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Found 26 results

  1. Some people only read price predictions when they want to invest in a particular coin. This is a common method but news is also a very important source of gathering information about the future of crypto coins. For example, sometimes you read in the news that a certain finance or a big company have plans to start a project for a particular coin. This kind of news often leads to the increase in value but the effect could be anything. Have you ever invested in any coins based on cryptocurrency news? Which one do you think is more reliable as the basis for investment, news or price predictions?
  2. Before I Invest With Cryptoqurrency? 1. Check the overall contents of the project such as a team, road map, white paper, etc. 2. Check various features offered by the project such as privacy coins or decentralized coins. 3. Check how valuable the coins are or compare with other more popular coins. if the coins have potential, of course have a multi-professional team & the volume of coins always increases. 4. To be honest, the best coins to invest are the top coins or have been listed in the top 10 at CMC. 5. I suggest you invest in established coins rather than looking for very young and newly planted coins to invest. I say this because I personally don't have a high risk appetite, so it's better to invest safely .. how about you guys?
  3. Краткая информация. Название: Token CashPay Обозначение: TCP Количество: 1,000,000 Decimals: 18 Платформа: Ethereum (ERC20) Etherscan: 0x331A4589516EAE384eA5F557853AF6aF73B9534e Ethplorer: 0x331a4589516eae384ea5f557853af6af73b9534e Сoingecko Coinpaprika Website: Tcpcoins Social Media: Facebook Twitter Reddit Medium Telegram Forum: CriptoBit ForumBits Bitalk Криптобиржи: Crex24 Токен TCP - это универсальный торговый, платежный и инвестиционный инструмент, предназначенный для свободного оборота на крипто рынке. Для владельцев интернет площадок действует партнерская программа. В проекте Token CashPay - Airdrop, Bounty, Mining, проведение ICO не предусмотрено. Токен TCP соответствуют стандарту ERC20, что делает его публично доступной, проверяемой, не подделываемой и содержащей в себе механизмы. Токен TCP не является ценной бумагой, не привязан к доллару, не привязан к платформе. Токен TCP создан как универсальный инструмент и может использоваться в любой области криптоиндустрии. Token CashPay (TCP) price, performance and general information: Coinstats Coingolive Coincost Cmc Tradetwist
  4. Before investing our money, we must first invest our time in order to have all kinds of knowledge regarding currencies and to be familiar with the subject. This is an important and fundamental issue when investing our savings, since we cannot put our work and investment at stake, these are some of the steps you must take before investing ... 1. Research, read and learn. When we make a good investment is when we have already had enough time invested in research and learning from the risks that are taken, since the risk will always be in our investments. Learn about the technology that implements Bitcoin, what is a blockchain, what blocks have been, the differences that exist of a Bitcoin and a Token and thus be able to know the entire crypto system, and know all the crypto assets that exist. 2. Start step by step, be very patient. Investigating does not make us an expert and we do not need to be an expert to begin, simply by knowing what it is about, what the subject understands and its system. This is a good start and the first step of our investment. If we have patience and go little by little we will obtain great profits, since cryptocurrencies have been a decade since their beginning and it can be said that it is still in a stage of development and that is why we cannot invest everything from the beginning, since there are risks very tall. 3. Always look beyond our horizon. We should not put all the flowers in the same vase ... We know that one of the main cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin, which is projected to a better future, but this should not make us forget the rest and what it can offer us. 4. Attention to safety. When our money is going to be invested, we will be converting it into digital money. Therefore, we should not overlook their security, as it is an important and fundamental factor in all investments. You have to have excellent cybersecurity, since there are many hackers who are waiting for new victims. One of the best options to avoid this is to have a digital wallet, (Wallets), immediately when you buy cryptocurrencies and then move them to your own personal wallet. 5. Lastly, be prepared for your movements and sudden changes. There is a lot of volatility in the currency market. Therefore, it is necessary that we all have strategies that save us from these tides and be able to continue swimming. Do not look for short-term investments, you must always be patient, a passive investment is the secret of success. I hope this is very helpful and thank me.
