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  1. You are right there is big number of members who we cry greedy for reputation. Every one should avoid that because this is not a good sign for us and also for a forum.
  2. That is true that this is very difficult to get only bit profit profit from.these sites. We have to do alot of efforts to get only 1 doller so we should start somenthing our own.
  3. No i didn't hear before about satoshi nakaboto before . I am just hearing from you. This is strange news. California you explain me what is work of satohi nakaboto.
  4. It is true that crypto currencies is the new and modern financial system and we are the part of it. I think the time is now comming to leave old financial system.
  5. I think kyc verification is not must in mostly sites. We can use those sites also without kyc verification. And I also want to suggest that you should Avoid kyc verification every where as there is chances to got scammed by providing our personal information.
  6. You are right we should avoid geiving ourpersonal phone numbers to anonymous. Because phone numbers could Because hacked and our accounts on that number also could Because hacked along with that topic.
  7. We can find number of predictions there and alsoon Google and other sites. But I think we should not believe non them fully . First we should make some investigation about that because there is few experts and more scammers.
  8. Thank You for sharing this useful informationwith all of us. So that we can invest now in crypto currencies especially bitcoin You get some good profit.
  9. You are the owner or any one else is the owner? I have no experience with crypto companies I am just a student and try to earn some thing to complete my needs.
  10. I think byhis difference is because every exchanges has their own criteria of business. They also have changed numbers of members demand of crypto etc.
  11. Every one is wondering about after getting money. But it is true that we should take crypto to help others and also increase our knowledge more about crypto.
  12. Us it is true as you can see that everyone want to raise bitcoin such a high place. Because id bitcoin raised up investors can get good profit from it.
  13. Thank you for make a post defined bag holder but iam not able to answer your question as i don't consider myselfas a bag holder. Also don't have enough information about bag holder.
  14. You are right asbthee is lots of ups and down in these days In the prices of crypto currencies . So there is chances for daily traders to getgood amount of profit from crypto.
  15. Youmake realy an effective posts . Because mostly members want yo qoute only part of any posts but they don't know how can do it. You solves the problem of all of us.
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