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  1. Well, to bring them into crypto I think they must see the good flow of the projects I guess. And for them to find out Whitepaper is one of the basis for this. Majority of the ICO since last year are still not giving any update and some are not giving the payment, actually I considered it already as one of the scam project, I'm not expecting and relying that they will give the rewards.
  2. Yep, but with yobit they can well managed it properly and accommodate those concern if there is some issues about their platform. And yobit is one of the exchange has a sufficient fro every transaction and so far none of the users of yobit didn't face any of the complaint or if there is they fix the issue immediately as far as I know.
  3. Ever since, I never experience to loss any of my altcoins in my wallet(MEW) its been years now, and I'm very thankful that I didn't faced that problem. Just all I did was I never click any suspicious site platform, and I know what site is really legit not the fake one.
  4. I always go in the forum to learn more about in crypto, updates bitcoin, and etc. Then, after in the forum I go and checked some of coins in some of the exchange to do some activity in trading to earn even for a small amount of money through altcoins.
  5. These scammers are all professional deceiver, Theft/Robber, and no wonder why they've always successful in every scam project because most of the community, are stupid, gullible, greed, and they never learn always. Its just majority of them are lack of knowledge due to they want easy and become instant millionaire.
  6. I am a long term holder of the coins in which I think it has a potential to get higher in the near future in the market. And one of the altcoins that I hold for now was Waves, Neo, Eth, Pundix, and Nem.
  7. Bitcoin in the first place was not designed to destroy banks or any business sectors. Just all I know is that Bitcoin is much more safer than bank, but it doesn't mean bank will be destroy, of course not! it is only in the discretion of the individual bank holder if they want to pull out their savings in bank or not.
  8. Correct, that's why as long as yobit didn't do any such wrong things about their yobit users, it will always be remain stable in the market and often improved as time goes by for sure in the near future.
  9. Well, I guess its part of their promoting their site, and free services I think is only free for the beginning but as time goes by of course there will be a payment in the long the run, but for now they sowing to make their business become well know in the future.
  10. But I think the problem is that none of the company so far are not yet ready for this matter. And at the present time now none of the company owners are not trying this things to give salary to their employee which is bitcoin.
  11. I agreed, that's one of the big factors that we need to apply before we participate in one project. Before, I was not in favor in yobit exchange, and I admit that I became judgemental with this platform of Yobit, because I didn't realize that for so many years since 2017 yobit remained stand and stable even despite of lot of people saying negative feedback with it but still stand firm and listed always at top 100 in the market as well.
  12. Now the only problem here is how to eliminate this scammers in crypto industry. This became a problem a couple of years now, and the average instead of decreasing the case of scam project it became more increased the level of them, on which is not really good anyway.
  13. Decentralized exchange such as idex, forkdelta and etherdelta. Yobit, binance bittrex and kucoin are centralized exchange. If we talk about dex, they are listing coins in free but in cex, coins listed here is paid by developers of the coin. Yobit is listing coin with payments, it has also lots of traders as well as good volume and it has huge withdrawal fees. Therefore, yobit is a cex. Yes! Because in centralized exchange the volume is real but some coins found in dex are fake. Cex has good volume because there are many traders trading there. While in dex, traders here bought coins because it is cheap and affordable.
  14. Cold wallet as well as hard wallet are the most safe wallet we can use. Yes, it has good features and it prevents us from detecting by hackers. If we have nano s ledger, we can keep our keys and wallets. I assure that no one can access our wallet. But having ledger needs payment. Because we will buy the hardware wallet online. And that cost a little bit expensive.
  15. Thanks for information. I do not use coinbase yet because I have already local wallets that provide a transaction from bitcoin to my currency. Well, for that thing I would be interested to install coinbase app. I also install trust wallet because of its staking. I love the PoS system nowadays. You just save your tokens and wait for it to be staked.
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