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  1. The best thing for those who have no experience in trading is to divide the money by more than a low-priced currency that does not exceed the dollar with the search for them and to ensure their credibility and waiting for the rise of one or more currencies.
  2. I have not heard about this currency before and searched for it in coinmarketcap and did not find any information about it may be it is a new currency and has not been listed in any trading platform so far check the currency site to confirm the plan to include the currency in the trading platforms and any platforms intend to add currency.
  3. It would be good to provide a method of payment in digital currencies in various stores, which will increase the turnout on cryptocurrency and increase market value.
  4. It is difficult to make a sudden rise in the price of the ripple because of the rise in quantity available for trading, but I think it may reach one dollar next year.
  5. For me, freelance work is the only job that I have i am programmer and at the same time trading cryptocurrencies with money that is profitable from programming or sites that pay Bitcoin for providing services may not achieve the desired return from them, but I hope in the future to generate a good income.
  6. Good news and I hope it will be done, and the governments of other countries should study the matter and create their own cryptocurrency to help solve the economic crisis.
  7. Bitcoin mining does not generate much income for miners due to the large number of miners as the amount of bitcoin available for mining nears the end, but the profit saving may return a great return in the future after the high price of bitcoin.
  8. Of course, now the bitcoin is nearing the completion of mining, so the profit from mining is low, but saving it may become of great value in the future after the rise in the price of Bitcoin, which is expected to exceed the $100,000 mark.
  9. Yes, I think it has a brilliant future and may be the only currency able to compete with Bitcoin being provided by a large company in the field of software such as Facebook, which without a doubt has studied the subject well and learn the possible results of the project.
  10. Thank you a good tool to follow the famous currency rates to achieve greatest return from trading.
  11. Both have its advantages and disadvantages, but I prefer better regulation to reduce fraud, money laundering and regulation of cryptocurrencies better for countries than ban them.
  12. Perhaps with a good study of cryptocurrencies can be achieved, but there is always some risk, cryptocurrencies can not predict well what will happen to them in the future. There will always be a possibility of losing part of your money in the event of a sudden drop in price.
  13. Thank you for this valuable information I have been looking for Bitcoin advertising companies and benefited from the list.
  14. The decline in the price of bitcoin is normal. There has been more than a sudden drop in its price, but it is always rising again.
  15. Of course, Bitcoin has a brilliant future, but it has reached a million dollars in 10 years and the possibility of competing with gold, this is impossible, perhaps at best up to 200 thousand dollars in 10 years.
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