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  1. This is the top exchanges now in the coinmarketcap. you should visit them day by day! as the volume is moving and there are changing in rankings as always! https://coinmarketcap.com/rankings/exchanges/ You can also get there the right link for every exchange!
  2. that is true! the moderator is banning those users with enough evidence on their action! just minutes and they were gone! I saw Epidemia account posting in Russian board! while desais is keep responding every time i tag him!
  3. I am not sure about this but i just read that if a user is posting different language on English section then that is a spam! and i think this one belong to them! https://cryptotalk.org/profile/4248-grandoalition/ https://cryptotalk.org/topic/13067-please-guide-how-to-exchange-paypal-from-bitcoin/?tab=comments#comment-183169 Creating a thread in English section and writing in different language i think Russian!
  4. Myetherwallet is very safe! it will depend on you on how you will take care of your wallet. I am a user of the wallet and i never encountered any problem on it! you just need to make sure you are not sharing any information to anyone but your public address!
  5. TIP OFF WILL START IN A MINUTE! Raptors vs Pelicans! Yes i do watch them and see the stats of the game and players! You are very welcome! hope you can follow the thread and make some information later and do prediction if you can!
  6. If i will have a choice i will never in ICO again! i will prefer to join the IEO in a great exchange than any project in ICO. I would go 50/50. half for the investment in IEO and half for buying coins/alts in trading platform!
  7. Are you sure about that? do you know that a participants or user in this forum needs to fill the 4 days x 30 post paid before they earn 120 post which is 120,000 SATOSHI? that is the amount you need for the withdrawal fee on bitcoin! that is 4 days bro! That might be possible! but try to clear cache or use other browser for this!
  8. Earn BTC extremely fast and attractive! then they will be wasting your time! As what i am asking for everyone sharing this kind of opportunity! please post also here the proof or earnings and the screen shot of them together with the withdrawal you made! thank you!
  9. A nice story to share! at least he gave you a nice story which you can share to the public! 😄 Never entertain anyone in telegram you dont know personally! they are just there to scam people and believe me! that is the life they been doin all day!
  10. i really doubt it can! You might just to go to the main link for the news and you read it your self. https://usethebitcoin.com/htc-launches-blockchain-phone-with-full-bitcoin-node/ thank me later!
  11. I am a poker fanatic and i love playing this game in live and not with computer or system. https://www.bitbook.ag/?ccat=poker i just visited and there are many choices to have! but is there any of them which has a live banker?
  12. Oh sorry i dont mean it that way! what we were talking was the full node bitcoin! The price is too cheap for the specs they are telling and people will be really biting the phone! but this is not a good idea! i swear! we will have another Samsung S10!
  13. This is not important feature of the phone if they are marketing in crypto! Then they must be true to people! if someone is a crypto enthusiast and read what they wrote it will sure bite the marketing! but still not perfect so why they are telling full node?
  14. PLease be realistic! many people are here for the forum and also to earn something out of it! what is not good with that? it is an offer from the admin so we better grab the opportunity! You can earn bu posting anywhere as long as it is on the right language! but wait! do post informative and on-topic! with a minumum of 100 characters on your post!
  15. That is true brother! and how can you expect a phone running a full node, texting and do something with a low capacity of battery? this will need more than a hundred times to last! the phone will be broken in short life span! i am not buying the marketing of HTC!
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