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  1. In my country, knows about Cryptocurrency and many people out here are in crypto world, but right now there are no prohibitions on exchanging crypto currency here, but the government uses it to alert people that it is dangerous, however there are no crypto laws yet.
  2. Yeah, you can go to the withdraw page by clicking on usd when you convert your coins to usd, and then you'll see every bank available in yobit, I attempted from yobit to payeer it was so easy, no over 2 minutes
  3. Hello my friend, yeah, this is the exact method for transferring the yobit money to other wallets that are not supported by yobit, such as paypal, payoneer. Then there is another good website that can change your assets instantly from one wallet and have your ideal assets in your favorite wallet. I hope you all have a good day ❤️
  4. Yes my friend, I agree with you that litecoin is the best currency for transaction purposes, because when I withdraw funds in yobit, I personally use litecoin, its take really small amount maybe a few cents according to the currency price, but thanks for sharing, you're very useful other currency details. I hope you have a good day ❤️
  5. Hello my friend, first of all, I would like to say that this forum is a very useful site for earning and studying. From this platform, we can develop our English language skills. We post on the website in English every day, which enhances our English language skills. On this site, people from all over the world discuss different topics related to internet, we can learn a lot from reading those posts. I hope you all have a good day ❤️
  6. Hello my friend. I hope that at the price of a million dollars, new millionaires and financial liberties will be made. In addition to its effectiveness, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies is growing, so I do not see it difficult to hit that price in 2025, but it will not be simple either as there are barriers to eliminate. I hope you have a good day ❤️
  7. Hello my friend, I would suggest that you read and understand . I recommend that beginners invest in the yobit investing box at the beginning to know when to work, it is really secure, have a job and what you will invest in, buy stable currencies that you know will not crash too easily; buy them in the bearish season and sell them in the bullish season. And you'll get used to working little by little and this will be easy for you. I hope you have a good day ❤️
  8. Hello my friend I think the frozen symbol is the symbol being promoted which was not introduced for trading on exchanges, and one of the reasons that makes me interested in currencies and not symbols is the appearance of this frozen symbol. I want to learn that at some point, frozen symbols will disappear. I hope you all have a good day ❤️
  9. Hello my friends, I welcome all comments and viewpoints of others, and it is a responsibility for us to accept them and we should not want to quarrel between each other in order to maintain the good community , when it might be prevented, lose members and even our accounts in the future. I hope you all have good day ❤️
  10. Hello my friend, for me, I really don't know anything when I enter the crypto world, and because of curiosity, I try to start working in faucet to claim bitcoins, then I guess dogecoin is most important because this faucets pays a large amount of dogecoins, but some time later I learned that bitcoin is the most powerful of all coins, so I join this crypto talk forum and then I understand all fully. I hope you all have a good day ❤️
  11. Hello my friend, lockdown has pulled everyone into looking for opportunities to earn an online income and I hope many have decided to pursue cryptocurrency trading and it's great to learn that you have a chance to do live trading to raise even further money, I hope you all have a good day ❤️
  12. In my opinion, Blockchain is the infrastructure behind Bitcoin, it is actually what is very fascinating that it is public, it can not be changed and available to anybody with a computer, whether this form of technology is used with some businesses or other products other than the bitcoin, it can be a good opportunity to monitor how money is spent and where everything is invested.
  13. Hello my friend, I would like to think that you're secured. I enter with several passwords. KYC, like. Although I do not know how secure the servers of the exchanges are. I know that recently, a stock exchange was attacked. The use of a cold wallet is also recommended. I hope you all have a good day ❤️
  14. Hello my friend. Yeah, Crypto is not just about chance, and in making choices, there is a lot of experience that goes into it, which results in benefit. There are those who believe that if you are fortunate to do so, you will only catch a trend in crypto prices for trading, but the basic truth is that many make choices based on their experience, such as patterns, market situations, and so on. It is vital that these things be remembered. Trading is the experience of the majority over chance. I hope you all have a good day ❤️
  15. Yeah, this is such wonderful news. If Bitcoin is formally recognized by all nations, I know that things will be better, and the future will be better and better. The adoption of Bitcoin would improve the world economic market. I hope you all have a good day ❤️
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