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Found 9 results

  1. Всех приветствую, дорогие товарищи друзья! Не так давно установил кошелёк JAXX - в связи с чем хотелось бы узнать мнение сообщества - как оно вообще, стОит или нет? Упоминание про данный кошель есть в англоязычной части, в русской ничего не отыскал. Может кто уже пользуется давно, какие есть плюсы \ минусы и так далее. Также там есть вроде как мобильная версия - если вам есть что сказать про неё, милости прошу! Будет интересно ознакомиться. Официальный сайт:
  2. Hello! I am newer to the crypto area and have found two blockchain and cryptonator wallets and I would like to know which of these two is ok. And if anyone is using the blockchain wallet, I would like to know what the funds transfer fees are. I heard this is better. Thank you and I look forward to your answers.
  3. Desktop wallet: Installed onto the hard drive of your computer and can only be accessed by your computer. The private key for your wallet is stored on your computer. It’s essential to back-up and maintain this wallet as your coins can be lost if the device or its files are corrupted. Your computer can be hacked via malware if you connect to the internet or insert corrupted files. Online wallets: A cloud-based storage wallet that can be accessed from any device and which offers convenience for spending on your mobile device. This type of wallet is the least secure as your private key is stored in the cloud. Mobile wallets: An app that is installed on to your mobile phone for convenient payments on the go. The private key is stored on the phone, so your coins are only as secure as your phone. This type of wallet can be susceptible to hacks, loss or theft. Hardware wallets: A small external device, such as a USB stick that only connects to the internet when you make a transaction. Because it’s offline for most of the time, this is the most secure storage method. Paper wallets: A piece of paper that has the public and private keys written on them. The benefit is that they can be stored long-term offline and can be given as gifts but they are vulnerable to being destroyed through fire, water or a hungry pet! Idea Source:
  4. Hello, Which wallet do you use in storing your coins For me,I prefer using trust wallet to store the little coin I get from mining.
  5. A few weeks ago I touched on the issue of underground wallets being an accomplice or part of money laundering or embezzlement by the hyips, I want to be reflective with these issues since these online currency fiat "digital" purses currently have a very wide trust and it is enough for many users of the internet, is this a mistake ?, I would say yes, since being online wallets registered in tax havens like Panama, there is a lot of freedom so that they do not perform route scrutiny, this type of online purses can be Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash, Qiwi, among others, maybe there are people who will not agree with my post to some extent but it is something to analyze to some extent, since this is usually ignored because The custom of uar these wallets has been taken as a routine part, when those owners won't earn money.. think about it.
  6. Hello my friends Perhaps one of the most important things that every newbie is looking for in the world of work in the Internet is to search for a portfolio where he puts his money and profits, especially if it comes to electronic currencies such as the famous currencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and others. Introduce you to the best portfolios you know, both in terms of safety and ease of use and availability of most of the currencies that revolve in the arena. This platform is called WAVES PLATFORM and below is the registration link
  7. PC purses or mobile phones are ideal for everyone, but the trap or the assembly of a pishing purse is always present, there is no idea that it is a new way of breaking security systems without verifying absolutely nothing! Once you get to download a wallet, always be aware of where you download it and what network you connect, the security of the site and if the site is official and appropriate. Avoid downloading mobile wallets in stores that support any all underground, always go to the official website of each wallet.
  8. Simon

    Qoinpro wallet

    Has anyone used ive been a member for about 1.5 years , I’ve never deposited as I suspected it was a bit dogy but from time to time I check it and my balance grows as each day they tip you coins BTC LTc Dash Doge ect. unfortunatley I cant access it and was wondering has anyone else had experience with this platform. In theory this would make this the best wallet out there in my opinion as they offer good return on holding assets
  9. A short while ago I received 69000 Brapper tokens in my trust wallet, I had no idea why they were , or how I got them. anyways I’ve had a look and found that they can be used to tip .... web cam models. will investigate further was just wondering does anyone have a brapper account or these tokens or even use them?
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