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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys! I have been researching Cryptocurrency for so many months now. About last month, I finally started. I opened an ewallet and started investing a few bucks to trade. I am loving it. I am trying to get my family to try it too, but they are supppppppper scared to do online money things, especially Cryptocurrency. How do I get them started? Any resource (for beginners) you can share?
  2. I can see some people have there signature in their comments.I don't know how to add signatures.plz help someone.
  3. How can I join bounties here at this form, I am completely new here, I want to earn crypto tokens/coins through bounties😏
  4. Receiving and receiving reputations without wasting time on how to post good content with new content. If the quality of the post is good and everyone is helpful from beginner to beginner then he will give post reqect and increase reputation. In order to increase the repetition, you need to post with a topic so that it will be useful.
  5. Hi everyone, This is the right time for us to hold strong our bitcoins and for those who don't have, its good for you to buy it. The price now is $. 6130 and in just two three days past it was something like $. 5300 so you can see there is an opportunity for us because it can rise more than that anytime. Investing is very risk, not only in crypto currency because profit and loss its everywhere even in our daily life's from business which we are doing. So if you need to become successful don't fear to take risk, believe in your self and something good may happens. "You are not late, throw the fear away and take a step for your future." - Calvin Priva.
  6. Plz help . ..I'm newbie here and l know nothing....
  7. I recently had an encounter with those scammers, the story which they tell is so connecting in a way which you can fall for it. He sent me a link to try it out, and he sent me funds to that account, wanting me to withdraw them, since he said the site doesn't withdraw in China. So I searched for that site and it shows its not even registered, looked on YouTube still nothing of it. Then talked with the support, they say the site started since 2017. But as checked there are not even valid. Then he showed me his passport but it was clearly expired. Then from there he went offline
  8. Why yobit needs unique email for signing up? I can't sign up on yobit using my email which i have used to sign up on cryptotalk. I'm beginner plz help me .
  9. New to crypto and learning how to airdrop ... getting there slowly it’s surely a learning progress!! Will post if I can get a referral code to help other crypto people to get free cash
  10. New comer in this group are facing some problems like which post i have to comment and which not? And they can not recognise the new post, so they often comments on the same post. There is a tricks for finding new post, you have to click on the button "sort by" which is located in every sections top bar, then you can see some dropdown option. you have to select "start date". Ok done, now you can see and comments on the latest post. If it is valuable to you then put a like, Thanks.
  11. What are loan investment sites? Are they legit? How do you earn from such sites and are they better than faucets, i would like to supplement my earnings here in cryptotalk with alternative ways to earn crypto and i dont like faucets.
  12. Before doing transaction of any amount in yobit I can actually get chance to claim free coins daily but after doing transaction while claming free coins it said complete the 20 trade to earn the free coin. What is meant by that ? Can anyone explain what is the actual problem which I am facing.
  13. FACTS ABOUT ECOIN With 400,00+ signups in 10 days ecoin is showing promise of a good crypto project The project owners are ex microsoft guys hence they will know how to bring people to their project Easy signup with just mail, while using AI to eliminate double registration and spammers the coin value is already 1000 coins = 2$ , when 1 Million members join 10 coins = 1$ when i signed up i got 1750 coins on registration and 900 coins for referrals
  14. What are the pros and cons of getting all the airdrops being offered? Do this airdrops earn a lot of money or am i just wasting my time. Also can i encash this airdrops right away after the clearing period or do i have to wait for the coins to reach a certain amount? If anyone here has a lot of experience with collecting airdrops i will greatly appreciate your input.
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