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  1. personally I think members that have not posted any topic in the forum are just here to make money. and I know all of us here working for money. and I get it. then why don't they create their own topics. why do they only commenting on other member's topics. here are few of them in images. (just for examples. no personal matters.) maybe they are lazy. well it is a one reason.they don't want to do research before creating topics because they think it is a waste of time. they are lazy and they are here to make money from others hard work. not brand new members. I am talking about members that have posted more than 1000 posts. but not posted a single topic in the forum. they say they are afraid of getting warning points. what that means is They use us to protect their accounts. let me explain it a bit. we who creates new topics has a greater chance to receive warning points than ones who just do the comments. because there is a more chance to break some rules when we create new topics. and topic creators know what I am talking about. and you guys know what can happen when you get many warning points. AND I THANK YOU AND RESPECT YOU WHO TAKE THAT RISK WITHOUT HESITATING LIKE OTHERS. so that's why some people don't create new topics.they are just using us. topic creators to protect themselves. They are the real scammers, real spammers, and cheaters. so what do we do for it. I think we need new rules for that. like, you must create at least 5 topics in a month in order to post in the next month. or ones who has posted more than 1000 posts should have at least 20 topics. and you can create your own rules in the comments below. and I suggest you to report these guys wen you see them and help us to build a better forum.
  2. guys I have a suggestion for all of you. first of all you should go to each sub forum in this forum and see if I tell the truth. if we go to a one section of the forum we can see there are many locked topics but if you take some time and check them a bit you will realize most of them are duplicate topics. people create these duplicate topics because of the current topic about that matter is locked. but they are locked for a reason. so guys if you see something like this locked duplicate topics then don't create that topic again.
  3. first of all may be you think this topic is not related to crypto but let me tell you this web browser is the one allow me to work for crypto so please do not delete this topic moderators. guys I hate to see these kind of options in software's that I didn't turned on. I recognize this today . this is in my chrome browser and it says managed by your organization. but it doesn't this is my personal computer and there is no guest accounts in it only I use my computer. so how can my browser managed by an organization. please help me to get rid of this option. and please tell me if this thing happen to you too. thank you.
  4. After using few PayPal earning games I realized non of them really pay. when I see a YouTube video about a game that pay PayPal money I used to install it and play it until I reach the minimum payout threshold. recently I used an app called ''Royal Fish Hunter'' and after playing that game for good 1 and half months I reached it's minimum payout amount which is 2$ and I requested it. until today I think after 2 weeks that I requested my payout it says ''processing'' every time when I check it. but in the app they say, in 72 hours funds will be send to our PayPal account. but in reality it's just another scam app. I can create a list of so many apps like that in this post right now. but I want you guys to do something. write down in a comment which app or apps you used like that and didn't receive your money they promised. So everybody can identify these scam apps before they start to use them.
  5. because of this pandemic situation most of us are home quarantined and have nothing much to do. except our hobbies and stuffs. So I do gardening and take care of my pets and listen to music and also I am working more time on the forum. And now I can complete my 30 post per day goal without thinking about other things. I think you can do the same. what do you think about this? also don't forget to let us know what do you do to get rid of your stress now...
  6. Hi guys, I have two questions hope somebody can help me. please tell me 1.what are the benefits of signature in the forum? and 2.what can and can not put in my signature? please do not answer with answers that you are not 100% sure because I don't want to break rules. if there is a post in the forum that can help me kindly give me the link for it. thanks!
  7. Guys I am writing this post because of one of emails I received yesterday. I have signed up for a airdrop called captain bitcoin.And they have send me am e-mail telling that their server has been attacked by hackers. So here's a list what we have to provide when we sign up to new airdrops. Username Email address Telegram* Country * Mobile phone number* Password* and more. what that means is hackers have access to all these things. But they said in email hackers didn't get passwords. but who knows... I think don't need to say anything about what hackers can do with these information. So my guys here's a few tips for you from me. *avoid sign in up for airdrops if you don't trust them. *If you want to sign for every airdrop you see, use a dummy email that you don't use for your other real accounts. *use different passwords in every sign up. that's it. If you have another tips you can put them in a comment down below. also tell me guys, what are your thoughts about these airdrops getting hacked ?
