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  1. What is amazing here is that more people voted that BSV is not a scam, and that tells you what people are mostly thinking in cryptotalk forum... very very sad 😞 This is just one more of his cheap tricks... not even his mother believes him anymore
  2. That is actually a good suggestion, and you are right that lot of posts we can see on forum are nonsense. We are not managing even to report them all, and I see some are ready to cry with their alt account.... pathetic performance 😂
  3. It is pure SCAM created by fraud, liar and scammer Faketoshi and we have that on paper to prove it. It will end up same as Bitconnect scam soon...
  4. The moment you posted this crapidrop you are recommending it... so watch out watch you post in future. This can be SCAM that collects your data. You sell your data very cheap
  5. Go with all KYC BS procedure just to get 4$ of some obscure Eureca coins..... 🙄 omg some people are desperate and would do anything for $
  6. So what if they are top 10 in cmc? All this website marketcap is fake anyway, same like Craig Faketoshi and same as Bitconnect that was also top coin
  7. I would even exclude more members, spammers, copy/pasters, but if you have some super genious suggestion except your zen advise...be my guest I don't care what you think really... welcome Thanks. Anyone else is welcomed with suggestions to stop this spammers and bots Nobody will add KYC... OMG do you even know to read.. And yes Newbies will be banned for spam
  8. That would be a good idea. I would also consider rewarding best posts and not only most of the posts., and that will contribute to forum improvement and real conversations
  9. It will take a lot of time, and I am sure they are anyway checking users as much as they can, but so many bots registered that it is very hard to track everyone now.
  10. I don't have any super advices. I posted few tips, and my best advice is not to waste to much time on betting. Only play for fun and small amounts.
  11. Reporting SCAM exchange oxerxtrade.com asking you to deposit first if you want to witdraw. Many similar clones with similar names and style. SCAM BEWARE!
  12. I proposed this to be temporary and everyone can become Junior member in few days of good posting. Bots will be reported and banned. I see no problem here I did not try this, but maybe they removed it to prevent spammers from stealing.
  13. Someone posted nice image of creator of this BS V altcoin called CraigW or Faketoshi. It is showing one potential destiny for him and all his work
  14. Watch this video that will explain Ethereum 2.0 that is going to be updated in next few months! Video is created by ChicoCrypto
  15. You posted hidden refferal link and that is why you got warning from moderator. I don't see what is the problem here. Just follow the rules, and you will be just fine
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