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  1. This is the good idea that companies will give saleries to their workers in Bitcoin and also in other curriencies and like this the crypto coins circulating is spread and peoples will start to use the crypto curriencies in their daily life. Crypto is the future of the world.
  2. Yes i have so many coins which value is so much good in past and still i am buying different coins because i know if the coins value is high in the past now when the bTC will bull that coins will go up so much this time and touch the double price from last time and i hold all my coins for future.
  3. I am new in airdrops so don,t know about bounty programs but my friend join the bounty programs and he said that bounty is a real coins and they send you that coins 100% and that programs are real not fake like the airdrops. So join bounty and make real money.
  4. Yes so many airdrops i also join and they send me messages that just pay us some fee like 0.001 eth and then we will send you your coins to your wallet but i do not send any thing to then because i join free airdrops and free airdrops means that airdrop is totally free not to pay any peny.
  5. yes it will 100% survive because Libra coin is the stable coin like USDT and bitcoin is the pumping coins and Bitcoin will run all the crypto market so libra will not cross the Bitcoin price and Libra will just use for almost facebook advertisement and in other things.
  6. Yes you are right bro BTC now on just 8000$ but in future in will touch the moon soon and i am waiting for that time. BTC is a great coin and it runs all the crypto market and if the BTC will to up it will also go up all the crypto market and then we got good profit in crypto market.
  7. Bitcoin is a good coins and there are more coins which are good in the crypto market but still all coins are down and on low price. But if you have some money then just buy the coins and safe it for future because the future of crypto makret is so much bright and good.
  8. Yes facebook will announce his own coin which is called libra coin but still that coin is not available for buying because libra coin is a stable coin as i saw the reports and it will not go up like USDT so if you buy that it will not give you profit and also loss in future.
  9. LTC is a great coin but if he buy XRP,ETH i think these both coins will give him good profit also because these are also goo dcoins in the market. I buy so many coins but i trust on these two coins and these are the best in the crypto market. So buy LTC,ETH,XRP.
  10. ETh is a great coin and its future is so much bright and it will touch the sky soon. LAst time when the market is pump all the coins will go up and peoples make good profit through it and ETH will just touch 1200$ but this time ETH will touch 2000$ soon and may be touch 3000$.
  11. How much ETH will go up this time because last time ETH will just touch 1200$ but this time so many peoples says that ETH will minimum touch 2000$ and may be it touch 3000$. But i don,t think so it will go up high so much, i am new so please tell me the maximum price of ETH future.
  12. Trading is a good way but so many peoples don,t know how to tarde and how they earn the money through trading so what you suggest to those peoples and how they make money through trading. Trading is though not easy to analyse the market.
  13. Yes you are right bro, last day my one friend told me that waves coin will go up so much this time and he is buying regularly this coins from last week and now he have good value of coins and he said waves will touch minimum 5$ this time.
  14. You asked a good question and yes this is true that bitcoin price is so much low on that time at started just from 0.01$ but on that time no one know about it that BTC will go up so much like this. But Now everyone know about it almost and they are buying this coin now.
  15. Crypto curriency future is so much bright and so many peoples are starting to buy BTC and ither coins day by day. I almost byt 100 types of coins and still i am buying more and more coins and i hope this time when market is pump it gives me great profit.
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