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  1. Eth wallet is one of my favourite cryptocurrency wallet,Everyone like this wallet,ether wallet for transection various token.everyone wants to create ETH blockchain token, eth network provide this opportunity
  2. Binance is number one crypto-currency exchange, because everyone trust binance Exchange, Binance tram always support there customers, always there list trust coin, so binance is a future exchange
  3. kyc has a big problem.everyone submitted kyc but there is no privacy security.i dont know why cryptoproject want to documents for kyc
  4. earn from internet world,there are many ways for earn online job, trading cryptocurrency in exchanges. app development, i love cryptocurrency
  5. I join this bot.yobit exchange is a good exchange.i trade there many cryptocurrency. first trade and trajection. they have some bot for customers services
  6. in 2017 i heard abuot cryptocurrency in youtube.than i join a simple apps for earning i am a successful crypto traders. i love cryptocurrency. are you love cryptocurrency??
  7. i think they only count good comment in this community. i always try to post a good comment about those projects.i cant get pay.i am traying get payment
  8. eth and litecoin is one of the good coin in cryptocurrency world.everyone love eth and ltc for trading.i think ltc is best coin for trading
  9. yes always Bitcoin influence other altcoins in cryptocurrency market.when btc price down other alt coin price down.when bitcoin price price up altcoin price up
  10. Binance exchange now number one cryptocurrency world.everyone love trade in binance. everyone Trust binance because they have good security, they always refund customers lost balance
  11. eth has great future. Bitcoin is a mother cryptocurrency in crypto world.eth has a big community, eth blockchain strong and secure, so every one create there own token with eth blockchain, so i think eth has a good future
  12. Firstly i say i love crypto,cryptocurrency is future economy, its has a big future, this is a earnings way, i earn 5000$ last two years from crypto-currenc, so i dont leave from cryptocurrency, thanks
  13. I am cryptotalks.three day before i join in cryptotalk forum. i like cryptotalk because its a good forum. Nickname: shahaalam Address:Dhaka,Bangladesh Date Joined: 11 December 2019 Hobby: journey Favorite color: green Job: cryptocurrency trade Favorite coin: bitcoin,eth,ltc When you know BTC: 2010 Motto:
  14. Bitcoin is the mother cryptocurrency in the world,libra is upcoming Facebook project,libra coin not Mother currency al ready everyone Except bitcoin, libra no not acceptable coin
  15. In this forum need more topic for post and discussion. i hope cryptotalk forum admin add some important topic for discussion, thank everyone
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