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  1. Glossy

    Crypto future

    The future of cryptocurrencies is probably bright but it is hard to say at this point... In a few years we will probably know ...
  2. Well you should be careful anyway because there are some scams that are tied exclusively to crypto... To stay safe you need to watch out!
  3. Glossy

    KYC or not

    Yes but it is hard to decide what site is trusted and which is not trusted. In crypto you can not trust anyone .....
  4. It is safe but I would avoid it. This site was subjected to hacking year ago and I would use some other wallet to avoid risk if large sums are in question.
  5. Agree with that. It is the best not to rely on anyone else for storing your money. Hardware wallets are the safest bet, even cell phone wallet is better then storing funds on online wallets or exchanges.
  6. Glossy

    Trust wallet

    I use this wallet for my cell phone and it is pretty good so far. It also has built-in browser which can be used to browse dapps.
  7. Yes and prevention is 99% of security, because when security breach happens all of the coins can be gone in a second if you don't react swiftly.
  8. Glossy

    KYC or not

    Yes most people have problem with that. Not only it makes people unconfortable but it is very dangerous. When someone holds your personal information they can make criminal activity and then leave your data.
  9. You are right in a way, because there are a lot of parallels between BTC and gold. They are both accepted internationally as a means of payement. BTC has one big advantage - it is more liquid, it can be transferred anywhere in the world more easily.
  10. Yes we never know when will owners of exchange decide to close it. Or it could be hack or something else so we can't access our money. Hope that we will get our money back from Cryptopia.
  11. I would not advise you to gamble because it is almost certain way for you to lose your money. Mining is not economical right now. Trading is always good if you are good trader so I advise trading.
  12. I suggest that you hold your cryptocurrencies on exchanges as little time as possible. With reputable exchanges the risk is not as big but it is there.
  13. I would suggest that you watch some analysis if you want invest in crypto now. And make personal analysis too by yourself because third party analysts could be bought.
  14. Seems like good thing, I often watch Youtube videos and now I can watch videos and earn some cryptocurrencies.
  15. I don't think that mayority of people heard about cryptocurrency, but it is hard to tell. There is no metric that is pretty obvious, because someone would have to interview pople in whole world and ask them if they heard of Bitcoin.
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