  8. Bagholder – a bagholder is a shareholder left holding shares of worthless stocks. It can also refer to the holder of any financial instruments that become worthless, such as the junior bonds of a defaulted company or the coins of a failed cryptocurrency.
  9. Bull Run – a market in which share prices are rising, encouraging buying. A bull market is a market that is on the rise and is economically sound, while a bear market is a market that is receding, where most stocks are declining in value. Although some investors are "bearish," the majority of investors are "bullish." The stock market, as a whole, has always posted returns. Bear Market – a market in which share prices are falling, encouraging selling.A bear market is a condition in which securities prices fall 20% or more from recent highs amid widespread pessimism and negative investor sentiment
  10. If you are beginner to cryptocurrency what would you do to learn about crypto? google it and find articles and read them. But, What if you hate reading for so long? That's where Youtube comes in handy. Youtube is a great place for all of us to learn about crypto fast because there are so many youtubers out there making videos about the field. they have done the hard work for you.they packed information gathered on online articles into videos. all we have to do is watch them and learn. And guys don't forget to like those videos if you got any value and comment on them. And also if you can hit that " ❤" button that would be awesome! cheers guys....
  11. what is the best way for a beginner to learn about the cryptocurrency market? 1.Research… It’s that easy. There are thousands of informative articles and videos in the Internet So I suggest you read, read, read and watch. Learning about what you are going to do will help you in the future. 2.Ask help from experts you can find crypto experts in forums like this. Do not hesitate to ask questions about your problems. I know they will help you. 3.Play around with the market with a small amount of money. After you done with your research I suggest you to pick a few cryptocurrencies and buy them try to make a profit by hold them or investing them. There are a lot of Cryptocurrencies to choose but it’s best to choose some that have a lot of support already and have good technology.
  12. Honeygain site link:- Honeygain is an app that allows it's users to make money selling their unused internet. You can get a 5$ bonus by signing up using my referral link:- now only you need is more 15$ to cash out. You can cash out via PayPal. The best part is that you have to do nothing. Just open the honeygain app and run it in the background it will automatically make money for you. Tips for using Honeygain If you have two phones and a PC or Laptop install application on all devices and sign in using only one account. It's not breaking their rules because they say that we can use one account in many devices and make sure that you use different networks.
  13. Buzzbreak is an app, that allows it's users to make money while reading news. I am using this app since 2018 and it's still paying. Minimum payout is as minimum as 0.02$. I suggest you guys to give this app a try. here's the link to app on play-store:-
  14. Hi guys these are a list of free apps that you guys can install in your mobile devices to earn crypto coins. And I am currently using these apps to fill up my wallet. 1.Bitcoin Blast - Earn REAL Bitcoin! This app allows you to collect Satoshis while you play a simple game. all you have to do is match colors. You can download this app from google play-store. 2.CryptoPop - Earn Free ETH working in this app is similar to the first app. Only difference is you will get etherum. You can download this app also from google play-store. 3.Free Litecoin This is a spinning app. It's from a publisher who named ''Bitcoin Aliens'' You can do hourly free spins and do spins by watching a advertisement. You are gonna get litecoins for free in this app. You can download this app also from google play-store. 4.Free Bitcoin Cash This is also a spinning app from the same publisher in the 3rd app. working in this app is same as the 3rd app. You will get bitcoin cash from this app. You can download this app also from google play-store. 5.BFast BFree I used this app before But Now I am not using this. I don't use it because it didn't work in my phone properly. But yes I have got few withdrawals. Good thing is that this app is really paying in bitcoins. You watch ads and they pay you in Satoshis. But the thing is paying rates were ridiculously low when I use that app. Although you can try this app yourself it's in the google play-store. the photo shows the icons of these apps.
  15. 01.Use pinned Comments. What pinned comment means that you can write out a comment and you can actually pin it on very top of your comment section.You can pin your comments with this feature or viewers comments with this feature. Use pinned comment to recommend one of your other videos and you actually include a link in that comment as well.Cool thing about this is that when people scrolling through your comments and see your recommendation at the top of your comment section and some of them will CLICK THE LINK AND WATCH THE OTHER VIDEO. 02.Create Playlists Of Your Videos And Recommend Them On Your Comment Section. 03.Add Links To Your Videos And Playlists In The Video Description. 04.Use End Screens. Thank You So Much For Reading, I will See You In The Next Post.
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