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  1. Yes everyone has his own point of view and some knowledge, if he/she share that knowledge in his own words this problem can be eliminated easily. So everyone should try to share his own opinion not copy others sentence by sentence.
  2. Thanks for sharing your kind point of view. I must add that when you are posting you must have enough information about the topic and have the trick how to present your topic.
  3. Yes cryptotalk is like a family here everyone is ready to help you. You can ask questions from seniors and experts. You can share and gain knowledge from the same platform. I'm happy to be a part of this community. ❤️ It.
  4. I will suggest you coinbase wallet because I'm using it myself. It is more safe and convenient to use. It also allows you to exchange and withdraw any time. If you find my post helpful then don't hesitate to give me your ❤️
  5. Yes you are right but how we can find the new topics. When I'm browsing i only face old topic and comment there. It would be more beneficial if you told us means of finding new topics.
  6. In my opinion this pandemic of corona virus is responsible for the downfall of all the currencies. And perhaps it may be a good chance for us to invest in such projects to have great benefit after the value rise. So hurry up and invest as much you can.
  7. In my opinion we should adhere to both because theory gives you basic ideas and by practicing this theoretical know we can succeed. Though in first attempt we may fail but trying again and we can achieve perfection.
  8. Dear it is a metaphor used to describe the condition of market, that how fast or slow the cryptocurrency is increasing in price are not.
  9. It is just wastage of time you can make more money while begging on road, it will just ruin you. Don't use it also do not invest.
  10. In my opinion nowadays the best earning method is investment and trading. You may have heard of buy low and sell high. I'm also using this method and will suggest you too.
  11. I don't think so. Because it is too hard to create new topics rather than comment on already existing topics. In my opinion creating topics will be harmful sometimes became there are chances of plagiarism etc while in commenting this problem is less.
  12. Greetings to you, same situation is here when i started here there was alotvof mistakes in my grammar, fluency and spellings. But now i feel much confident than previous.
  13. It is much more difficult to predict the cost of cryptocurrency because there are many factors involved in, like marketing skills, its value in law and other factors like mining etc.
  14. Well done you have done really a good work to summarize the earning applications. But the problem is that these applications need long time and pay very less.
  15. Your mathematical approach is right. But you can invest the money earned here and get the profit. By this way you can decrease the time span. This forum also help you how to invest and where to invest in order to have more benefit.
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