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  1. @Mahdia5900 Agree with you, but the value of bitcoin increasing because of increasing in demand of it therefore in market it supply too less and every business man wants too to invest their capitals in BTC due this happens it values increases day by day.
  2. @MunsurAli890 Dear friend, yes dear agree with you information is too necessary if anybody want to success in their respected department therefore before or after joining it is necessary to do research about your field work
  3. @BrolySSJ Really dear you are right, you have explain very will this is the main reasons of crashing of coins, thank you for the useful and knowledge able topic I have gain more knowledge from your experience.
  4. @NesMarket Dear today btc price is at least 46k $ in my opinion we are late invest into btc because it is not reachable for middle class investors we should wait for decreasing of it values.
  5. @Mirhasaqib Dear friend, I have also faced these types of people 60% members are too selfish they have avoid the useful posts also but they don't now we are dependent with each other.
  6. @Ali Arain Dear friend first of all you should click on >cryptotalk new>and put your email in cryptotalk UID you find you balance and click on the transfer balance you will find you balance on the left corner on the top. For satoshi you should click on the cryptotalk campaign and also put your email cryptotalk UID cell and transfer your balance if possible.
  7. @Devid629 Dear friend, agree with you but sometimes it will decrease not only will increasing its better to trading weekly bases or hold that types of currencies which is trustable because some currencies owners will act like ghost.
  8. @Alex Fron Dear friend with popularity of cryptosystem it will existing like scammers etc the main disadvantage of the cryptosystem is fraudulent people otherwise cryptosystem is too if anybody save himself from the scammers etc.
  9. @kyoukage01 Dear absolutely you are right, media will make the things form zero to hero and also from hero to zero by the rumors talk but the celebrities can do but some time they have successful their advertising by through of social media.
  10. @Anastasiaa Dear friend, thank for precious information about this DOT currency, dear I have heard before about this currency but today it is different information from that it will become more popular.
  11. @Elibake64 Dear friend, of course it will effect each and every exchange centers like, and binance etc but this effect will little bit, I don't now why the countries are going to banning thses types of investment.
  12. @nisitaim Dear friend, I don't have a strong or confirm reason but in my opinion one reason is that ethereum is that currencies which is fluctuated it self too more and day by day its going up values therefore every investors wants to invest their capitals in this currency.
  13. @Mirhasaqib Dear friend, I have joined two months ago before my joining I haven't ideas about cryptosystem, but now I have a little experience in cryptosystem because of cryptotalk.
  14. @Dlexx69 Dear friend you should create your account in yobit net account then connect it with cryptotalk and also login cryptotalk new and cryptotalk campaign.
  15. @Bitcoin Earning Dear brother, first of all welcome yo you, dear of course this an opportunity for us we should get benefit from this platform and it should be our starting from this platform to become a good investors and try to learn about trading, and mining.
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