  5. I think that creating a cryptocurrency from my point of analysis is totally profitable. Owning a digital asset that has volatility even once a year guarantees a good return. The most important thing is to have a team that supports your idea, it can be a tertiary crypto to start experiencing the startup project. If I had the opportunity to create my own cryptocurrency, I would not hesitate to direct it to the education of the blockchain system, a very powerful and corrective idea, to address an audience as demanding as this is a lesson in creation and incentive.
  6. Hi all cryptotalk members! Today i want to introduce you to this new site that i have been using as a faucet, fixed deposit investment and to multiply my BTC and DOGE investments! And it is legit and paying. The site i am referring to is: I encourage your guys to sign up using my referral link as every week i give away 500 doge based on my referral activities. Therefore if you are more active and claim more and do more investments, you will get a larger portion of the 1000 doge share. So i encourage you to join with the referral link and let us help each other out. Now to the features of this amazing faucet! The first feature which i am sure we all know well is the faucet which allows you to claim up to $150 in doge every hour. The system is the same as and rewards you based on your roll, with the minimum being 0.3 doge, which you can increase to 1.2 doge per hour quite simply by making a fixed deposit. Now coming to the fixed deposit, you can invest your doge and bitcoin here and earn interest. If you invest for 7 days you get 2%, 4% for 14 days and 6% for 21 days. I have made use of the fixed deposit option and it pays out interest daily! Now if you want to put your cash in for a bit longer, then you use the 3 month option (10.5% interest per month), 6 months (15% per month) or 1 year (18% per month). This means you can triple your investment in one year! And it is completely legit! I myself have used the investment option and have been able to cash out as well (I withdraw to my faucetpay wallet). Next they have a multiply BTC/DOGE option just like your normal gambling which is provably fair! And you have a moon game to multiply you bet substantially!! I hope that you guys consider joining up to this site! And i hope that you will use my referral link when you join up. 😋😋 All the best and i hope that you stay active to get a weekly share of that 500 doge! I will attach payment proof here so you can see that this faucet is paying! Oh and they have just changed the minimum withdraw to 200 doge, which you can withdraw in btc or doge to your account. You can also make deposits in doge or btc!
  7. In last 2-3 Years i have invested a lot of mony in ICO's ( lot for me , it may be 1 hr income for you ) as far as i remembered i Invested in Truedeck TDP token ( almost 1 eth , when 1 eth was about 500-600$ ) today it values less than 5$ 😄 , in 1 days its price decreased 300-400% Another is , same case , invested (0.8 eth ) , DGTX ( hope it will be better ) , Miracle tele token sale ( 1 eth 2019 ) Lets share your story
  8. Arcade Invest is a platform where a crowdinvesting project / store / PLAY2DAY ecosystem is being launched, intended for sales in the gaming industry and everything related to it. What it is: Company product: The first product is a news portal in the field of gaming and other news. This is an existing project that creates a huge traffic of hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. Game2Day-news portal: The second product is an online video game store: Play2Day: the store is launched, you can already make purchases! There are constant updates and improvements, as well as the necessary work on SEO optimization. The main activity of the store is selling digital copies of computer games and other products. This is a clear product with clear monetization. Direct link - The third product is a social network for gamers. This product is planned to implement a large functionality that is in demand by gamers. According to the company, there are no analogues on the market. The project will monetize both advertisers and users. Plus, this is additional traffic to the store. Direct link - The alpha version is currently in progress Arcade Invest is a platform that attracts investment in the 2DAY ecosystem. The company is registered in Russia and is subject to the laws of the Russian Federation. The project has clear and transparent documents. The form of shares is property law. Let's run through the main points. Advantages: A limited number of shares, with no additional issue, is good!; A small number of shares only 60,000 pieces; 50% of the profit from all implemented projects belongs to investors; It is possible to sell shares from the first day of launch. This is generally not many of the projects can offer; More than a year of fruitful, non-stop and effective work of the team itself, aimed not only at attracting investment, but also, most importantly, the development of the platform itself; A competent team in all areas, the team creates a reputation for the project and always strives to fulfill the stated and this is a huge plus; Ready-made products, currently a portal, video game store and loot boxes, do not forget that there is still a social on the way; Registered in the Russian Federation (flexible to changes, if necessary). Full set of documents. Legally reading and open company; Quick feedback, direct communication with the team. This is important when you need to find out something, you don't have to wait days for an e-mail to be answered, and it is also important that the opinion of investors is taken into account; The niche of the fast-growing, promising market of the gaming industry, where there is a huge amount of money, about $150 billion. (at a modest estimate); The first dividend was already paid in June 2019 and this will continue; There are no postponements of dates for changes in the value of the share, or its depreciation, the value of the investment share has only grown over time; There are installments for packages of shares. You can take installments for a large amount, and pay each month in small amounts. Each person can afford a share or a package of shares. On a pocket; The project corresponds to the road map. The team not only promises, but also does what it has planned; There is a great potential for increasing the value of the share and receiving solid dividends. IT-product is very popular, and with proper implementation will bring excellent profits; It is already starting from the start-up stage (monetization has started) and partially implemented projects. There are several more on the way. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Link to the promo page(here you can read all the details) - Link to the land page - Link to your personal account(here you can buy shares) - Link to VK -
