 / биометрия-обнаружение злоумышленников по лицу, дистанционное подтверждение личности, распознавание силуэта и поведения человека. 2 / компьютерное зрение-отслеживание времени лица, Распознавание продукта, обнаружение и диагностика заболеваний. 3 / обработка естественного языка-понимание смысла информации для ведения диалога с человеком, извлечения конкретной информации 4 / речевые технологии-замена операторов искусственным интеллектом, интеллектуальный голосовой помощник, повышение производительности с помощью голосовых команд и другие продукты. И доход инвестора тоже будет складываться за счет того, что инвестор будет владеть акциями самой компании и чем больше у него акций, тем больше будет доходность. Одна акция сейчас стоит около 1 доллара. Благодаря накоплению данных и внедрению многих сервисов планируемая цена акций вырастет более чем на 10 000% за 5 лет. Сайт проекта: Зарегистрированным пользователям дается возможность получить 500 акций бесплатно их успеют получить ещё 10 000 новых аккаунтов, которые станут доступны после подтверждения своего профиля в личном кабинете проекта. Нельзя с 100% гарантировать успех той или иной компании, но шанс нужно давать каждой, ведь некоторые из них становятся успешными. Для примера, акции Uber за 8 лет выросли в 16000 раз.
  20. I have idle money of US $ 300, and my plan is to buy Stellar as a long-term investment (one year), so I want to know more about Stellar price will go up or go down in the two next month (December) 2019, and what are the next predictions for the beginning of the year until the end of 2020, whether prices will go up or down, So, should I invest in Stellar?.
  21. Investing cryptocurrency in an exchange site looks very profitable, will earn interest as a passive income, we don't need to do anything and every month we will get interest, What I want to know is what risk will occur if we invest in an exchange site
  22. I think some "investmentists"don't achieve amazing thing simply because they're afraid, these people have afraid of failure. But failure is part of the trader. Learn how Time at Risk can help you do not afraid. Traditional financial concepts can adapt world Crypto. (!) (?)
  23. Seigniorage style Stable Cent (CENTUS) is a stablecoin that implements an algorithmically governed approach to expanding and contracting a stablecoin’s money supply. 100 US Stable Cent (CENTUS) ≈ 1 US Dollar Bill (USD). By allowing participants to buy and sell CENTUS, smart contract acts as a market maker. To buy CENTUS tokens, participants send funds to Smart Contract, where they are kept as a variable reserve. The primary purpose of CENTUS reserve is to ensure participants ability to sell CENTUS; the contract will always offer to buy CENTUS, drawing on funds from the reserve. Twice a week, as soon as new participants buy CENTUS, the smart contract mints new CENTUS and distributes them among existing CENTUS holders on a pro rata basis depending on market demand. With Centus, you get $100 bonus when signing up and also earn when you invite friends. After opening CENTUS account, each participant receives Invite BONUS in the amount of 100 USD. The amount of bonus seigniorage for one accrual is 1% of the amount of BONUS or 1 US dollar and 4 US dollars in total. After receiving all the seigniorage accruals, BONUS is debited from your account. Centus also will reward you for inviting your friends. You receive: 50 USD BONUS for the partner invited by yourself (your first line partner); 10 USD BONUS for the partner invited by your first line partner (your second line partner); 2 USD BONUS for the partner invited by your second line partner (your third line partner); 1 USD BONUS for the partner invited by your third line partner (your fourth line partner); 0.5 USD BONUS for the partner invited by your fourth line partner (your fifth line partner). You can also get 4 times a bonus seigniorage in the amount of 1% for each accrual. After 4 seigniorage accruals, you can transfer the accumulated seigniorage to your Stellar address as BONUS tokens that can be exchanged into CENTUS at a rate of at least 1 USD BONUS = 100 CENTUS = 1 USD or higher, depending on your affiliate network activity and CENTUS amount in your Stellar wallet. Create a free account and get $100 bonus now. Remember to put in XLM address to receive the bonus. You can create XLM account at My first payment proof last night, withdrew $1.5, received 150 BONUS.
  24. Есть информационный англоязычный проект банковской тематики с историей с 2008 г. и посещаемостью около 2500 хостов. Для проекта в 2020 г. создан официальный токен на блокчейне waves. В рамках развития крипто направления ищется бизнес-партнер, без каких-либо первоначальных вложений. Предложения в ЛС.
  25. Introducing DuckDice – online cryptocurrency dice game. Featuring exquisite design and flawless performance DuckDice offers outstanding gaming experience where reliability is treated as a highest priority. Currently you can bet with BTC, LTC, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Ripple we will consider adding new cryptocurrencies based on your feedback. And, of course, we have everything you like: Provably Fair – don't want to trust us blindly? Verify your bet! Verified Bankroll – we are happy to provide respectful members of bitcointalk society with a wallet address and a signed message! 10 BTC max win – you can win up to 10 BTC per EACH bet! Instant Deposits – deposit instantly for up to to 3 BTC! Faucet – get up to 2000 free satoshis to try the game! Anonymity – nothing but username is required by DuckDice to start playing. Support – our specialists are more than happy to help you at any time via Live Chat available directly on the site! Chat – built-in chat with avatars and full pack of emojis is available for our chatty friends! Messenger – great messenger for PM's that was developed in the most user-friendly way. Rainbot – automated CloudyBot that will cheer our chatty friends with coins for every few hours! Quick withdrawals – super simple and secure withdrawal procedure that will take only few clicks. Low House Edge – only 1% on DuckDice, means that 99% of wagered amount goes to you. Affiliate program – highly competitive 15%commission for every referred! And we can offer more. The Most Wagering Contest – receive part of the House Edge back by participating in the contest! Constant development – constant improvements based on user feedback! Modern UI and many more that you can check yourself by visiting us on DuckDice! Thank you and waiting for your feedback! ↓↓↓Go to the game↓↓↓ The bonus registration link Nice WIN...FREE FAUCET CRYPTO COINS. Introducing DuckDice – online cryptocurrency dice game. Featuring exquisite design and flawless performance DuckDice offers outstanding gaming experience where reliability is treated as a highest priority. Thank you and waiting for your feedback! ↓↓↓Go to the game↓↓↓ The bonus registration link
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