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  1. XRP Swell pump is here. Brace for the ride fellas

  2. Long weekend is over. Back to reality again. arghhh

  3. I give crypto as a gift last year and I intend to do it again this coming holiday :) The way did it, I let them install a local wallet using my referral link then I send them crypto in their wallet. By doing this, I saved my time and gas for holiday gifts shopping.
  4. I think they can't do that just yet because of the regulations in different countries. is fully regulated by Philippine Central Bank.
  5. Oh, nice to know about that. But if I may just add, onr can use anywhere in the world provided that they have a working mobile number issued by any South East Asian countries.
  6. They don't charge anything except the bank transaction fees. They even give a certain percentage rebates. By using crypto currency in paying my credit card, I can say that I use basically crypto in my daily life. :)
  7. I don't know if you can use this when you are not a Filipino citizen. You need a Philippine mobile number to get verified. Anyone non Filipino tried using this?
  8. Just like my fellow Filipino already said, I use my ETH to pay utility and telecom bills. I also use it to buy plane tickets (Air Asia and Philippine Airlines) and to reload my RFID (use to pay toll fee in the expressway). I also use crypto to pay my insurance policy and UB credit card. I can do all that using app.
  9. That's what traders call speculative bubble. Cryptocurrency price always react with the news. Well of course, stable coins are the exemptions.
  10. Those who panics are the one who believes in FUDs and those who are FOMOs. To avoid that mistakes, you need to have a clear set of goal when you trade. Establishing a certain percentage for profits that you are happy to take and loss that you can manage. But of course, you need to follow it religiously. Without a plan, one get have a panic attack in every price swings.
  11. Luck plays no role in trading. It's your call and bad judgement that makes you think you are unlucky. You need to understand that even the best trader can predict the price movement. That being said, you need to spread your buy and/or sell order. Spreading your trade will help you minimize your losses and maximize your profits.
  12. Scalping is not too risky as others have said. All you need to do is simple calculations and a defined profit. Scalping is simply profiting with a small percentage but doing it many times a day. Scalping can be very profitable when you have a large amount in your trading account.
  13. Having a clear set of goal/plan is my key to be successful in trading. I always follow it religiously. I'm shorting half of my portfolio to maintain liquidity. The other half is for long calls. I maintain an equal amount of fiat in my trading account so that I always have some to buy when the price dips.
  14. I see a lot too and it makes me cringe but most often gives me a good laugh when I can decipher what that members wanna say. How can someone be so bad in English considering that it is the universal language? I mean. I don't judge those people but they could've at least write it in a manner that we can understand. Be it wrong grammar or wrong spelling, at least we can understand what they are trying to say, rather than using translator which we all know, that it translates so bad to the point that it becomes blubber or just pure nonsense. I don't wonder though why the hell they are here even though one can't post even some basic English. Some sats works like a magnet eh?
  15. It all boils down on what your plan is. If you are just looking for an alternative investment and you don't foresee to liquidate your funds in the near future, then HODL is better. But if you are looking for an additional income and your funds to be liquid, trading is more advisable.
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