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  1. you are right I've seen it too. if you don't have payment proof and you are just going to collect referrals at least just tell it. don't just type the referral link and tell register. tell us about the website how it works and about your experience.
  2. yeah that's right go and create one topic today guys. I created my topic for today 2 hours ago. so why not you are doing that too. you can create a topic very easily. just tap on the create topic button and then, choose what section you want to create a topic then create a useful topic other members can engage with. that's right bro. no one can create 30 topics per day because it won't be good for the forum and the topic creator. But bro everyone can create at least one unique topic per day. if you still can't do that just create at least 3 topics per week.
  3. At that time there were a huge repair on the forum to clean scammers. that was why send button did't function correctly. but it is working great now .you can send your earned bitcoins in the forum to your yobit's main balance now.
  4. that should be invest only what you are willing to loose. by doing that you will not get more emotional with you losses. I not a expert in investing but I suggest you to invest in few different coins because if one coin go down your other coins will cover you up.
  5. I suggest you not to rely on only our suggestions. do your own research. see what other expert people in the field putting their money on. read news about crypto and get up to date. lastly when you have enough knowledge you can invest on something you can trust.
  6. that's right there are many people use these kind of tricks to scam our money. I have seen many people on Facebook lying about they have antminers and if we send them 40$ they will 10X it with in 24 hours. guys be aware. do not work with these kind of scammers.
  7. yobit is a crypto currency exchanging platform that you can use to convert your crypto money like bitcoin into fiat currencies like usd . I use yobit because that is the only platform that we can use to collect our bitcoins we earned from working on the cryptotalk forum.
  8. Let me tell you this first. there will be no problem if you use your old address for future transactions.if you use only a one bitcoin address for every transaction anyone on the blockchain can see all of your transactions. that's why wallets are changing BTC addresses every time you do transactions. they are making it hard to other people to trace your money.
  9. That is actually what occurs in cryptographic money constantly. Numerous coins go up drastically, so the individuals who contribute for quite a while contribute few coins in danger so that on the off chance that one of the coins goes up in esteem, they will become million-dollar proprietors, much the same as you. You can put in a couple of dollars for a long haul venture.
  10. good thinking bro. you are absolutely right. owner of the project are anonymous.but we have to submit KYC. So next time when I see a project that require KYC I think I am going ask for their team's KYC.
  11. The one major commitment of Bitcoin to the worldwide monetary framework is the innovation that gives increasingly creative reaction through our changing budgetary scene, Since decentralization is the reason why Bitcoin and other digital currency was existed. I trust that it will keep on prospering the likewise fix the present defects of the framework
  12. currently, I am using cryptocurrencies for investing in new projects and buying stuff online. also I am planning to do a giveaway in my you tube channel using crypto for ten lucky winners in the near future.
  13. there is no problem with that time I think. because if you are going to create a constructive post you need time. by increasing time I think forum trying to decrease the copy and paste scammers. if there is no time limit any one can copy and paste their 30 daily posts with in less than one hour. so take your time and create good posts.
  14. I am only using my money, I earned through online work for investing and trading. if I see a good project that can be profitable I will put some money on that. but there is no exact percentage that I have put away for these crypto projects. so what do you suggest. how much should I put in my investments.
  15. I think you can't connect multiple cryptotalk profiles to one single yobit account. I don't exactly know though may be you can try. instead I suggest you to create multiple yobit accounts per each member of your family who use the forum.
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