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  1. Cropto ban is totally a speculations as Blockchain projects ( Blockchain For A Better Platnet) one way or the other trying to save humanity. Blockchain is set to connect the national carbon accounts of the world which they believe will enable cross-border collaboration and investment in emissions reductions.
  2. Definitely you are right but my reply was based on the topic .
  3. Blockchain for climate foundation has put Paris Agreement on the blockchain and catalyse climate action by connecting the national carbon accounts of the world.
  4. I don't think they're design limitations rather they're what the investors have turned Bitcoin into. Maybe in the long run, Bitcoin price will achieve stability
  5. Sincerely i agree with you 100% ! Because Crypto- Trading requires maximum analysis, like wise FX - Trading or Binary -Option Trading and all these online Trading are not regarded as "GAMBLING" . Meanwhile; Sports-Trading as one of online Trading also requires 100% maximum Forecast & analysis also should not be considered as "GAMBLING"
  6. Point of correction dear mate, Binary trading option is not gambling as you rightly said . Meanwhile you are not paying any dime to any broker when it comes to FX trading rather you are to FUND your trading Account
  7. Hey not just given you link, do not jump into what you don't have basic information. Forex trading sucks if no much information ascertained. You have to sign up with a reputable broker ( Demo or practicing account) , then download their trading platform
  8. Dear mate FX Trading is not one of all these crypto doubling sites or platform. Earning Trading Forex depends on traders strategy. Oh yes , we all know that hard work yields positive result. I personally trade Forex and i make profit(s) daily .
  9. Sincerely i don't know of such. FX brokers are like Crypto Exchanges. Forex brokers enable traders to have access to FX market. Their Platforms are well designed with trading indicators which enables traders determine trends direction(s) while trading.
  10. Not really hard is you think dear mate. Personally , FX trading is more profitable compare to Crypto Trading. Once Trading Higher Currency Pair via the weaker currency , market appears stable.
  11. Well written dear mate. FX trading is indeed awesome. Personally i trade Forex with a reputable broker that accepts cryptocurrency as means of fund deposit and withdrawal.
  12. Forex Trading is indeed awesome! It requires maximum analysis, events news, etc I trade with a broker called HotForex. They accept Cryptocurrency as method deposit and withdraw
  13. Bull run certain for sure $20k or below, but not up to $100k as stated, that is totally out forecast
  14. Personally I'm into Sports-Trading Full time and i don't just place any bet for betting sake. In sports trading critical analysis is 100% required and involved. Winning is always 100% sure once trade the trends direction as such i don't see it as " Gambling" but trading just like every other online trading
  15. Sincerely i hope so too, that will do more good to crypto world but i know it impossible . For sure bull run up $20k
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