  9. Yobit has been a greatly misunderstood exchange. Many people heard of scammers who impersonated Yobit admins to rob them. Many devs took advantage of Yobit loosely listing requirements and promoted their coins that in trillions in supply. I know I’m exaggerating a bit but they do have a large supply and can use it to dump on users whenever they wish. Thus, these users after suffering huge losses, then turned around and blamed Yobit and characterized the platform as a “Scam Exchang”. Some nervous users had even gone to an extreme extent to suspect and expressed it publicly that Yobit might become the next exit scam! Yobit never talked back to deny any of those charges. Instead, they’ve shown how much of a progress and growth the has been, especially starting at the beginning of 2019. And then, Yobit finally has its own coin called YO. On CMC, it is listed with symbol YO, but in some digital wallet like Coinomi, it is known as YOT for Yobit Token. I love to promote Yobit for free. Somebody has to. After all, it is the only exchange in which the Team has users’ best interest. They always want to create new opportunities for users to make money. Granted they want to make money for themselves too, but supporting users in making profits is what seems to be the Admins’ number one goal. At the first chance to promote Yobit freely at CryptoTallk, I began to point out some of the rare gems at the platform. I told people about Micro, and I believe they have been profiting from the Micro IB. I told them about Dogecoin IB, and I believe the new users have been making money from it also. The prices for both of these two coins have been rising although they have been earning extra coins daily. Now, I wish to encourage them to reinvest the profits in PUMP and in YO to hopefully further their gains but with a long term plans in mind. Why? Because Yobit is here to stay and so is its own coin YO and some of the high interest rate coin like PUMP and PONY... But don’t bother with PONY yet until after you have accumulated 2 YO or more. Right now, while on your way to your first 0.5 YO, try to accumulate PUMP at 4% daily first. With PUMP, you will practically double the numbers of your coins in every 20 days. Wishing you the best of luck!
  10. I would like to suggest you to check out StakeCube. As you can already see on the chart above, their own coin called StakeCubeCoin had a great run recently and in total of 2 months, the price increased by more than 800%! Right now the price is still going up and SCC is going to the moon. Soon it's going to be worth it 1$ and right now, there's more than 20,000$ traded in it daily with almost 7 mil. USD market cap. Usage of StakeCubeCoin with StakeCube Since SCC is a Proof of Stake coin, it can be earned by locking up a stake from your wallet and earn a block reward based on how big your stake is. This allows you to passively earn the coin just by holding it. StakeCubeCoin is constantly being used on the staking pool platform StakeCube to process payments. There is currently NO FEE for SCC for both staking or shared masternodes. There's also tens of more coins supported on StakeCube and all are depositable and withdrawable with no fee as well. If you wish to read about StakeCube itself, please check my other topic: What caused StakeCubeCoin's bull run Even before SCC started increasing in price so much, it already had a great amount of investors. It's because SCC offers very high ROI when staking. It highly depends but it's around 50% yearly, which is much better than earning interest, or staking other coins. This ability bought many new investors to purchase this coin and farm the staking rewards. This already guaranteed a clear stable price, and a low risk. The rocket was launched by a new feature that introduced MineCube (Bitcoin cloud mining). The catch there was that payments are done with SCC, not Bitcoin directly. This lead many users buy SCC to purchase a lifetime mining contract. Even on the first days, it caused a great trading volume growth. I already had my purchased coins ready, and I didn't spend all of them on the cloud mining. The price you pay was backed at 4$ in SCC, which lead to changes in the amount of SCC you pay for the hashpower. After a week, I was sure this is going to increase the price a lot. There was a high demand on SCC and it exceeded the supply volume. Starting from 5th May, an even further update was already in development. StakeCube added a new feature of hosting full cold/hot/VPS masternodes. You only had to deposit the coins needed for the masternode, and they maintained it all for you - indeed, there was a little fee, that you had to pay in SCC. At the time of writing, the feature is almost fully released, still leaving VPS hosting under development. Combining all of these factors together, it caused an insane demand of SCC. In total of just 2 months, the price of StakeCubeCoin grew by more than 800%. Luckily, the market still hasn't crashed and I'm still holding my coins. If you want to use StakeCubeCoin, please use the provided link below to join my team. Registration link:
  11. Aside from promises of insanely high returns and pestering agents who bombard you with emails, how else can you spot an investment scam?
