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  1. What do you offer for this job, i just wonder about the price. I m not the right person to have that kind of things but i just wonder about the price thanks
  2. It is a nice view difference because people spending too many time on that form it would be nice when we see different theme
  3. Is it still has 30 post per day rules, i think there is a missunderstanding right over there, maybe they mean we are getting paid for 30post max in a day
  4. the banning btc is not only for india, the goverments want to take tax from all coin things thats why goverment always against to cyrpto thing.
  5. i would buy some alts and divide that money to different alts, and i will try to increase my btc even if the btc price go down.
  6. i know yobit more then 1 year, and i havent see any thing, any bad experiance about it. I think that is only a rumors. Thanks in advance
  7. actually i am not a smart holder ๐Ÿ™‚ thats why i can not give you any advise. I think the problem is me, i determine the targets but when i see small profit i close that up, ignite a cigarette, and see what will gonna happen after this ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. you can follow some account on tradingview also i recommend some account in twitter, i dont have specific person on my list but im watching the currency's and seeing all analysis
  9. Yea i agree with him. Market need to regain the trust and get more attention. it need at least 10k stabilized to do so. Good luck
  10. i hope to way up to 20000 usd at the end of this month. market really need this to get attention and regain trust again.
  11. do u mean withdraw same currency a market to another. or you want to withdraw your money with your local money currency?
  12. how much do you want for your account, i dont have an offer but i want to hear from you. and pm me plz to your address thanks
  13. The payment system have some rules maybe the deleted or hidded post does not credit at all. Maybe thats why it happens
  14. it is easy but so strange thing, before that they need to lower the transfer fees first and than they need to reduce transfer times. With this two problem its hard to use in local stores
  15. i dont wanna make an offer i just wonder about how much does it cost actullay. i mean how much people pay for it.
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