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  1. I buy so many low volume coins and i am trying to buy more and more coins because these are the coins which give us good profit in the market and i am also told this about my friends that invest in it and these coins will give you good profit soon.
  2. yes its true that you said metamask is so much secure and good wallet i personally use that and i know that this wallet is best for us. I have like 50 different coins in the metamask wallet and i am still join the airdrops and collect the coins for future.
  3. ETH is a good coin but also ripples is a great coin. But now this time if we buy any coin then we buy top 10 coins which are good for us and we make good money through these top 10 coins in the crypto market. These coins are the most high value and trusted coins in the crypto market.
  4. We buy so many coins and we are using that which are not soo much famous that if the famous companies will alunched their own coin then who is not buy that coin everyone can buy that coin and everyone try to buy most coins ad safe them because they know that these coins will give them good profit soon.
  5. May be that this token touch so much high because still the market is so much downa nd in future it will be possible that it cross the 0.5 BTC but still i am not buying any coin in crypto market i already buy so many coins and now i safe them and i am waiting for the bull which will come soon.
  6. There are so many scammer now in the crypto market and they are trying to make money through the scamming with innocent peoples. Hackers need passport and also our National ID card i don,t know why but now the scammers and hackers will do this that they make a fake website and then they said to peoples that make an account aand complete the KYC and then they close their system forever and they hid our documents like this.
  7. Great, you are doing good but i am trading on the BTc because i know that through trading we make good money and i am doing this from 2 years and i make good money in it. Crypto market is a great market and i also buy low price coins and that coisn are safe now i am not trading on that.
  8. But i saw coins in crypto market that they are stable you can also check that coins on yobit. just type USDT in search bar of yobit and see that coin is stable and so many peoples will use that to safe from loss in coins because if you are trader than you know very well.
  9. SINPHS Yobit is a great and secure exchange and i am using it from 3 to 4 years. Its great.
  10. How How you did get the code because i am trying but Telegram is not working.
  11. Crypto trading is the best option and i also spend my 5 to 8 hours in just a crypto trading because i am a trader and i try to make good money in a single day. Crypto market is the best market in the world and through trading we can make good money in it.
  12. You make a great post and i hope in pakistan it will start soon and on that time pakistan will grow up so much and also india need to do this because these both countries will need to make their own coin and these both countries will soon make their money value is high.
  13. Yes you are right becuse the security is so much high of the coins and no one know that how to crack it and how they can hack it. Thats we see so many fake exchanges said that someone will hack their system and that person will send their all money and now they are closing their exchange so its not true because no one hack the coins withdraw system and this is true.
  14. Yes i agree with you in all the world almost 8% peoples will know about it not all because still in crypto the big investors not come and soon al the world will know about it and then you see the market pumping and dumping in a single day. Because crypto is our future.
  15. You mention these two websites but i don,t think so that these website will pay good to us thats why i suggest you that just invest some money in crypto market and then start trading on the market and make good money in it. crypto trading is the best for making money online.
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