  12. Eos coin from last two year's its rank always in top ten coins of crypto market on Coinmarketcap and coingecko sites. It means its is top level coin of crypto market. And its capitalization not bad at all. Now currently price of eos is 2.88$ and now its price very low as compare to price of eos coin in feb 2020 was 6$ so in next five years i think its price will goes to 100$ to 500$ because this is huge project of crypto market.
  13. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet recovery service for those who may have lost access to their desktop, hardware, or online wallets due to phishers / scammers . If you have forgotten the password or lost access to the Seed Phrase but you have a good idea what the password might of been or if you have lost one word from your Seed, there is a very good chance you regain access to your bitcoins or other cryptocurrency. You can file a complaint directly to - hacknet (A T ) cyberservices (D T / C M ) . They have several methods for recovering your lost/stolen Wallet Information some private and some public.
  14. You could say yes! I see it that way in the form of a game but for many, Bitcoin has brought happiness to many parts of the planet. Note that thanks to this medium, the freedom to manage money is much broader than before, these assets must be taken seriously. Bitcoin being a reality that is not physically palpable, allows you to do as much as you can, even fulfill your dreams with it, it is possible the measure that you know how to handle it. Many people have become millionaires thanks to Btc, others have learned and others simply enjoy it, and you? What group are you part of?
  15. New comers and old time players alike continually build their crypto portfolio. Some are heavily investing on ICO's and some are buying btc or any other altcoins to build theirs. This is how I build mine: 1. Establish a plan. My plan is to build my portfolio by injecting 50$ on my investment monthly. 2. Allocation. I then allocate a certain percentage of that amount to buy BTC, ETH, and XRP. This are the coins I'm holding at the moment. 3. Buy at interval. I'm buying coins twice a month regardless of their price to spread the risk. This helps me build up my crypto portfolio without me noticing how much I already invested. But of course, I also keep a record of how much I already added to my investment so that I can cost average it and see if I already gain a nice profit. How about you guys? Please share how you build up yours.
