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  1. i love YOBIT, thank you a lot my code is : ro907exhf9
  2. We all experienced a hard time when you invest more than the half of your balance in one coin and it go down in prices, in my opinion the best solution is to add more fiat money, and invested in investbox in YOBIT, and for sure it will cover all your losses in trading. So my friends any ideas how to come back from a failed trading, and fill up your balance again?
  3. You talk about the most bad exchange i think, and also it didn't support all the countries of the world, for me i think it's the most racist platform ever, also the number of crypto is to small, in my opinion even crex24 is better than this coinbase exchange.
  4. In my opinion my friend, i think XRP have a good future, and it will go very high in prices, maybe it will go for 5$ in the next three years, and this mean if you have XRP your balance will be doubled ten times, but for BTC even if there are a run bull it will go for 20k$ and this mean your account will be doubled one or two time, so it's not profitable compared with Ripple, I will advise everyone here to start collecting XRP because it's in the deep now, and i'm pretty sure this will not stay for long time.
  5. Yeah brother, i think the other user are already do their best to explain for you what DS mean, but no body tald you that you need to hold AIR, it mean you don't have to sell it if you want to get the reward from investbox, also there are some investment that it don't need any action to get the profits, and it's the one i'm using. Invest box it's always a good way to cover the losses.
  6. Be very careful using this method, and if you want my opinion, i'm not advising you to use this option, because it will damage your device, and it's not that profitable, it will not add a big amount of hash, so it's forbidden to burn your card for +0.01% hash.
  7. Yeah brother, at less we need arabic, spanish and french language, so the forum get more and more users from all over the world, it's already do exist in YOBIT, so i think the moderators here are studying this proposition and it will be add soon i think.
  8. Yeah brother very good topic, i think they need to integrate some faucet for free coin for every one hour, it will be great, especially if the coin is not yet listed, so people will be very interested and start claim the rewards, are you agree with me my friend.
  9. Yeah brother, there are 90% of post are just reply of the 10% topics, people only waiting for a new topic to start replying it, and not only that some of them reply three or five time to the same topic, the admin need to do something, me too i give a suggestion in one of my topics, you can visited here : Feel free to tell me what are you thinking about it.
  10. I'm in brave from the first day, and also i'm in btctalk but i never have seeing any mail like that talking about any bounty, so be careful it's a blackmail, close it and reported to google.
  11. Yeah my friend, crypto trading need more psychic skills, than technical one, so i will suggest for you to have a cold nerves, and be patient, don't let your greed destroy your prevision for the market, also you need to take away all your emotions, when you are taking a decision to by or sell, listen to me brother, only luck can help you making profits in platform, that's the last conclusion i find after seven years of trading in exchanges, but you can try mining coin and sell it this one is also profitable.
  12. Yeah brother it's to bad, i'm very angry when i hear some news like that, because people became more afraid from Cryptocurrency, and they start to believe in all lies that surround this new technology,
  13. At the moment there is no information on whether they will be using public cryptocurrencies or they would be using a digital asset created by the government. However, it is highly likely the second option will succeed. Additionally, they didn’t explain whether the cryptocurrency or digital asset would be available for other individuals in the country in case it is created by the government. There is also no information regarding where it would be accepted, under which conditions or which would be its value. This comes just a few weeks after the Chinese President Xi Jinping praised blockchain technology and pushed for larger adoption in the country. At that time, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies surged by over 40% in just a few hours. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has been expanding all around the world and it is already being used by governments, including China, to improve logistics, processes and reduce costs. Private companies are also exploring different solutions related to blockchain technology to help them improve specific areas and improve their performance. China has also been working in a solution that would allow detecting markings on a target automatically. This would register all the data on a blockchain for each of the training individuals and help them better understand the results obtained while training. I found this article very interesting. What’s your vies on the news is good or bad for cryptocurrency. Will we see more countries following on the Chinese government. Thanks for sharing. Yes, this is the very good news i never had heard before, if this happen there will be no way back in adoption of crypto. Also i want to tell you that in the last three months, Russia, China an Turkey, was descosting about stop using Dollar in their exchange and start using a crypto coin, to make commerce between them.
  14. Thank you a lot brother, and for sure today no one can mine with SOLO Mining in BTC, because of the difficulty become very high and you need a very strong devices, so i will add that for me i prefer to mine Altcoin, and then converted to Bitcoin.
  15. It's ok my friend, there is nothing to worry about it, because in my opinion crypto has a big community, and some big countries adopted like netherland and germany, so i'm not seeing google can ban BTC in anycase, just trade your coin in exchange and activate the double authentication that google offret to protect your account.
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