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  1. Thank you a lot brother for sharing this with us, for me i think it's a very good idea and strategy, especially for users who hold YO coin, also i want to add that in my opinion YOBIT, try to help users in the platform, to get a good vision for the future, and i'm pretty sure 85% of users in this exchange making big profits every day, so if i want to advise anybody here, i will tell him to invest in YOcoin, because it have a lot of potential to defeat some old coins like ETH or LTC.
  2. Yeah brother thank you a lot, i like the way you advise us with it, and i find this very important not only for newbies, and newcomers, but also for everybody in cryptocurrencies, so maybe everyone who see this topic, must share it with his follower in the forum, and also in all social media, so people will understand about it very well,
  3. Good evening, brother, first of all I want to answer your title, no one can claim to be a gambling professional, because he is just lucky, and lucky people can win anything they bet on it, but on the subject of your post, I don't think anyone is doing some Gambling just for fun, they all want to earn as much money as possible, but they only lose because luck is not with them, and it will be never with them.
  4. Yeah brother, believe me if i told that i'm waiting for them to close like CoinExchange do, because this platform lose all their reputation and no body will stay there for trading, this exchange make it dificult for users to make any profitsw. But in the otherside, there is a small chance that this platforme will make a big surprise for the next year to all it users, and maybe we will see POLYcoin as a crypto from this platform.
  5. No brother there is no possibility for this to happen, because as long as there are old people in all countries, because this category are not friendly with any new technology, so i'm not seeing this can be realised in the near future, also let's not forget, that the most of citizen in the world dont know about crypto, the are a lot of missions, that cryptocurrency must accomplish, before it can defeat the real life money.
  6. Yeah brother you will need all this and more, in fact you also need to have a good and honest team of developer, so they can help you in creating your coin, because you cannot do it by your self alone, but the most important is money, it you have this one you can gey everythings you want, so first start to find some good investors that can support your project.
  7. There's a lot to do with the reward we get from participating in this Great Forum, and i'm curios about what are you doing with your bounty? For me i'm converting any satoshi i get, to the YO coin, because i'm pretty sure in the next two or three months, this coin will double my balance and make me happy for the rest of my life, and i'm advising everybody, to try my strategy, it's the very profitable solution in the Great YOBIT, for this days. If you try this method, than let me know about it. and also if you like my topic give it like and thank you in advance.
  8. Thank you a lot BROTHER, for this good strategy, and also i like the idea that people need to invest only in old coins, this is very important, because newbie always go for the new crypto, and they forget that the safe place to invest is in traditionnelle coin. But from the other side, i think for this technique to work, it need a big amount of money, to invest in one coin, and this is very risky, because you can also lose -1% in every trade you made. Anyway, i think i'm using the same method and i'm in profits with WAVES coin and USD
  9. Yeah brother, well done title and publishing, i think it's the key for big profits for now, because the market is very large and you cannot invest in one coin, you need a big amount of money to invest at less three or four coin, there are some story about people making big profits with only 300$, but this was before 2017, today even 10000$ cannot be enough for a good investment. Again : A smart chicken does not lay eggs in one basket, so don't invest in one coin .
  10. Yes, my brother, I am with you in this matter, all users are trying to turn the forum to what they like, and I am very annoyed like you, my friend, the administrator needs to tell these people, If they don't like the forum as it is, they have to create their own and leave us, with this wonderful forum, because we love it like this, and we don't want to change it, at any stage.
  11. Yeah sister thank you a lot for the information i didn't know about it because i'm not interesting in gold, but i'm not sure if this a good news or a bad one, because for me i think gold is more safe than CryptoCurrency, and mabe there are someone who try to collect gold by selling btc for people who are interested in it, and than when the time come they shot down the blockchain, or creat a fake attak in it, and the war begins. So for me i will be the one who sell btc for gold, what about you GUYS.
  12. Thank you alot for your response, i find your reply is the most important, because you understand the meaning of my topic, in the cryptoworld we can find a lot of monster, from ICO to Exchange you can find only people, who are addicted to greed, and they dont think if there are family will lose their house because of a scam ICO, a hacked exchange, a wrong wallet, and more risk that can destroy you in any moment.
  13. Yeah this is something genius, very good work sister, but it's a little bit difficult for all users here to made a one for themselves, also there is a big risk, this machine can explode, because of the high pressure, and for the power i'm not seeing that this technique can give you 1000 W, so the rig can work. But thank you a lot for sharing this topic with us, and i hope if you only show us a video, if you have tested of cours.
  14. Ok sister, i will do some search about it and let you know, me too i have some doubts about it and i'm looking for a way to hold some of it, but because i'm in the deep with a lot of coin, i will sell some coin even if i'm in lose because of this decision, but if i see some good profits in XRP in the near future, i will not care about the loss of selling some ETH or RVN.
  15. Thank you a lot for the information brother, even if i'm not surprised because Canada was one of some few countries that adopted BTC and never ban anything have a relation with CryptoCurrency. Anyway, it's a very good news, now i think every body that has doubts about btc, and what will happen in the future, to the blockchain technologie, the adoption of BTC is true and it start from the last two or three years, a lot of countries collect BTC in secrit and remains neutral about cryptocurrency, until such time is coming and they claim that they adopt BTC.
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