  16. There are groups of scammers/phishers who use binary options to steal your money. It’s really hard telling the authenticity of the online platforms only if you’ve had a bad experience with them after trading or doing any form of business/investment with them. Having been a victim of fbexbit, Ive had bad experience with them, I once lost Total of 4000$, I started with just 1500$ until I started having issues withdrawing my funds. It took me several months to realize I have fallen for the scammers. I later met a crypto expert on Quora who works with Instant Funds Recovery. I was able to hire his services and he was able to recover my initial deposit and also my profit successfully. You can file a complaint directly to : hacknet (A T ) cyberservices ( DT / CM) in case you need assistance retrieving your stolen/lost funds
  17. i mean if some want to invest in trading what should he know about a coins or about exchange or something else please justify
  18. Crypto Leagues is a new free-to-play cryptocurrency investment game. Compete to make the most profit by trading cryptocurrencies. What's the purpose of the game? The game is whatever you make it! Learn about cryptocurrencies in a risk-free environment. Win cryptocurrencies - sent directly to your own wallet. Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies. Host community events to increase engagement. Fine-tune your trading skills or test your hunches. Host a private league for just your friends. Make a buck and sell your trading strategy. Get introduced to new cryptocurrencies. and so on.. How does the game work? Players are given $10,000 in play money when they join the main league to kickstart their trading journey. The top 5 players who have made the most profits at the end of the league, win their share of the prize pool. Is it really free? Yes! Really-really. No backsies. There will be a premium membership available, but the game will remain free-to-play. Cool! Where do I sign up? You can sign up for the beta right here and help us find the last few bugs and squash them! You should also join our Telegram group to keep up to date with everything! How can I help out? Sign up and start playing! The more, the merrier! We would also appreciate it if you would share this with people you know who are interested in cryptocurrencies. It would also help out if you would like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Uptrennd. Latest updates 6/11 - Active users and profile pictures are now visible on the leaderboard. 5/11 - Implemented new profit graphs. 31/10 - Players can now toggle to see all active limit orders under active order history, regardless of what trading pair they are on. 25/10 - Database moved to MongoDB Atlas (A distributed database) to prevent outages. 24/10 - Implemented new and improved trading engine, allowing for more precise and secure trading functionality, including limit orders. 23/10 - Sneak-peak of the new design. Known bugs Tooltips do not work properly on mobile devices. Sparkline graphs in the portfolio are being blocked by adblockers. Mobile-view not fully optimized. SSL certificate not active until launch. Let us know if you have any further questions. We are very responsive on Telegram!
  19. The web "in maintenance", an excuse so habitual that it makes you tremble, the non-existent currency that is given as soon as technical problems are fixed, was not created on the stipulated date, nothing else was a name, without books online, without public consultations as much boast, seize, "And the money?" How to say that it is not without sounding bad? How to accept this error ?. A pyramid such a common scam, Ardotcoin and Onecoin are very comparable illegal projects, and the worst part is that there are people who still want to enter into this type of business. They don't even own a blockchain, so what the hell are they talking about? A few years ago, Utacoin came out, but it was the same nonsense. Remember that no crypto should offer packages with returns, nor that they ask you to bring people like a pyramid. Utacoin was only in a single exchange, but then it was slipped, that's how many fraudulent companies operate, pure smoke.
  20. Bitvest позволяет игрокам играть так же, как и в других казино, но также предлагает уникальную функцию, позволяющую пользователям иметь процент с «House Edge». Вкладывая средства в банкролл, инвесторы получают прибыль за счет потерь других игроков, это отличный способ «конкурировать» с игроками и получить ожидаемый доход более 100%. Вы можете просмотреть полные условия и подробную информацию здесь Бесплатные биткойны: Криптовалютное онлайн казино Bitvest предлагает своим пользователям такие игры как: Дайс, Плинко, Слоты, Рулетка, Кено и Колесо Удачи. Реферальная программа Благодаря трехуровневой реферальной программе Bitvest, если ваш реферал приглашает других вы испытаете экспоненциальный рост! Приходи выигрывай или инвестируй! ( Моя реферальная ссылка в подписи )
