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  1. I agree with you my friend, the media is the most inflation tools to make the market go up or down, and in my opinion i find that Twitter is one of the first platform to get the news about any coin, because all developers and big traders are there and give news every day, the problem is with beginner who came with Alon Mask? They don't know what to do, just fallowing a sick person who want to control the world,
  2. I agree with you my friend, and not only big companies, also all people in the world know about BTC and i think most of them joined the new technologies, there is no doubt the price of all cryptocurrency will rise maybe some coin will go for 300% up, but let's not forget about scam projects, and we must stay away from it, also if any user know about any kind of spam or scam he must warn the authors, because as Pink-Floyd say's together we win, devised we fall.
  3. Hi my friend, tell how did you do to invest people to join this forum, because i find a lot of difficulty in making people believe in crypto coins, from where i'm coming people still don't know what bitcoin is, and when i tell my friends that the internet is full of profits they don't believe me even if i show them proves they just tell me that was only luck, so please if you have some good skills in inviting people PM i will appreciate that thank you in advantage.
  4. Thank you a lot my friends for this very important topic, yeah it's very good to set down and start thinking about what are you doing in this forum what did you learn from it? The one must know if he understands this new technologies, for me and to be honest, in the first 2 years i was here for the bounties and money, but after that and after reading some good topic, also when my 80% of posts was deleted by the admin, i start thinking that something is wrong, so i decide to start learning from author expert users and then i will make my Owen topic with some good ideas.
  5. Hi my friends, today i want to show you the performance i'm using in my rig to mine some crypto, if you are a miner tell me what do you think about it and give me some advices; here is my configuration : - 2 graphic card of GTX 450 Ti and one normal one. - 2 other card of EVEGO 750 TI and MSI 750. - Computer HP Core 2 Due 2.8 Ghz - HDD 320 Go with win 10 - RAM 4Go
  6. It's very bad some country didn't understand the subject of cryptocurrencies, and start to complicate the use of it for its citizen, but in my opinion today crypto become a world wild knowing technology, and there is no way of some banned from some countries can destroy it.
  7. Yes everybody today in the morning, i go to a small store in my town looking to buy some groceries but the surprise is when i go to pay the person and i find a note that show the possibility to pay with Ripple ( XRP ), so i decide to try this one and i take my phone and open my Payeer account to send 11.8 xrp of all what i buy. The conclusion and the idea from this story, is that 2021 will be the last year to use physical money, and crypto will be the only currency to use. So my friends are you agree, and if yes give like and a comment explain why you do so.
  8. Let's be honest my friends, i think we all join the cryptocurrency world, just for the big chance to earn money and make our lives change. I agree that we also learn about some new technologies that we didn't hear about it in schools or anywhere else, but this knowledge come after we join the crypto, because we find that without learning it, we cannot make what we are all searching for it, is to be rich.
  9. I will use direct promote, it means that i will meet people in person and show them the advantage to use crypto, in fact i think this way is more practice than social media, in my opinion the person can be confused very quickly, because all the fears of been scammed disappears.
  10. In my opinion long term trading is the most risky, i know some users will say that Btc give some good profits to who hold it, but we are here talking about cryptocoin in general and from my experience, all users that invest and hold are still in losses, so if you want my advice try to make trading every single moment because it's the most profitable and safest way to earn money in crypto.
  11. Unfortunately there is nothing can be done to catch this bad people, and yeah the anonymity of it, help a lot in stealing users money, i think the only action is to avoid registration in new platforms and ICO, if they don't have some very good and legit project.
  12. Very good and thank you a lot my friend for warning us from this scam app, it's very shame some people don't have Conscientiousness and try to steal users money, without any regrets, i hope only if the authority find a way to catch this bad persons and bring them to jail.
  13. No my friend it's not the reason, in fact coronavirus may be the reason for more activity, because people are in quarantine so nobody go out, also for people who lose their jobs they look for some ways to make money from home and i think a lot of people find that this great forum is one of the most profitable website on the internet and you can work in it from everywhere or anywhere and no matter the time it is.
  14. It's very risky to start practice without learning and knowing some bases of trading and exchange, because you will only lose a lot of money and maybe without any results, so in my opinion the beginners must first study and do their homework, before they start working for real.
  15. Yeah, i'm 100% with you my friend, i find a lot of obstacles in inviting people to try using BTC and all kind of crypto since our country still didn't give a clear view of what will be the future of cryptocurrency, and the government is still prohibited to use BTC; so i find your suggestion very interesting and i will try to fallow it when i'm about to invite someone.
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