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  1. Lately I have noticed that some tokens on Yobit end up being traded through some orders of the same value, is that bot? pump, or something like that. If someone has been negotiating a lot there and has also noticed this very unusual behavior, feel free to report here ... hug !!
  2. I think that as it is is very good, that is, the forum is a place where people share ideas, experiences about the cryptographic world, I don't think they have to have professionals here, if so, the forum loses the sense. But we know that there are all kinds of writers, from the most experienced to the youngest, from the most experienced to the crypto to the most inexperienced, which makes the forum very interesting, because the exchange of information is the main purpose of the forum, Payment is just an incentive for employees.
  3. I would recommend to start with Yobit as a good option, because although the BTC rate is high, it still has one of the lowest rates compared to other altcoins compared to other exchanges. So if you want to buy some satoshi to start trading, Yobit is a good option I recommend.
  4. I usually follow the news, analyze graphics and search channels already established in the cryptographic medium to locate me in the market. But above all, I always try to be aware of the indicators that are constantly changing in this market. Because as we already know, the cryptographic market is highly volatile, so we always have to be aware of every move this is important in trading.
  5. Yes, I try to be patient, and as I said I am slower in postings, but still always active, because I have become familiar with the forum and the guys here that just like me are in love with this fascinating world of cryptos, so there is no way abandon at all. Thanks for your comment this always strengthens us. Hug!!
  6. I think Waves is a great alternative to investing in the long run as it has a promising market. Its platform is wide and has several possibilities to invest within it that provides many options to its user, I own some waves in Wave Dex.
  7. Particularly I have account in both, but I can say that I sympathize more with Coinbase because I find more practical and with more resources, or more dynamic resources. But I would recommend Blockchain for sure, as it is one of the best out there.
  8. Good question, very interesting. I am very downcast, because it is really very frustrating to be inside the market, participating assiduously and when we think we are acting in a more contentious way, we end up losing the high and consequently possible profits. It has happened to me and I can say it is really frustrating !!
  9. I appreciate your words, but I will be present and always willing to help here in the forum, because as I said, I will be less present but never absent, because I really identified with the people here in the forum. But I will always be present for sure. Hug!! Thanks for the words, but I'll still be around, honoring friends' posts and occasionally sharing some personal experience in the world of cryptos, but coupled with having some compromises and not receiving any more, I will be a little less present. Hug!!
  10. Guys, I know this post will be removed, I believe. But I am taking a break here from the forum, considering that I will have other commitments, such as: study for a contest and dedicate myself more to my work. So due to these commitments I will pay less attention to the forum, and also taking the time to leave my discontent with these payment updates, in my case it was disappointing to know that after more than 800 post and a lot of collaboration with the forum, I don't I will be more rewarded, yes, because now for me to be rewarded I will have to do more than 600 posts in view of this rule that if the post where you made a comment is deleted you will not be rewarded, now we have no crystal ball to know which post and when this will be deleted, then I do not see as fair not only with me as with all who are dedicated to the forum this attitude, at first all quiet, payments were made right, but then began to delete posts almost daily and this makes the receipt by posts almost impossible, because how do we know if we will be excluded right? So for all that I said and associated with my commitments I will be less assiduous in the forum, I will not move away once, because as I said in previous posts, I like the forum and will still be posting something if I find it interesting to share with friends, but not so regularly. Hugs to all and good posts.
  11. I agree that a topic cleanup helps filter and visually improve our reading, but sometimes the title says what the post wants to convey, so I don't see why reporting a user as spam just because they didn't read the post , if the title already suggests the debate, but well, as I said before, I agree with the organization of the topics and with a clearness regarding the subjects, because I also see that there are many similar titles, which makes us confused when create some thread. Very well explained. There is just one detail, English is not my first language either so sorry for some flaws in my writing. Hug.
  12. spyaquino

    Is mining dead?

    As a rule, mining is not dead, but don't expect immediate profits, as today's more advanced machines require patience for the home-based miner to get some return, so surely ROI is slower to return.
  13. Humility always, in life when we are arrogant we end up lonely and lifeless. Humility is a quality that few know, but who knows knows how rewarding and how much it adds us, opens doors and paths, be humble and you will have all the best in this life !!
  14. I think writing is always a pleasure, for example, I haven't received for my week for more than a week and I keep writing, I think Cryptotalk is different because here we have more freedom to express ourselves, despite the rules, because they have that exists for a pleasant coexistence among users, I still follow writing without receiving, so, yes, writing is for those who like and is not a matter of greed.
  15. I prefer the traditional ones, always new projects or small coins do not attract me, because the risk I have to lose the little I got is very big, while consolidated projects I even have risk, but they are smaller, and not to mention that they are already known so I have this market guarantee so let's say.
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