  21. Sorry, my English easy, hello from Russia! 1. SkyGeniusBot: cryptobot-constructor Description 3-5% profit per month More than 1 year of tests Exchange Start Minimum balance on Binance $30, recommended from $100 The user is engaged in setting according to the instruction Operation of the bot on the user side (PC/VPS) by API Details Bot-constructor May need to be reconfigured annually for market changes Designed for distances (not every week-month pleases, but mostly) Pricing Rent $15 / month up to $4,000 balance $30 / month up to $8,000 balance $50 / month unlimited balance Purchase $300 USD Testing 30 days free, sending bot files - on request 2. NeiroGeniusBot: neuronet bot Description 5-10% profit per month The Algorithm was tested 4 years in manual mode, the bot itself since October 2019 Exchange Start The Minimum balance on the exchange is $150, recommended from $1000 Run in a few clicks on the instructions Operation of the bot on the user side (PC/VPS) by API Details Bot on the basis of self-learning neural network-itself adapts to market changes and trades better in case of errors In a downtrend, the profit can be zero or a slight plus, in bullish months it increases to 20-30%, the total average is 5-10%, and according to tests, even in a downtrend, the bot usually works in plus Designed for distances (not every week-month pleases, but mostly) Pricing Rent $80 per month for every $15,000 of the balance of the exchange Purchase $8,000 for 5 years $10,000 unlimited Commission from transactions By agreement to work with our VPS Testing 30 days free, sending bot files - on request 3. Broker bot (sports betting) - COMING SOON Description ~30% profit per month Start Start work via telegram bot from $30 Via telegram bot, (or) via exchange API Exchange (sometimes a VPN login is required) Details Very fresh development, while more pre-orders are accepted for testing (January) Use from our VPS via API, or telegram bot, but in general everything is discussed, there may still be options, for example - % of dividends User-side installation-considered Pricing time Testing time FAQ What are the guarantees? 1. Provides maximum protection from draining the Deposit: Non-margin trading The risk is not the amount by which the entry is made, but % of the stop When the market goes down the bot does not buy more when there is no need 2. On some solutions, the refund guarantee at drain is up to 100% with certain conditions Currently available on the sports betting bot Will I Waste my time earning nothing? With the proposed solutions, this is unlikely, but the chances are there because: 1. Investing and trading are always risks :_ ( 2. You can not stick settings or view if the VPS hangs 3. Force-majeure (hacking cryptocurrency exchange, meteorite) How to start? In in personal messages the applications and questions not are taken! 1. Write on the forum below 2. In response, you will receive a link to extended information for free testing in your private messages 3. The format of the message is any, for example: "interested in such a bot" Extended information on bots with screenshots and statistics - Or ask your questions! 😃 Sorry, my English easy, hello from Russia!
  22. In the typical scenario, most beginners, whether in music, love, or trading, tend to generate a huge amount of "germination" energy. What follows this jubilation It is usually depression. "I didn't realize that, to play the piano really well I need to practice four hours a day for years." "That girl (boy) didn't seem very good until after knowing more about her personality." "Trading is really a much harder business than I thought. Every time I take a step forward, it seems to be followed by two steps backwards." This is the point where most beginner traders stop trading. Never give up, walk forward with your forehead, this will then open the doors of opportunity to enter the next level of understanding, perception and interpretation.
  23. CRYPTOFLOW DEVELOPMENTS PRE-ITO STARTS 25TH NOVEMBER CRYPTOFLOW DEVELOPMENTS PRE-ITO STARTS 25TH NOVEMBER Partnerships We have agreed a deal with a Top 100 (according to CMC) Crypto lending company to be integrated into our system. We cannot disclose who they are yet as this is a request by them as they wish to make any announcements first. This will however, provide additional options for investors to fund Project Slots while not having to cash in the Crypto Currency if they don't wish to. Where would you like to go next? Bounties? We will be starting Round 1 of the Bounty Campaign very soon, a link to same will be posted here. Round 1 will consist of a giveaway of: $40,000!!
  24. We are creating our own Utility Token to be used throughout the system: we will ask users to make their deposits primarily in PLA, so we do not need to keep track of endless currency account balances. Profit share will be paid in PLA throughout the system. White-label exchanges will be asked to list PLA, in order to make accounting easier for both of us (we are sure they might use it to ask users to pay commissions in PLA for them and will lower the rates for all, who are opting it in). To achieve this, we are planning to run an IEO. Let’s see the roadmap, benefits and prices. Just the pure facts. IEO sale and crowdfunding sales refer to the amount of PLA tokens that will be available to be purchased throughout the IEO in all its stages. SELFDROP+IEO Will Start Soon Of PLA Check More Details Here Of Planemo,you can Purchase it at this time. Planemo plans to reach 4 CMC Exchanges 1.Livecoin 2.Alterdice 3.IDCM 4.EtherFlyer Now Its Never Too Late IEO will Start from 21st Feb 2020 And Run Upto 30th March 2020. Price Per PLA in Phase 1:$0.075 Price Per PLA in Phase 2:$0.15 Price Per PLA in Phase 3:$0.50 Listing Price Of PLA will be $0.75. So Read Planemo Project & Buy it before its too late.
  25. Join me at the world's first A.I. driven investment community built by the people, for the people. Become a Pynkstar today. SIGNUP HERE Follow link and select Predict, fill in your details and confirm email. Log in and stand the Chance of earning 10USDC monthly + dividends based on the wisdom tokens earned from predicting.
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