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  1. But i saw coins in crypto market that they are stable you can also check that coins on yobit. just type USDT in search bar of yobit and see that coin is stable and so many peoples will use that to safe from loss in coins because if you are trader than you know very well.
  2. If he have money then he can just buy a single coin and start to trade on that and make money through it and laos start the posting here is the best way to make money with the best way. Crypto trading is not so much risky and we make good money through it easily.
  3. i agree with you yobit is the best and safe exchange in the world and its good for me and i just now using yobit not other exchanges. Crypto market is the best market in the world and so many peoples will earn money through it adn i just say that buy coins in yobit and safe them.
  4. I don,t think so its a good way to make money online because there is so many more sites thats give you good earning and rolling some and get BTC they just give you some satoshis and in a month you just get the withdraw and its not profitable i think.
  5. 200$ is not a huge amount but he will buy some good coins through this amount that will good for him because in crypto market we have so many good coin and now the value of the market is so much low and this is the time to buy the coins and safe them.
  6. ETH is a good coin but it will not increase the price like Bitcoin because Bitcoin is a good coin and it will run all the crypto market but ETH having a low price and it will not run the crypto market or a single crypto coins. But ETH will move up soon and make a good high.
  7. ALT coin is a good coin and we can make good money through it easily if we have some money then we should buy the ALT coin and safe it for future and then we sell it after when the market is go up so much. Like this we can make good profit in it.
  8. Faucet is not a good idea to collet the coins because they just send you a low amount of satoshi of BTC which is not good. just waste of time in faucet is not good for senior memeber if you are a new then you can use that and make money a little amount in it.
  9. Facebook coin means libra coin is almost launches but they face some problems and now that coin is not launching and they launches their coin in 2021 and al;so telegram coin will be launched at in 2021. Both coins will be launched in the same year.
  10. Yes this is the good time to buy the stable coins and the safe that coins for future and i hope this time low value coins give us good profit and we want to buy more and more coins because this time crypto will go so much high than the last time.
  11. Not every coin is moving like you said there are so many coin which moves regularly but 2 to 3 coins haveing ssame price if the market will make a bull or not they are stable and this is good option for traders because crypto market movement will make a good money for you when you trade on it.
  12. Its not possible that ETH will touch the price of BTC because bTC is the great coin and its value is so mucch high and this time BTC value is almost 9345$ but the ETH value is 185$ and its so much low but in future BTC value will be more increased and also ETH but not like BTC.
  13. ETH is a good coin but it will reach the level of BTC because BTC run the all crypto market and ETH is just run his own coin. ETH price is now just on 175$ and may be it will comes down more but the BTC price is 9234$ this time and it go up and touch 9700$ today.
  14. Yes the unflactuated coins are a stable coins and these coins are good and best to save you from the loss because if you have BTC and the price is go to up then sell you coins in the stable coins and when the price will comes again down then buy it again.
  15. 200$ is a low amount is he do trade with it he can make not good money but if he buy some low value coins and safe them for future and after the Bull make the crypto market he wil sell it than he make good money through it easily.
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